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How to migrate a WordPress website to Hostinger (Quick Site Transfer)

Are you looking to migrate your website to Hostinger?

There are many reasons why every website owner will have their need to migrate. There are many popular hosting services already providing free website migration to their users.

Then now, Hostinger also introduced their free website transfer. So, migrating your website to Hostinger is now much easier and faster. 

Hostinger is a famous website hosting company, where you can get quality hosting at an affordable price. Get 80% Off on Hosting.

How to migrate WordPress website to Hostinger

Recently I migrated my website from Siteground to Hostinger, which made it easy through their Hostinger migration tool.

You can check, how migrating a website to hostinger improved performance.

Hostinger’s automatic migration tool is the easiest and fastest way to transfer your WordPress website.  Hostinger migration tool will make the Complete migration process in quick minutes.

You just don’t need to do anything technically to do your website migration to Hostinger. Just provide your credentials and their experts will take care of it.

Let’s take a step-by-step process on getting your website migration done to Hostinger. Always have a backup of your website, before doing any major changes. Use Plugins like UpdraftPlus to take backup.

Step by Step process: migrate website to Hostinger

Follow these simple steps to Import and transfer your WordPress website to Hostinger easily.

Step-1: Click this link to purchase a Hostinger hosting with a 90% discount. Once you purchase, then it will guide you to their control panel.

Hostinger is using a control panel called hPanel. It is one of the much easier dashboards to use. Hostinger control panel is easier for beginners and experts to use.

Hostinger dashboard - hPanel

Step-2: Scroll down to the website section on your hpanel. There you can find Migrate website option to create a migration request for Hostinger.

Choose migrate website on hostinger

You can also access Migrate website option from your profile, which is held at the top right corner of the hPanel.

Visit website tranfer through account

Step-3: After clicking the website migration option, You will be shown with Add Request button. Click the request button to add your website migration request to the hostinger.

Create website migration request on Hostinger

Step-4: On the next step, you can easily add the required details of your credentials to migrate your WordPress website. 

Enter Details on Website migration request

For the migration request, the required fields are (Fill up these things on that form correctly),

  • Website need to be migrated
  • WordPress login admin URL (By default it will be like www.example.com/wp-admin).
  • The WordPress Admin Username (WordPress Login Username)
  • WordPress Admin Password (WordPress login Password)
  • Select your previous hosting provider (From where you want to transfer your website to Hostinger)

So once you provide this information, you can click the check connection button to find whether the given details are correct. If the connection is perfect, then click Add request.

Likewise, if you use cPanel or another control panel for a website, it comes with different migration request forms. So select the proper form and submit your migration.

cPanel website migration request on Hostinger

Once you have filled the Hostingers WordPress website migration request form, it will be migrated quickly.

Some Reasons for Migration request failure or canceling

Sometimes you will get a migration request rejected or canceled. A few days before(when writing this article), I migrated my website to Hostinger. I have requested my WordPress site migration from Siteground.

But I have got rejected at the first migration request.

Reason for migration failure on Hostinger

It is because I have 2-factor authentication active on my website. So, it blocks the other user’s login. Then, I have disabled and created a site migration request again. Within 5 minutes my website got migrated quickly from Siteground to Hostinger.

The migration is done easily and seamlessly from the Hostinger side.

So when using the migration request tool, make sure to give the proper access details and disable any extra login security that blocks the other users.

How to check the Hostinger Migration status

You can easily check the migration status from your dashboard. Navigate to the top right corner on your hPanel. Click the request icon (Check below image).

Check the migration request status

You can click that icon to see all your previous and current position of the migration request.

FAQ On Website Migration to Hostinger

Can I transfer My website Manually to Hostinger?

Yes, If you want to transfer your website manually to hostinger, then you can do it. It also offers features like direct file uploading and unlimited FTP accounts, which help with your manual migration to Hostinger. You can also use plugins like UpdraftPlus and All-in-one-Migration to migrate your website.

How to direct domain from Godaddy to Hostinger?

If you have registered your domain from Godaddy and got hosting on Hostinger, then you can easily direct your domain to Hostinger hosting. 

To point your domain to the Hostinger server, just follow these steps. 

Login to your Godaddy account and navigate to My Products on your account area. There you will find your domain, Then click the manage button and update the new Name servers to the domain.

You can get your new nameservers from the left side of the Hostinger dashboard. It will provide you with two name servers. Update that name server on your domain area.

How to Migrate WordPress Site to Hostinger: Wrap Up

I hope so, it helps you to transfer and import your WordPress website to Hostinger for free and easy. You can also check out the hosting companies that provide free migration to their users.

If you find this Hostinger website migration process useful, kindly share it with others who want to transfer their website.

If you still have any doubts about the process on how to migrate your WordPress site to Hostinger? just comment to me below, and I can help you.

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