150+ Good Argumentative essay topics – May be Controversial

Teenagers, more than anybody else, desperately need good Topics for argumentative writing every once in a while. Because there is such a wide variety of subjects to choose from, it may be difficult for instructors to select one engaging enough to motivate their pupils. It might be challenging to think of Argumentative essay topics for students. However, not anymore.

Good Argumentative Essay Topics

Finding good ideas for argumentative research papers is far simpler than coming up with original ones. Because of this, you may feel free to go through this list of the best argumentative essay topics and Ideas. These are maybe controversial topics for essay writing.

What does an Argumentative essay mean?

Argumentative essay focus on convincing the reader of Unique Argumentative essay topics and ideas. An argumentative essay is an essay that supports its point with evidence from the research it does. In contrast to many other types of essays, argumentative essays are concerned with articulating a certain point backed by research and evidence. These essays adopt a stance and support it with evidence. Instead of relying on your opinions and emotions, you will get a solid argumentative essay based on current or future research.

Similarly, an argument that is well-reasoned and researched will demonstrate to readers that your view is not only based on sentiments but also facts. Although we often use the traditional format of an essay consisting of five paragraphs when writing argumentative essays, it is not the only way to compose such an essay.

You will most likely write an argumentative essay using the Toulmin or Rogerian model. Both of these models are shown below for your reference. Expository and argumentative essays depend on sound reasoning and supporting evidence to establish a point.

  • The Toulmin model is the most prevalent one, and it consists of an introduction with a claim (thesis), followed by facts to support the assertion. You will also include rebuttals in this essay, which helps to enhance your case by anticipating counterarguments and addressing them head-on.
  • The Rogerian paradigm examines both sides of an argument and arrives at a verdict after considering each position’s positives and negatives.

Compared to other types of essays, the primary objective of argumentative essays is to argue a specific point rather than to explain anything or to tell a narrative. The two essays vary in the following ways; the definition of an analytical essay is to contextualize paper topics with research. Although they may have specific characteristics in common, the fundamental distinction between the two types of essays is in their objectives.

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What do good Argument topics comprise?

A compelling argument, a well-researched thesis statement, and enough supporting evidence are the three essential components of an effective argumentative essay.

  • Have a convincing argument: To create an appealing essay that convinces your reader, you should begin with a solid discussion. Begin by selecting a subject about which you have strong opinions and then develop an argument supported by reasoning and evidence. It is essential to keep in mind that to convince your reader, your statement has to be well thought out and researched. It should have a primary point and multiple reasons why that point is essential.
  • A well-researched thesis statement: Your formal and particular message, also known as your thesis, is closely connected to the fact that you have a convincing argument. Summarize your detailed view in a single statement that serves as the thesis. Your thesis has to be able to back up its claims with solid reasoning, investigation, and evidence. This one-sentence thesis statement should be proven using the facts, data, and hypotheses you provide throughout your essay.
  • Supporting evidence: To convince your reader, an argumentative essay has to be built on and mention extensive research to be effective. Find evidence in scientific publications, research, and newspapers that backs up your point before you start working on your thesis by using your argument to guide your search. If, after completing extensive research, you still cannot discover sufficient information on your subject and discussion, you may want to consider choosing an Easy Argumentative essay topic.
  • The conclusion: In summary, restate your main point to show readers what you’re arguing and how well you’ve argued it. You should summarize your main points by paraphrasing them, but there is no requirement for you to bring up the evidence again.  This serves to refresh the reader’s memory of everything discussed throughout the essay. In the end, paint a picture for the audience of a world where your argument and actions are disregarded. Your point will significantly impact the reader, and they will remember it for a long time.

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What are good argumentative essay topics?

Take into consideration the following list of more than 150 examples of argumentative essay topics and ideas are listed. These best controversial and argumentative essay topics and ideas are segmented into multiple categories that help to pick the argued topics from the category you need.

Gender-Based argumentative essay topics

Here is a list of gender based argumentative essay topics and ideas.

  1. Why do we see so many more males than females in positions of authority?
  2. Who faces more pressure to have a beautiful body—boys or girls?
  3. What is your opinion on men and women having equal rights?
  4. Women prefer male leaders over other women.
  5. Do you oppose or advocate feminism?
  6. How can the community combat gender-based violence?
  7. Is boys’ schooling more beneficial than girls?
  8. What a man is capable of, a woman can do much better. What percentage of the time is this statement accurate?
  9. The government should prohibit the practice of scanning babies.
  10. Why do male domestic abuse victims keep quiet?
  11. Do parents see and hope for their daughters differently than their sons?
  12. What kind of reprimand should they give to young guys when they make inappropriate comments to female pedestrians?
  13. Same-sex marriage: beneficial or a disaster?
  14. Is it more common for women to compromise than to work together?
  15. How would you feel if you were the other gender?

Science argumentative essay topics

Here is a list of science argumentative essay topics and ideas.

  1. Are you in agreement that the United States should legalize hydraulic fracturing?
  2. Are GMOs beneficial or harmful to human health?
  3. Should they compel public school pupils to provide proof of vaccinations?
  4. Should the world’s governments become engaged in combating climate change?
  5. Should parents permit physicians to modify unborn infants at their request genetically?

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Education argumentative essay topics

Here is a list of educational argumentative essay topics and ideas.

  1. Should colleges and universities be required to pay the athletes who compete for them?
  2. Should student-led religious clubs and organizations be allowed to operate in public schools?
  3. Should it be mandatory for students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in school?
  4. Should students be required to wear school uniforms at their respective schools?
  5. Should students be graded on their performance in physical education classes?
  6. Should students pay for higher education, or should it be free, like in elementary, middle, and high school?
  7. Should there be restrictions on the Greek life options available to college students?
  8. Should students be required to take art classes in school?
  9. Should artists be required to pay to have their work hosted online?
  10. Should teachers have the authority to expel students who cheat on exams?
  11. Should restrictions be placed on how much time students can spend on computers and other forms of technology in schools?
  12. Is it more beneficial to have students of one gender than to have both?
  13. Should school be open all year round?
  14. Should schools do away with homework altogether?
  15. Should the school provide a complimentary breakfast and lunch to all of the students at the school?
  16. Is there too much competition in private schools?
  17. Should school discipline teachers when students perform poorly on tests?
  18. Should high school students be allowed to pick and choose the subjects they want to study?
  19. Should it be a requirement for students to take foreign language classes?
  20. Should students have grades assigned to them by their teachers?
  21. Are standardized tests a good measure of learning?
  22. Do extracurricular activities like sports distract teenagers from their studies?
  23. When taking exams, do you think it’s appropriate to let students use computers for research?
  24. Should students who have recently graduated from high school take a year off before beginning their careers or enrolling in colleges and universities?
  25. Should classes begin later than 9 a.m.?
  26. Is it possible to learn effectively online?
  27. Should middle and high school students be required to have a job during the school year?
  28. Should educators be paid a higher salary?
  29. Should parents be held accountable when their children miss school?
  30. Should everyone in school be required to go to college?
  31. Should there be a system in place for students to rate their instructors?
  32. Should students be allowed to be physically disciplined in school?
  33. Are armed guards at schools a necessary safety measure?
  34. Should students be prohibited from checking out certain books from school libraries?

Economy and Environmental argumentative essay topics

Here is a list of the economy and environmental argumentative essay topics and ideas.

  1. Should employers be required to offer paid maternity and paternity leave?
  2. Should all employers be required to provide paternity leave?
  3. Does the use of electric vehicles result in fewer emissions overall?
  4. Is climate change to blame for what appears to be an increase in the number of times natural disasters occur?
  5. Is the United States’ current method of taxation?
  6. Should there be a limit on how much money famous people, such as athletes and actors, can make?
  7. Is the amount of money that CEOs make excessive?
  8. Should the majority of businesses transition to a four-day workweek?
  9. Is there a significant problem with income disparity in the United States?
  10. Are employees who work from home more productive?

Technology, the Internet, and social media argumentative essay topics

Here is a list of the best technology, internet, and social media argumentative essay topics and ideas.

  1. Should it be against the law for social media networks to obtain the data of those who use them?
  2. Should it be mandatory for companies to use humans as laborers rather than machines that do the work themselves?
  3. Should texting while driving be illegal?
  4. Any evidence that the Internet has improved society?
  5. Should parents monitor how much time their children spend in front of screens and impose limits when necessary?
  6. Should users be required to pay anything to access the Internet?
  7. Is there an unacceptable amount of loneliness brought on by modern technology?
  8. Should those who engage in acts of cyberbullying be subject to legal repercussions?
  9. Does playing video games increase IQ?
  10. Is it true that technology enables us to waste time rather than encourages us to do so?
  11. Should Facebook be prevented from collecting personal information about its users?
  12. Do you believe that eclectic automobiles are superior to manual cars?
  13. Is it morally questionable to supplant human labor with machines and robots?
  14. How should those responsible for breaches in cybersecurity be punished?
  15. Communication face-to-face is significantly more beneficial than studying online. Discuss.
  16. To what extent should one trust the reviews that they read online?
  17. Discuss how robots have brought more harm than good into our lives.
  18. Is social media causing us to become more distant?
  19. Do you prefer print or digital books?
  20. Radiation from cell phones is potentially harmful and should be restricted.
  21. Should individuals be able to lose their jobs directly because of what they post on social media?
  22. Social media endangers human communication.
  23. It is imperative that governments around the world support Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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Health argumentative essay topics

Here is a list of unique health argumentative essay topics and ideas.

  1. Are genetically modified organisms (GMOs) healthy for human consumption or harmful?
  2. Should schools mandate vaccines?
  3. Would it be better if everyone had access to healthcare provided by the government?
  4. Should doctors sell drugs to patients?
  5. Should parents set a maximum limit on the number of activities their children participate?
  6. Are today’s youth experiencing higher rates of depression than previous generations?
  7. Is there an unhealthy obsession with diets in today’s culture?
  8. Is abstaining from food healthy?
  9. Does our society place a low value on sleep?
  10. Are children adequately restrained in car seats to avoid injury in a collision?
  11. Is it more important to have good physical health than good mental health?
  12. Should all people living in the United States be required to receive vaccinations?

Government argumentative essay topics

Here is a list of government argumentative essay topics and ideas.

  1. Should the government be concerned about climate change?
  2. Would it be better for the United States to function without the electoral college?
  3. Should Voter Registration in the United States Be Automated?
  4. Should elections be able to be conducted using mail-in ballots automatically in all states?
  5. Should incarcerated individuals be allowed to exercise their right to vote?
  6. Should the United States populace have the right to vote and elect Supreme Court justices?
  7. Should it be against the law to provide unpaid internships?
  8. Should there be a raise in the current minimum wage at the federal level?
  9. Should there be a universal basic income that the government provides to all citizens?
  10. Should there be a higher tax burden placed on corporations?
  11. Should there be restrictions on what we’re allowed to consume?
  12. Should there be a limit on the number of terms that members of Congress can serve?
  13. Should one language be designated as the United States’ official language?
  14. Should the minimum drinking age be lowered from 21 to 18 in the United States?
  15. Should it be illegal for individuals to possess firearms?
  16. Should we point the finger at the government for the current obesity rate in the country?
  17. Should United States citizens be required to serve in the armed forces?
  18. Should it be against the law to smoke in public places?
  19. Should it be illegal to sell alcoholic beverages between midnight and noon?
  20. Would it be beneficial to raise the voting age in the United States to 21?
  21. Should individuals’ use of the Internet be able to be censored by the government?
  22. How efficient are the rules that currently govern political fundraising?
  23. Is it true that the immigration policy of the United States is successful?
  24. In the United States, there are currently only two major political parties. Should there be more than two?
  25. Is the Constitution of the United States of America out of date?

Sports argumentative essay topics

Here is a list of the best sports argumentative essay topics and ideas.

  1. Should women be permitted to compete professionally in sports traditionally reserved for men?
  2. Is the use of designated hitters beneficial or detrimental to baseball?
  3. Should dance be included as a sport in the Olympics?
  4. Should people who use performance-enhancing drugs be kicked out of their sport permanently?
  5. Should children under 18 be prohibited from participating in tackle football?
  6. Does the requirement to wear helmets in contact sports like football and hockey increase the risk of injury?
  7. Should paid athletes and coaches make the same money in their respective fields?

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Ethics and Religion argumentative essay topics

Here is a list of good ethics and religion argumentative essay topics and ideas.

  1. Should user content be regulated and censored on social media platforms?
  2. Are we humans, and are the things that we do responsible for the changing climate?
  3. Should there be a ban on the use of the death penalty?
  4. Should there ever be an exception made for torture?
  5. Should those with a significant amount of influence be allowed to sell products?
  6. Are there benefits to setting curfews for teenagers?
  7. Is animal experimentation ethical?
  8. Should it be against the law to smoke cigarettes?
  9. Should videotaping be illegal in public?
  10. Should non-recyclers be fined?
  11. Are we over-parenting?
  12. Should children’s marketing be banned?
  13. Should public figures be held to average ethical standards?
  14. Should violent video games be banned?
  15. Are violent video game players more violent in real life?
  16. Are beauty pageants dangerous?
  17. Should drugs be sold Over The Counter (OTC)?
  18. Is affirmative action effective?
  19. Is cloning immoral?
  20. Are public demonstrations of discontent productive?
  21. Should a person have a certain number of children before reaching their reproductive potential?
  22. Should people be allowed to wear fur coats?
  23. Should people who drive while under the influence of alcohol have their licenses permanently revoked?
  24. Is the act of writing graffiti considered vandalism or the production of art?
  25. Should charitable and religious organizations be required to make tax payments like businesses are?
  26. Should religion be a required course in school?
  27. Should all clergy be allowed to marry and have children?

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Good Argumentative Essay Topics: Wrap Up

It doesn’t matter what kind of controversial essay topic you’re writing; having a solid plan will help you significantly impact the reader.

Your journey toward the better organization of your essays can get off to a great start by using this guide to argue essay topics and ideas. Reviewing the components of an essay as part of your preparation for any test is a good idea.

We hope this list of the best controversial and argumentative essay topics will help you.

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