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ShortPixel Black Friday deals 2022: Get 300% more (Special Offer)

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ShortPixel Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday 2021

ShortPixel is a powerful image optimization plugin for WordPress. On this Black Friday ShortPixel is giving 300% more features and credits on all their Plans.

ShortPixel compresses your website’s image and thumbnails, without the loss of quality, and your site loads faster.

Overall ShortPixel Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Are you are looking Best Image Optimisation plugin on these Black Friday deals?

If yes, then you are in the right place. The short pixel is here for you.

ShortPixel is offering a massive discount on this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Let’s deep drive to know more about the ShortPixel.

About ShortPixel

The ShortPixel is an amazing WordPress Plugin, used for image optimization.

ShortPixel is a lightweight plugin, flexible to use, and it compresses your images with one click.

Will anybody likes slow loading pages?

No, of course not, nowadays, people won’t wait for a second to get the page loads.

Therefore, the page loading speed is important, moreover, the size of the image also affects the loading speed of the page And it affects your SEO ranking and the count of visitors.

Keep your worries out, the ShortPixel Plugin is here to reduce your image size and make your site faster.

Optimizing images for the website is just an easy task with ShortPixel. On our website, we are using this amazing plugin to optimize our images.

It working us well and also help us with growing our website. ShortPixel even optimizes PDF files on your site.

It has 1.8 billion optimized images for over 230+ k customers which have more than 2,0000 plugin users. They have 20k support languages and 24/7/ 365 support. 

When you install this plugin, it compresses the existing images and even resizes the new images and fixes them in the background with the right ratio.

It minimizes the image weightage but not sacrifice its quality. The ShortPixel reduces the image size but the resolution, the quality will be in the high range.

ShortPixel Plugin Black Friday deals and Cyber Weekend

ShortPixel is the best Image compression plugin in WordPress. It doesn’t give any frequent offers, but on this Black Friday, you will get 300% more.

ShortPixel is offering 300% more credits/images for the plans, you are buying on these Black Friday sales. For example: If you buy 10,ooo images plan, you will get 30,ooo images without an extra cost.

For the same cost, you are getting 300% more credits/images on these Black Friday sales.

(Note – In ShortPixel, One image = one credit, and vice versa, so don’t get confused.)

If you have one credit, you can optimize one image or thumbnail.

ShortPixel Black Friday Deal

  • Product: ShortPixel Plugin
  • Sale: Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • Deal: 300% more image credit on every plan
  • Deal Link: Grab the Deal
  • Sale Date: 27th November 12 am to 30th November 23:59:59 (GMT-5 New York time zone)
  • Coupon code: Coupon will be auto-applied (click the link)

It is the best time to buy this plugin at a cheaper price. So don’t miss the deal to make the site faster than ever.

How to activate Black Friday deals

Step 1: Click here the link, it will take you to the deals page of the ShortPixel. Now you can find the black Friday deals and plans on that page with %

Step 2: Select the plan that suits you, the short pixel has monthly plans and lifetime plans. Now click choose a plan.

Step 3: Enter the email and sign up, then fill in the required details and click buy now.

Step 4: Now you will get the plugin API to access the premium account. Just copy the API and paste into the plugin, in your WordPress dashboard. Your account will be activated.

Congratulations! you have successfully claimed the Shortpixel black Friday deals

(Don’t forget the deal: The black Friday for the Short pixel Starts on November 27 and ends on November 30)

A short period sale so grab it soon (300% More).

ShortPixel Black Friday deals and prices

The ShortPixel is giving us both free and paid services.

It has free plans, monthly plans, lifetime plans, and dedicated servers.

Free plans

In free plans, you will get

  • 100 free images/month
  • Regular support
  • No file size limit
  • One API key for multiple sites
  • Lossless, glossy and lossy
  • WordPress plugin, PHP compression tools
  • Cancel anytime

Monthly plan

ShortPixel planActual PriceFeatures
Short$4.99/mo5k images/ mo
Large$11.98/mo12k images/mo
XXL$54.89/mo55k images/mo

Lifetime plan

ShortPixel planActual PriceFeatures
One time 10k$9.9910k images
One time 30 k$29.9730k images
One time 50K$49.9550k images
One time 170K$99.00170K images

ShortPixel features

Let’s see ShortPixel features 

  1. The ShortPixel has the best optimizer that optimizes any image and fixes it in the right proportion.
  2. ShortPixel helps you to reduce the size of the image and it will save your all image backup automatically.
  3. ShortPixel has three compression ways that are lossy, lossless, and Glossy 
  4. When you install the ShortPixel plugin on your website, it optimizes each JPG, GIF, and PNG image automatically.
  5. ShortPixel has a warm interface with the users. Lossy, Glossy, and Lossless these three compressions are good in their work, so choose the one that suits you.
  6. The ShortPixel optimizes JPEG, PNG, and GIF, type of format files, and also PDF documents.
  7. ShortPixel service is based on the SAAS model, and it has tools and API.
  8. If you are a WordPress user, then you can run the website in seconds with the ShortPixel image optimizer.

Shortpixel Black Friday Deals

  1. The ShortPixel Image optimization optimizes all your existing and even new images automatically.
  2. With this WordPress Plugin, your website loads faster with quality images and also increases visitors, SEO rankings.
  3. The Glossy is perfect for Photographers, where you can get top-quality pictures.
  4. With lossless compression, you can keep or delete EXIF data from your pictures.
  5. The ShortPixel Plugins are capable to run on multiple websites with a single API.
  6. ShortPixel is safe to use, and it has a safe backup where you can restore the image.
  7. ShortPixel works efficiently with other plugins or WooCommerce.
  8. It also works with galleries like NextGEN, Foo Gallery, and others.
  9. It also gives you the statistics and the details of the images after the optimization for 30 days.
  10. ShortPixel is giving 100 free credits/ month, for additional credit, you have to pay little.

ShortPixel adaptive images plugin

  • A ShortPixel adaptive image plugin is here to solve any image-related problem on your website.
  • This adaptive plugin would solve all problems and replaces your images with high quality, perfectly cropped, the right size, and also well optimized, served from a global CDN.
  • ShortPixel says it serves automatically Webp images to browsers that support this format.
  • It also accepts JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, and PNG.

Shortpixel Black Friday Deals

  • When you install this adaptive plugin, you will automatically receive 500 credits for image optimization.
  • If you are an existing user of the ShortPixel, then you can get the same credits for the Shortpixel adaptive images.
  • The images will give the perfect size for laptops, mobile phones, tab.
  • However, it resizes and changes its proportion related to the devices.
  • It has device compatibility and fixes the images correctly in the placeholder.

Some other Common Features

  • The ShortPixel website optimizer is there for any website in PHP like Joomla, custom brew, etc… that allows website image folders optimization.
  • ShortPixel Command-Line tool is to optimize the image from the command line.
  • In contrast, if you have any doubt about ShortPixel image optimization, just take a compression test.
  • Now place the URL and see the difference, it optimizes the images up to 90%
  • To run this command line, you need to install the PHP
  • The Reducer API shrink/reduce the image depending on the image URL.
  • It also has the Post Reducer API and PHP client library, adaptive images JavaScript, short pixel app for Zapier.
  • ShortPixel provides you 24/7 customer support.

FAQ on ShortPixel and Discounts

ShortPixel Black Friday deal Conclusion

The ShortPixel Black Friday deal is here with amazing plans and features. The ShortPixel optimizes the images and makes your site load faster, helps with SEO ranking, and getting new visitors.

I hope this article will help you know about the short pixel and its Black Friday deals and save more on these deals.

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