How to Spell Tomorrow? – Is it Tomorrow or Tommorow?

Tomorrow, Tomorow or Tommorow – which spelling is correct and it is neatly explained.

English Vocabulary is huge, and there are millions of words with the same meaning, ascent, and almost similar spellings. Tomorrow is one of the most commonly used words, and everyone uses this word in his day-to-day life.

But the thing is what is the exact spelling for Tomorrow because many times people use Tommorrow. So, is it Tomorrow or Tommorow?

The answer is Tomorrow. So, this is the correct spelling of Tomorrow.

How To Spell Tomorrow – Is It Tomorrow, tomorow Or Tommorow

What is the main difference between Tomorrow and Tommorow?

So the main difference is the use of consonants R and M. In Tommorow, consonant M is used two times which is wrong. In the right spelling of Tomorrow, consonant R is used two times, and consonant M is used only once.

What is the meaning of Tomorrow?

Tomorrow means the day after Today. So instead of saying The Day After Today, we use Tomorrow.

What is the meaning of Tommorow?

There is nothing like Tommorow in any dictionary. This word is meaningless, and one can’t use it anywhere. The addition of an extra M and removal of R makes Tommorow nothing but a spelling mistake.

How does Tomorrow originate?

So the Tomorrow spelling in English originated from the old English word morrow. Morrow means morning, and adding To before morrow changes the meaning to To Morning, which means the next morning or the next day.

Is Tomorrow Noun or not?

Yes, Tomorrow is a noun and can be used in two different ways. Firstly Tomorrow is used for the next day, and secondly, it can be used as a non-specified future. Let’s understand this with examples.

My father will arrive Tomorrow.

Here in this sentence, Tomorrow indicates a specified future. It means that my father will definitely arrive the next day.

We wish you a better tomorrow.

Here in this sentence, Tomorrow is indicating the future, which is unspecified.

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Is it on Tomorrow or by Tomorrow?

So you can’t use on Tomorrow we use by Tomorrow. By Tomorrow simply means that before Tomorrow. In more simple words, By Tomorrow means on or before Tomorrow. So we don’t use on Tomorrow as “By” does the work of “On”. Let’s see an example.

I will finish this project by Tomorrow.

In this sentence, I am assuring someone that I will definitely complete the project before Tomorrow.

Pronunciation of Tomorrow

The Tomorrow pronunciation is very simple, and it is the same for all ascents. The best way to pronounce Tomorrow is to pronounce To and Morrow. Though Tommorow is grammatically incorrect, the Pronunciation for Tommorow is as same as Tomorow.

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Some other incorrect spellings of Tomorrow

Here are some other incorrect spellings of Tomorrow that people generally use.


Error- Single consonant R


Error- Extra consonant M


Error- There is no W at the last

All these are totally incorrect, but their pronunciation is the same as correct Tomorrow.

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So this blog explained the answer to Tomorrow, Tomorow or Tommorow English word.

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