Is Anything Different Writing a blog vs article – compared

Writing a blog and article? Many of you have this doubt, that’s why you are here? The difference between these two terms is simple to understand.

As a blogger, we use bo the terms, blog, and article commonly when writing a blog. But we don’t know what differentiates writing a blog and an article. Nearly over 2.75 million blogs are published every day online.

Writing a Blog Vs article

Earlier,  I have also confused about these two terms, the writing blog and the article. So I decided to write a separate blog post about this.

I have learned something about differentiating of writing the blog vs article, that there are so many peoples like me are really in confusion about this, so I am here to help you out,

Without making a further delay, let’s begin our journey with your curiosity.

The actual difference between the writing blog and the article

In the business eye, the writing blog and the article, play a vital role in the growth and promotion of every online business. Every product maker and the companies need these two gems.

The Writing article and writing blog both are important for them because the product owners need to  promote their product page or in their own online site domain, where they post about their brands and showcase to an audience,

It helpful for them to take the name of the product, brand, or site to the various levels of the audience. There are many freelance writers available to write the articles and the blog post.

The blog post and the article are looking similar, then how to find the difference. 

Here a few simple comparisons of a blog vs article for you, 

1Write a post as you likeWrite a post of what others like
2The writing blog does not need formal writingsThe article writing needs to be formal
3Usually, the blog post will be about 300 – 5000The article starts from 2000 words
4The link building is mustThe links building is not necessary 
5Writing blog need keywords and SEOIn the article writing, you need not add keywords and SEO.
6Grammar free and editorial part is self-published.Grammar is a must and well-versed editing is needed before publishing.

Writing a blog post

The blog post is where you can write your own personal experiences, ideas, you analyzed facts to the people.

Writing a blog is something you can write about what you want, you can write about cooking, lifestyle, personal activities. when it comes to blogging, there are many blog post ideas available.

In the blog post, formal writing is not so much expected. As a writer, you can enjoy it and share it with others.

Usually, on the writing blog, you need not concentrate more on grammar; it needs to have simple and easily understandable to the people.

In my research, I found that the blog usually starts from 200 to 5000 words, where the words are up to the blogger’s need.

The Blog has some links like backlinks, internal links like do-follow or no-follow links, they use the links for the spreading of link juices to the various sites for the link building.

They use the SEO optimization and the keywords in the blog post, because, these are used to promote the page to rank higher in the SEO rankings or search results.

The SEO is nothing, but this optimization is helpful for gaining the traffic and the keywords are like how the highlighted words for users work when reading a page.

In blogging, the detailed search is not needed, because you write off what you passionate about.

Writing an Article

The article is where you will have detailed content and you will see it in newspapers, magazines, and online sites.

The article is writing about what the audience needs like it may be any facts or scientific articles the real statistics and genuine stories of a particular thing.

In the article, you need to focus on the format, it should be professional and formal. If you write an article, you must write with the right grammar, punctuation, and the facts. The article will have deep research and facts and it should need to have a good amount of words.

The article is not like sharing your personal opinions; you need to give the true story in the full-fledged format to the people about the content. In article writing, there is no need of placing a link like a blog. You need not place the keywords or optimized content (SEO).

As an article writer, write the article with the perfect edition. Sometimes the article writer needs to follow some perfect rules and the article needs professionalism.

While writing an article, you need to search for a lot, and then you can give a lengthy post.

Article and blog post

Blogging step into the world after the article, where the article is here since the past decades. A blog post is a digital platform where it comes from the term the weblog, in contrast, the article is available in both online and offline.

I think both the blog post and the article is the same, nowadays the blogs are also giving equal importance for words and the facts including in the blog site.

The people respond more to the proof blog post and the real statistics, this allows people to engage with the blog site easily.

Moreover, the articles are also concentrating more on the SEO and keywords like blog writings, because now they are also getting to know the actual value of blogging.

Most importantly, they know how traffic is important for Google rankings, and similarly, the perfect journey about blogging.

knowledge of writing a blogs

In the blog post, the bloggers can add more images, Gif to attract the audience and their post is in a simple format, so it is easy to understand.

In blog posts we can also add videos about our product, this also will be helpful for the traffic gaining.

Sometimes the article will be difficult to understand than the blog post, so when comparing both, blog writing attracts more than the article.

In writing the blog post, updating content is a must and you can update your blog post site whenever you need, but when coming to the point of the article, It doesn’t often get updated.

You need to research a lot before writing an article but in the case of you can follow some outline for writing a blog post, the deep research is not that much needed. The grammar is very important for the article writing, to write an article, you need to write it in the perfect format because perfection is a must here.

You cannot just write what you have in your mind, because the article writing is not that much easy. In contrast, you can write the blog post, as you wish, in your own style, own format, you will have the freedom when writing the blog post, the checking of grammar is not important here.

Clients part

I wish now you know, the difference between the article and the writing blog.

If any clients of your site or any new clients, ask you to write a blog post for their products, ask them about their need, find out what they need, 

Moreover, if they confused about this, and they don’t know what they want then understand their complete needs, whether they need the long post or short script, and in what format they need, then you can conclude.

Writers part

The perfect blog post and the articles are always written by many wonderful writers, therefore, if you need any writers, you can find the best and can hire them, there are more freelancers are available for writing a blog post.

The freelancers charge for 500 words about $30-$40 for writing and similarly, there are writers who can earn up to $10-$15, this all depends on their words count and the quality of the article and blog post.

Common discussion

If you are a blog or an article writer, you need to focus on the audience’s needs. Always come up with the audience, what they want, or what type of audience liking your writings more.

Concentrate on quality writings, as a writer, bring quality content to the people and only the quality blog post always gets the more people’s hearts. 

The blog post will be available more in the online site than the article, the article writing more focus on the portion likes education, economy, more than the entertainment. Most times, the blog post writes about the entertainment and all the fun parts, where we can find the joy in blogging.

While in blog posts we can write a lengthy post like 5000 words, or short content like 100 words, we have the freedom to write. In contrast, the article cannot write in 100 words or what we wish. You need to write a lengthy post.

When comparing both, writing a blog vs article doesn’t have more significant differences. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you need to give the best.


Finally, concluding this post, I wish this content will be helpful for you to know the difference between writing a blog and the article. The blog post and the article, both are important for us, but using it in the right manner will be helpful for all.

Find which will suit the audience, know their needs then give them the right solution in a unique way.

Thank you for spending your valuable time with us, If you find this article useful, share it with others.

If you know any major difference between writing a blog vs article, then let me know in the comment.

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