how to make money on Instagram (proven ways)

The basic thing you need to make money from Instagram is followers, they are your assets. specifically Instagram account with fewer followers don’t give you anything. Your followers and fans are your potential customers.

        How are you going to stand out from 1 billion active Instagram users?  Is this possible to popular a brand in 2020?

Ways to make money on instagram

         Starting a business from Instagram is really an excellent idea. We are here with some proven techniques to take your account to the next level and make money from it.

Ways to make money on Instagram

What is the ideal number of followers you need to make money from Instagram? 

      Probably, I would say, 10k followers, are some minimum ideal limits. Because less than this doesn’t give you enough money. Now a day a small account on Instagram also has 1k to 5k followers, so you need at least 10k followers to earn a decent amount.

Tips to Grow your followers on Instagram

     If you thought of making money from Instagram is easy, then you are correct, but it takes time to grow your brand. After growing your followers list, it will be easy. It takes some time for people to accept your brand.

     We everyone heard that celebrities are earning more money from social media. Did you ever noticed or thought of how they are making money from social media? How do you differ from normal accounts with celeb accounts? because of their followers.

         Only followers making a tremendous impact on Instagram. If there are no followers, then no money.

  Followers = Money

Regular post updates

          Initially, the consistency is the beginning step you should focus on. The regular updates with high-quality posts. The high-quality post attracts more followers, and it shows your follower as a good brand or something interesting.

         Try to post at least 2 posts/day. If you are not interested in spending more time posting, then you can schedule your post to a specific date and time. This scheduling of posts by some third party application. 

       These applications allow you to schedule your unlimited number of posts per day. Eventually, with less than 2 hours, you can schedule a week full of posts. So it reduces your time spending on Instagram.

Some well-known post scheduling applications are

  1. Preview
  2. Later
  3. Hootsuite
  4. Sprout social
  5. Postcron

       Apart from scheduling the post, this software equipped with lots of features. Most of these have integration with Canva software, so you can get an endless number of templates for your every occasion.

Fixed layout & themes

instagram login page

     Have you been promoting any brand or software, this will work well for you. Always have some fixed themes and layout for your posts. The designs may change, but use regular themes.

         For example, how will you design a layout? Every single posts need your brand logo, regular font and size of letters, eventually create some content for people to read, use hashtags relevant to your brands and products.

    We do not recommend using repeated hashtags in the post, the Instagram algorithm may affect you. Instead of that, shuffle your related hashtags in the posts.

         Using themes for posts. When this template regularly seen by your followers, it creates a better understanding with your follower. You can also see that some popular Instagram accounts use only similar templates.

      Sometimes, using same themes again and again also causes irritation to your followers. To avoid this, use a particular design with different themes.

Focused domain

         If you are opening an Instagram account for earning money, then fix it with a focused domain. It gets you popular in that domain. Your domain could be anything like fashion, fitness, cooking, photography, quotes, tech reviews, travel hacks, and many more, but be more specific.

Be an influencer

       If you are not interested in creating a brand or selling your products, then become an influencer. The best example for influencers is celebrities. With some unique talent, you can also become a celebrity on Instagram.

       For example- if you are good at photography, you can update your posts with some information about photography. With these regular photography-related posts, your followers will recognize it, that you are having some in-depth knowledge of photography. It same for other fields also like cooking, fitness, techies and many more.

       Always try to create interactive posts that keep your audience engaged. The engagement rate is also important to become an influencer. Comments are the primary way of engaging the people. Create posts that people want to comment. You need to reply to their comments. This is how the engagement rate improves.

Some quick ways to get Instagram followers

       Everywhere, the quick ways start with the involvement of money. Only money can speed your every process. Invest money, but in a little time, you can get it back.

Instagram Insights

        It is an ad program that runs on Instagram. You can boost your post based on your budget. It is a very popular promotion technique. The promotion price starts from $1/day.


      Running free giveaway campaigns. Asking the peoples to follow your account, or comment on posts, instead of that, they can join in the free giveaway contests. The free giveaway could anything, based on your budget.


Make money on Instagram

       Instagram is one of the most popular social media and the biggest platform where people can do business on your own and even can make a profit on it. If you have an idea to make money online, then you can definitely choose Instagram.

      In the beginning, they start Instagram as a normal photo sharing and posting app, but now with its billions of users, it becomes an indirect e-commerce market. 

      Instagram is an excellent platform for brand awareness. If you are getting more followers, then you could definitely get more traffic, more engagement, and more sales, therefore you can make your business. 

      Instagram is a business platform for the people are in the entertainment and social media world and it is a more important platform for the people who are doing the marketing by selling their products to the customers and promoting the services efficiently.

ways to make money from Instagram

       You may think of yourself, how do people make money on Instagram? Is people are really making money from it !

If the answer is yes, then how to make money on Instagram

       If you have enough followers, here are the simple ways through you can make money from Instagram.

Make Money on sponsored post

how to make money on instagram

      The sponsored post is where you get an approach from the brands. The brands will reach you for a sponsored post if you have a good number of followers. The account which are accepting sponsored posts are mentioned in their bio.

         You should know the product you advertise and it needs to satisfy the audience so you could gain trust from the followers. Most of the people trust the content shared by the influencers. 

      The average rate for a sponsored post started from a few dollars too, as much as high. The rate of the sponsored depends on the number of followers. 

          If you are a good influencer on Instagram, then you can cost high for sponsoring. Some times the cost for sponsored posts based on domain. If you are a good influencer on that domain, you can make good money.

       Sponsored ads are a powerful way of earning more money. It’s your knowledge to get the sponsored ads from brands. If you have enough followers, you can directly reach out to brands for getting sponsored posts.

Affiliate Marketing

affliate, make money intagram

        Affiliate marketing is a system where it allows influencers to promote a product through the link attached in the post’s description. By clicking the links, we can generate the sales and through commission, you can make money.

      But unlike Facebook and Twitter on Instagram, you can’t place the link in the description. The links don’t work in their description box. You can only place links in your bio.

           Alternatively, you can place coupon codes in your post description, so that people buy the product using that coupon, you will earn an affiliate commission or redirect your followers to click the link in your bio, for purchasing products.

Start an online store

online store in insta money making

          Starting an online eCommerce business on a separate website is a huge process and more money needs to invest. Instagram makes it easy for you to connect with millions of users around the world.

        Promote your products with relevant stories to connect with people. Showcase your products with admiring and attractive photo clips to attract customers. High-quality photo attracts more customers, and increases the value of your product.

    You can buy the products from other wholesalers and sell them to your audiences with profit. For that, you need to increase your audience trust. highlight customer feedback in posts may increase your audience trust. 

         Advertising with more offers also, one of the important ways of getting more audiences and run some free giveaways. So it can increase your trust. 

         Particularly, since there are many pages on Instagram that are selling clothes, shoes, cosmetics, tech products, and many products. They are actively selling many products daily and making more money on Instagram.

Sell your own products

sell own products insta

          Apart from an online store, you can sell your own products. The own products could anything like customized t-shirts, paintings, homemade beauty products anything.

       I know my friends are selling homemade beauty products on Instagram. Initially, it takes little a year to grow it. Once you become connected with your audience, then your growth is enormous. 

Everything will take its own time to grow. Be consistent to make money from Instagram.

Selling digital products

sell your digital products in online

        Other than selling physical products, you can also sell your digital products. The digital products include graphic design, theme templates, color graded LUTs, and software.

      If you are good at editing, create a better color grading packs and sell it. Initially prove yourself that you have enough knowledge in that field.

It is one of the best platforms for selling e-books.

Offer services

insta money making

            Look at yourself and ask what you good at. Start your career as a freelancer, mentor, consultant, organizer. If you are good at managing social media, then be a social media consultant. Be a mentor for entrepreneurs in your professional field.

product review instagram

            If you are a good techie, then you can also go for paid product reviews. There are many pages on Instagram for reviewing and promoting the newly released products.

            The brands will pay them for reviewing and giving comments of newly released products. Sometimes besides that, you can their product for free.

Promoting pages

          There are many individuals who want to become influencers, are cross-promoting their pages on other pages.

        We can see you that many pages are suggesting you follow another page. For this promotion, you don’t need more followers. With less than 5k followers also you can start promoting your pages. It is one of the easiest ways, through which you can make money from Instagram.

Make Money from selling photography

         If you are an excellent photographer or have a unique talent in photography, then this is the right track to post your best images, designs, and videos.

          If your photographs are unique and if it is an attractive clip, then you can earn money by selling them.

       This platform will build interest in your passion or work and it connects you with the other photographers, therefore you can find the clients, get published .you will also receive feedback to improve your skills in this field.

        The other important part is your caption, Your caption should engage your photograph with them, then this will bring you the best results. You can also hashtag the location, brand. Engage with the people who have commented on your effort. Reply to their comments.

       Even though Instagram is not a brilliant place to sell, but you can keep your shutter stock links in bio. Then you can redirect your audience to buy from clicking the link.

Make Money By flipping

flipping insta account, make money from instagram

          This is the best deal for the people who cannot find time to spend with their account, therefore you can sell your account for the best price. There are many who create Instagram pages and increasing the followers to that page and sell it to others. More money can earn by flipping accounts.

       There are many websites in the market, through which you can sell and buy Instagram account. if you need it also, you can buy it from there and make it larger. Then again, sell it to make more money from Instagram.


        Finally, we conclude that earning money from Instagram is easy if you build good followers. Initially, try to engage with your followers. Followers will cause you to make more money.

      Don’t implement all the above methods, choose which suits you better, and try to connect with other influencers to make more money from Instagram. Thank you for spending your valuable time. If you find this article useful, kindly share it.

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