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UpdraftPlus Black Friday deals 2022 – Save 50% off

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Updraftplus Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals 2022

UpdraftPlus is a powerful backup and restores plugin for WordPress. Get a huge discount on these Black Friday and Cyber Monday from Updraftplus on their premium plans and a 40% discount on renewals.

It is the highest-rated backup and restores plugin and the most reliable.

Overall performance Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Are you looking for the best backup plugins, then this Black Friday deal is giving you the Updraftplus.

Grab this deal to get this amazing plugin, black Friday deal is giving you a maximum offer.

On normal days, you cannot get these top offer deals, so it is the right time to get these Black Friday deals.

Let’s drive deep to know more about the Updraftplus.

About Updraft Plus plugin

The UpdraftPlus is a WordPress backup plugin, where you can make backups and restore your data in simple steps. It is one of the must-have plugins on your WordPress site.

UpdraftPlus is the highest-rated backup and restores plugin in WordPress. It is ranked in the top 30 WordPress plugin in popularity, from over 50K plugin.

It is proven to backup sites up to 100 GB file size. Setup the hourly backups to get regular backup.

This is the best plugin and Updraft Plus is the world’s most trusted WordPress backup plugin. So never miss the deal.

Updraft has over 3 million WordPress sites users around the world. It makes them the best reliable WordPress backup Plugin.

UpdraftPlus Black Friday Deals

Updraftplus is offering an amazing 50% Off on these Black Friday Deals. So it is the best time to buy this best backup plugin.

On normal days you will not get discounts, so Black Friday is the best time to buy the Updraftplus at massive discounts.

plansActual prices

Get the Updraft Plus on Best deals today.

How to activate UpdraftPlus Black Friday deal

Step 1: Click here the link will take you to the deals page of the Updraft Plus. There you can find the black Friday deals.

Step 2: Now select the plan suitable for your website. Updraft Plus has more features and prices.

Step 3: Choose the Personal plan for single websites or else if you have multiple websites. Then choose the next advanced plan.

Step 4: Now click the Buy now button and now you can see the checkout page.

Step 5: Congratulations! You have successfully claimed the UpdraftPlus Black Friday deals offer.

UpdraftPlus Black Friday Friday deals and prices

Personal Plan

The Personal plan has many features like

  • All premium features
  • +1 Updraft clone token
  • +1 GB UpdraftVault quota
  • 2 licenses

Best Updraftplus Black Friday – Save 50%

Business plan

  • All premium features
  • +2 Updraft clone token
  • +10 GB UpdraftVault quota
  • 10 licenses

Agency plans

  • All premium features
  • +5 updraft clone token
  • +1 GB UpdraftVault quota
  • 35 licenses

Enterprise Plan

  • All premium features
  • +10 updraft clone token
  • +1 GB UpdraftVault quota
  • Unlimited licenses

Gold plan

  • All premium features
  • +10 updraft clone token
  • +50 GB UpdraftVault quota
  • Unlimited UpdraftVault central cloud
  • Unlimited licenses+
Updraftplus plans and features

Why choose Updraftplus on these black Friday deals

  • The Updraft plus is an easy-to-use interface, and all done with a single click.
  • It is a trusted plugin because they test it in multiples scenario’s and it is a top-rated plugin.
  • Updraft Plus has more advanced comprehensive tools and features.
  • It has both free and premium plans, and it also has manual and scheduled backups.
  • Set up a schedule for back-ups every 4, 8, 12 hours daily, monthly.

Get the Updraft Plus Deal

  • The premium features have cloning and migration.
  • Incremental backups also here for your sites.
  • Fast, personal support, pre-update backups, and also back up non-WordPress files, databases.
  • There is a fast, and the secures network’s only provided for you.
  • Backup time and scheduling time are here for you to create or delete backups.
  • More database options are there to encrypt sensitive data and information.
  • You can also restore the backup from other plugins, and it is possible only in the premium version.
  • Lock your website and your own access control is available.
  • Run from the WP-CLI and no ads are here.
  • Back up to the remote locations with remote storage options like Dropbox, Google Drive, and more.
  • Updraft Central will help you to backup multiple websites.
updraftPlus best features

Features of updraft Plus

Easy to use

With a single click, you can collect your backup and also take restore by an easy user interface.

Trusted website backup plugin to use.

There are many backup plugins available, but the UPdraft plus is a highly rated plugin and trusted plugin.

It is a comprehensive plugin with more advanced tools and features.

It has both free and premium plans.

Backup and Restore

Backup is important because the WordPress site has a high chance to face many malware attacks, viruses because it is open-source.

So you always have to keep a safe backup of your website data.

Updraftplus premium features

Updraft Plus is offering the backup schedules for 4, 8, 12 hours, daily, weekly, tightly, or monthly.

You can make your Restore directly from the WordPress control panel.

The backups are there for you and at the same time the backups will be in recent date, so you need not worry about your backup data.

Fast and personal support, which means they provide you the additional support (developers help) whenever you need it.

Pre-update and backups are available here that have the automatic backup and update to the latest trend.

It set the perfect time and schedules to create and remove backups.

You can also set up a password to protect your backups.

Widest cloud storage

Updraft Plus has the largest cloud storage options, and it has its own embedded storage option.

Hassle-free to store, download, and maintain all the backups from a single place.

It is a secure storage location with reliability, redundancy, and scalability.

Migration for Updraft Plus

Updraft Plus has a feature that allows you to clone and migrate.

You can directly migrate the website to a unique URL.

Updraftplus Important features

All done within a few minutes and you can also use the Updraft clone.

They are providing 12 months of access to the updates and 60 days of support.

FAQ on Updraft Plus

UpdraftPlus Black Friday deals Conclusion

Finally, I conclude, UpdraftPlus has the best prices and more features for your website. This will be the right time to grab this best backup plugin on this Black Friday deal. Once you have the best backup plugin, then you don’t need to worry about malware attacks.

You also get a flat 40% discount on every time renewal, so it is the best WordPress backup plugin, everyone should have.

So, claim this best offer and enjoy the Updraft Plus.

I hope this article helps you to buy the Updraftplus (best backup plugin) at an affordable price on these Black Friday Deals, protect your site from malware attacks, and have an automatic timed backup.


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