tips to consider when starting a blog

If you have decided to start a blog, it is really a good idea. There are many things to know before starting a blog. If you are very much interested in starting a blog, here are the few tips that help you start a blog.

Before starting a blog

Are you starting a blog

What your blog is about

Now, you have chosen your blog topic, in which you are going to write. There are mainly two types of content that bloggers write about.

  1. Evergreen content
  2. Everyday content

Evergreen content

Evergreen content is nothing but a  How-to- content. Which will be read by the reader by any day. If you are willing to grow long sustainable passive income, evergreen content opts for you.

Everyday content

Everyday content is content that is updated everyday. It is usually by current trending issues or any currently launched product reviews. Only readers read about it at that time only.

Pick a niche

Starting a blog is right but find your niche correctly and choose your blog name, because that is going to be your Brand Name. Every small niche has a lot of topics to cover. So choose your Niche Wisely. 

Buy a domain

Based on your niche you need to choose your domain. There are free domains in the market. But I personally recommend you to buy a domain. The custom domain will improve your SEO and traffic rate, so go for it.

The custom domains will cost you from the $2 dollars. Some hosting providers will provide free custom domains when you buy a hosting. Some companies where you can buy cheap domains are Namecheap, Godaddy and there are many other domain providers are also there.

Choosing a hosting

Web hosting is a place where your website is stored and maintained on a server.

There are many hosting providers to choose from. Free hosting is also there in wordpress, but it is not recommended. Better you go for cheap hosting plans. The hosting plans are starting from $2 per month. You can go for it and get your website secured. 

Bluehost, Siteground are some of the most popular hosting companies that are mostly used by bloggers around the world. Siteground gives you more perfect hosting for both beginners and professionals.

In the siteground one of the best things is their customer support. I am really much more impressed with their customer support. If you are a beginner, you must try siteground hosting. They have a more user-friendly control panel. You can siteground hosting from here.

Which is the right platform to start a blog

There are many platforms where you can start your blog, but the most popular ones are BLOGGER and WordPress. If you are writing a blog for a hobby, you can choose the blogger, because its layout is very simple to use.

 If you are a serious blogger and want to run some profitable blog, then the wordpress is better for you. Around 32% of the professional  bloggers use only Word press. Word press is so popular because of their unlimited number of themes, customization and plugins available to show your website great. 

Word press has a good Content Management system (CMS) that will show your website better in every way. And you can take full control of your website.

Don’t worry if you are using the Blogger whenever you need you can change your website from blogger to WordPress.

Hence both the platforms don’t need any technical experience but WordPress is perfect for every serious blogger, because of their customization.

starting a blog and making it successful will happen only when you have the right platform.


You can’t learn everything by only reading the articles. If you are ready to start a blog then move on to the next step, start a blog. Writer’s block is one of the common problems that some bloggers may face. Experience only gives you everything. Blogging involves more research and learning, it will increase your knowledge and value.

Thanks for spending your valuable time.

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