10 Famous Bloggers and Blogs in The World to Follow 2024 (Top Earnings)

As a blogger, I’m always interested in knowing about the famous bloggers and blogs in the world to get inspired every time to achieve something bigger.

These top and world-famous bloggers are exploring the world with their amazing blogs and better content.

Fmaous Bloggers In the world

The blogging community has so many well-versed bloggers, these bloggers will be the best motivators to the new bloggers.

All bloggers started their blogging like how a plant growing from a small seed. After a few years, the plant may grow well and give the lovable blossom flowers and tasty fruits.

Likewise, most of the top famous bloggers started their blogging journey.

Every Expert was once a Beginner

If you are a beginner blogger, you cannot reach your goal in a day or in a week. Maintain patience to achieve your goal and always be consistent.

How to start a blog? Read our article to learn more about blogging.

In my opinion, the best motivation is where we get the courage to do a certain thing. There is a certain type of famous bloggers around the world, who are really the best motivators for beginner bloggers.

When I started a blog, I really face many problems and even we do many mistakes, so learn the best from these famous blogs.

These top famous bloggers are earning a good flow of income. Most of the time, success depends on the money you are making.

In the olden days, blogging is just a hobby. But in the last decade, it is turned into a complete business.

I can definitely say that blogging is one of the best businesses in the world. So start reading to get more inspiration from reading these best famous blogger’s stories.

List of top and Most Famous bloggers in the world

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SEO Moz blog site

Famous bloggers - Rand Fishkin (MOZ)

The first famous blogger, I came to know first is Rand Fishkin and his blog name is Moz.

Moz.com is the famous SEO blog in the world and this blog says about everything we need for our blog Post.

It provides us SEO and solutions, and also it has various tools for SERP analytics as well as a powerful API.

Moz blog site has the SEO tools, local marketing, marketing resources. Likewise, we can check the site audits, rank tracking, backlink analysis, and keyword research, and so on.

We can get the tips and advice for developing our sites and as well we can do our search and content for the blog site.

The CEO and the Co-Founder of the Moz blog site are Rand Fishkin, who founded this SEO software company.

 First Moz started as a blog and when it has a good reach, then he updated it as a company, and after that, he promoted it into a software business.

After years working in Moz (from 2001 to 2018) he left and started making software called Sparktoro, to bring the intelligence of the audience for the marketer’s use.

It’s differently a fresh way for the marketers. He is also an author for Lost and founder, and also he like marketing and technology.

  • Founded by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig
  • Founded year: 2004
  • Website: https://moz.com/

Huffington Post

Famous Bloggers and Blogs - Arianna huffintgton (Huffington Post)

The Huffington Post is also a famous blog site, and the founder is Arianna Huffington, Andrew Breitbart, Kenneth Lerer, and Jonah Peretti.

They created the blog site in the year 2005, and this famous blog speaks about US news, politics, entertainment, business, media, healthy living, technology, and more and more.

 Huffington Post was founded alternative to the Drudge Report.

The Huffington got many awards for its best.

Mashable blog site

Famous bloggers - Petecashmore (Mashable)

Mashable is founded by Pete Cashmore, Who is one of the top famous bloggers.

This famous blog site is founded in the year 2005 and it covers about the tech, science, entertainment, news and also culture so on.

Mashable is a multiple domain media, and it is a blog site specially for Digital media and news.

Initially, this site was started just as a WordPress blog, after a few years, it has grown and known by multiple countries in the world.

It also got many awards and recognized by the people as the best platform. But in 2007 it was sold to Ziff Davis.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Famous bloggers -  Gary Vaynerchuk

The Gary Vaynerchuk blog site is also the top famous blog, and it runs over by the Gary Vaynerchuk.

He is the chairman of VaynerX, and he is also the  CEO of VaynerMedia.

When the Internet era starts, he actually made a plan to convert his Wine store into an e-commerce Market.

After that, he progressed his domain to an extreme level. Gary also does a lot of content daily on Garyvee videos and other social media pages.

He got the fame through his WineLibrary TV, where the talks related to the Wine.

He also does the Garyvee Audio podcast, moreover he is a wonderful blogger who do multiple efforts in the daily manner and giving solutions to the audience via his contents.


Famous Bloggers - Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is the Founder of a Site called SmartPasssiveIncome.com and Pat is also one of the famous bloggers in the blogging platform.

While working in his job, suddenly, he lost his job due to some reason, and he was in a situation to take care of his family.

For this reason, he started the website SmartPassiveIncome.com and Pat Flynn is a serial Entrepreneur and also a creator of “Ask Pat”, author of “Super Fans”, “Will It Fly” and “Let Go”.

Pat does the experiments on income and share the outcomes to the people over his website. Pat also has some other sites like SecurityGuardTrainingHQ.com, CreateClickableMap.com, FoodTruckr.com.

This SmartPassiveIncome is a trustful platform for learning to make money and helpful for online entrepreneurs, and also better for learning affiliate marketing.

Flynn also did more podcasts, the idea of Flynn about discovering his business “income reports” of each month, make his site more popular.


Tech blogs - Michael Arrington (TechCrunch)

TechCrunch founder is Michael Arrington and Keith Teare and they started it in June 2005.

It focuses on the tech industry, and the online American publisher launched it.

Crunchbase is the database where it stores the data about the ecosystem startups, investors, funds, rounds and incubators, and also events.

This site tells us about the technology news, technology trends, technology related products, and also publishing about the businesses & products.

TechCrunch, In 2008 started Crunchies to award the beginners, startups, internet, and innovation technology innovations each year to award them.

Because of contrivance, they stopped in the year 2017.

TechCrunch is a magazine in online telling about technology aspects, analysis and news. It is one of the famous blog about providing news on technologies.

TechCrunch provides us all variety of news related to technologies apps, and more and more.

Business Insider

Business Insider is a news website that tells about the financial status and business of America.

They launched business Insider in 2007 by the Axel Springer SE, while Kevin P. Ryan and editor Henry Blodget created it.

It provides us the business news and this sites gathers all the fresh stories all over the web and bring it to the site.

In short, we can know this website for the Financial News. They started a site called Silicon Alley Insider in 2007 by the Business Insider. In 2017, they changed Business Insider into Insider Inc.

This website helps us on how to increase our business and it provides us the tips and also gives us about the popular entrepreneur interviews.

Gizmodo blog site

Famous Blogger - Peter Rojas

The Gizmodo blog site is created by a famous blogger Peter Rojas, and this site gives us about the design, tech-related blogs, and science fiction newsgathering from various parts of the universe.

The Gizmodo is launched by the Gawker Media and runs on the Kinja platform run over by Nick Denton.

It focuses on science fiction and futurism. Now the Gizmodo is run by G/O Media.

Peter Rojas, also co-founded another famous technology blog called Engadget. It covers gadgets and consumer electronics.

Envato Tuts+

Envato Tuts+ is currently a part of Envato Elements, which covers design, photography, videos and audios, and much more.

It helps people to learn and as well as to make an income online. You can improve your creative skills here.

This site is a famous site, it includes courses, materials, notes, books tutorial as a blog.

Envato Tuts+ blog site gives us the blog topics about the code, designs in graphics, kinds of music, photography, stock images, and they allow you to access some blogs as a free resource.

How busy you are, Envato helps you to refresh your techniques and explore the world by engaging your skills.

Smashing Magazine

Vitaly Friedman (Smashing magazine)

Smashing Magazine was created by Vitaly Friedman and Sven Lennartz.

This website likewise publishes ebooks that offering the contents and professional resources for web developers, designers.

The Smashing Magazine is useful for website developers, designers and founded in 2006, while this blog has a good number of lead guides about the web.

The success of Smashing Magazine is when they gave the offer for memberships to motivate the audience to pay from $3 to $7 as a premium cost about every month.

FAQ on Famous Blogger and Blogs

Which is a famous blogging site?

WordPress is the best blogging site to start blogs. WordPress.org is better and it is a self-hosted WordPress site. You can easily buy web hosting and start your website in a quick time.

There are over millions of blogs are blog posts published every day from WordPress. WordPress is the best in the industry and it dominates the Market. Over 35% of the websites in the World are created on WordPress.

With WordPress, you can create every type of blogging website, online stores, and highly professional site. It is highly easy for beginners, without knowing a single line of coding, you can design an amazing website.

Is blogging easy?

Blogging is easy, just about writing the knowledge and experiences. But getting successful and popular in blogging is not easy, but achievable if you have better focus.

Choose the best blogging platform and start your blog in quick minutes.

Is blogging profitable?

Blogging is definitely a profitable business. But it takes time to grow.
You have to be more determined to be successful in blogging. It is not a quick-rich scheme, but it is profitable as the days go and authority increases.

How do bloggers make money?

Every successful blogger will have multiple sources of income. Once you have established yourself, then there are more possibilities.

Some of the common beginner methods of monetizing your blog are Adsense and Affiliate marketing. You can also sell your ebooks, courses, and services.

When you are starting a blog, choose the monetization methods based on your niche. An exclusive comparison between Blogging vs YouTube – Which is best for Beginners.

Some common and more trending types of blogs are lifestyles, fashion, fitness, travel, food/cooking, finance blogs, marketing, and sports.

These are some of the famous trending blog niches. Still, there are many niches available that can drive you millions of traffic. 

These are some trending macro niches. You can also target micro-niches on this, which is more focused and gives better engagement.

Top famous bloggers and blogs: WrapUp

Many bloggers are working in the field, and at the same time, it is not easy to become a famous blogger.

Famous bloggers in a better position are always great motivators for growing bloggers.

Being a famous blogger and successful in blogging is not a simple thing. When you read their inspiring stories, you will come to know the reality.

Everyone can get success in their field when they really work effectively on the right path. To get success, you need a good audience and a loyal community of readers around you.

Are you beginner bloggers and working hard to get results? Then do the things with consistency and believe in yourself, good results are waiting.

I wish this article will be useful for you, Thank you for spending your valuable time with us. If you find this article useful, Kindly share it with others.

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This is the list of famous bloggers and blogs to read. Do you like any other famous bloggers? Then who blogger is your biggest inspiration, comment below?

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