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Mangools Black Friday deals 2022: Flat 25% off on SEO tool

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Mangools Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday 2022

Mangools is giving a 25% discount on these Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offers. The Mangools Comes with 5 in 1 SEO tool package, which consists of KWFinder, SERP Checker, SERP Watcher, Link Miner, and Site Profiler.

Overall Performance

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Mangools is an amazing SEO software that giving you the best offers on this Black Friday deal.

Let’s drive deep to know more about the Mangools.

About Mangools

Mangools black friday deals

Mangools is an SEO software that contains a package of SEO tools, which helps you to rank your website in the search engine and increase your traffic. Mangools is one of the amazing tools for keyword researching and ranking.

It is one of the robust tool, that comes with amazing user interface.

Mangools Black Friday Deals

Mangools is giving a huge 25% discount on their plans.

Discount25% Off for Lifetime
Deal StatusLive
Deal linkGrab the Deal

Get a 10 days free trial on the Mangools tools.

Mangools Plans and Pricing on Black Friday deals

Mangools comes with three different plans and pricing. For beginners, Basic Plan suits you better.

Mangools pricing

1. Mangools Basic

  • Keyword lookup/24 hours – 100
  • Keyword suggestions/search – 200 out of 700
  • Competitor keywords/search – 25
  • SERP Lookups/24 hours – 100
  • Tracked Daily keywords – 200

This plan will cost you $29.9/month when you pay annually. You will get a 25% discount on the original cost. So buy mangools on these black Friday.

2. Mangools Premium

  • Keyword lookup/24 hours – 500
  • Keyword suggestions/search – 700 out of 700
  • Competitor keywords/search – Unlimites
  • SERP Lookups/24 hours – 500
  • Tracked Daily keywords – 700

This premium plan will cost you $39.9/month when you pay annually. You can get 25% discount from the original price.

3. Mangools Agency

  • Keyword lookup/24 hours – 1200
  • Keyword suggestions/search – 700 out of 700
  • Competitor keywords/search – Unlimited
  • SERP Lookups/24 hours – 1200
  • Tracked Daily keywords – 1500

This Agency Plan regular price is $79.9/month for paying annually. You will get a 25% discount on these Black Friday deals.

Tools From Mangools

Mangools is a complete set of SEO packages. It comes with 5 SEO tools to boost up your rankings.

The SEO tools from Mangools are,

Magools features
Every Tools Usage
  • KWFinder
  • SERPChecker
  • SERP Watcher
  • LinkMiner
  • SiteProfiler

Mangools Tools and Features

Magools best features


If you are finding difficulty with keyword research, or if you cannot able to rank your site, then with KWFinder, you can make it simple.

This is the best Keyword research tool that you ever have seen.

In this keyword research tool, you can get the keywords that would easily rank and also check the keyword difficulty tool.

Search keywords with high search volume and low SEO difficulty.

They also have the competitor keyword research tool and keywords with exact search volumes that you can search with historical data.

Local keyword research and SERP analysis are available for you, where you can search long-tail keywords with a specific location.


SERPChecker is a SERP analysis tool that helps you find the powerless spots of your competitor.

Local search results are here with more than 50,000 locations, where you need not use a location IP address.

Google SERP features detection is provided here with the answer boxes, featured snippets, carousels, and more.

45+ advances SEO metrics, 30M+ SERPs in the Database, 52K supported locations.


SERPWatcher is the rank tracking tool which means it tracks your website’s organic traffic and potential.

It all done based on the current keyword positions and their search volumes.

Get the website rank updates on a daily basis and you can also track the rankings on the other locations and also check both the desktop, mobile search results.

900k keyword SERP positions, 45K user’s domains, and 52K supported locations.


LinkMiner is a backlink checker tool and they also have backlink metrics that help you mine the most powerful backlinks of competitors.

Highlighted anchor text, favorite backlinks, where you can save the best, is also available for you.

LinkMiner has 9.5 Trillion backlinks in the database, 2.5 Trillion unique URLs crawled.


SiteProfiler is the SEO analysis tool that had all the necessary SEO metrics and you check the SEO authority of any domain.

With the SiteProfiler, we can check the loyalty of any website.

In Addition to that, they also have the Alexa Rank and Facebook shares to see the Popularity.

They also provide the Backlink profile analysis and the state of the backlink health.

Therefore, you can find the link status whether it is a good link or spam URL.

You can find out the famous post of your competitors, and for getting fresh blogging ideas, the SiteProfiler will help you. 

Competitor insights, which means, you can find your new competitors.

10 million top domain by traffic 2,5 trillion unique URLs and more.

Mangools API

Mangools giving you the private API and more features like Search volumes, Keyword ideas, SEO difficulty, 45+ SEO metrics. It is one of the best SEO tools.

KWFinder Features

Mangools customer data exports

If you need data for more amount of keywords, then the mangools give you more options like,

Mangools SEO Lookup

Search volume of keywords in bulk, keyword suggestions for your seed keywords, SEO difficulty for all your keywords at once, and more.

Free SEO tools

They also have the Free SEO tools

  • Browser extension
  • SERP simulator
  • SERP volatility checker

FAQ on Mangools and Black Friday discounts

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals – Conclusion

Finally, I conclude that get the best deals on this Black Friday and Mangools is giving you many amazing plans and prices, So Don’t miss it.

I hope, you have bought the Mangools on this Black Friday and Cyber Monday to save more. Thank you for spending your valuable time with us. If have any doubts, comment below.

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