Peace Meaning in Tamil – Definition English Word

Peace Meaning In Tamil – Definition English Word

Here we have What is Peace Meaning in Tamil and English with Definition.

Peace Meaning in Tamil – Tamil Definition and Meaning

  • அமைதி
  • சமாதானம்
  • அமைதியாக
  • சாந்தம்

These are the Peace meaning in Tamil language.

What is Peace Meaning in simple words

Peace is a very important word, and it has great importance all across the world. Peace can be used in different ways, so it has a lot of meanings. Let’s get into detail about Peace.

Correct Spelling of Peace

The correct spelling of Peace is P E A C E, and you will find the same meaning in the dictionary of all countries. It means you will find the same meaning if you search Peace in British, American, Australian, or Indian English.

Different Meanings of Peace

As mentioned, Peace has different meanings. The most common and basic meaning of peace is freedom from disturbances.

Some other meanings of Peace are as follows.

An order to create harmony and silence among the community.

Calmness and silence in the inner soul.

State after a war has ended.

Is peace a noun or verb?

Peace is a noun that can be used in different ways. The verb form of peace is peaced and peacing.

Peace vs. Piece

Piece and Peace are totally different words. Peace means a stress-free state, while piece means a part of something. However, the pronunciation of both Peace and Piece is the same.

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History of Peace

The peace word was first used around 1100-1200. After that, Peace was mostly used after every war. After every war, a peace agreement was signed to stabilize the situation and promote freedom.

At Peace or In Peace

You can use both in peace and at peace, but it depends from sentence to sentence. Usually, people use At Peace. When a person says At Peace, it means he is calm and relaxed. And when a person says In Peace, it means he is in a state of loneliness. Instead of using In Peace, we can use Peacefully.

At Peace- My friend’s mind was at peace after winning the competition.

In Peace- Everyone in India lives in Peace.

Different Sentences Using Peace

After an intense war, both countries agreed to maintain peace.

If you want peace in your life, do meditation every day.

I would love to remain at peace.

Some incorrect spellings of Peace


Error- Incorrect consonant S


Error- Incorrect vowel E


Error-Use of vowel I and absence of vowel E


Error- Incorrect sequence of vowels A and E.

The pronunciation of all the above words is the same.

Pronunciation of Peace

The pronunciation of Peace is Pee+ C. The pronunciation of Peace is the same in all ascents.

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So We have explained What is peace meaning in Tamil and English definitions with correct spelling.

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