Serendipity Meaning In Tamil – Definition English Word

Serendipity Meaning In Tamil – Definition English Word

What is Serendipity meaning in Tamil explained with english definitions.

Serendipity Meaning in Tamil Language

  • தற்செயல்
  • அதிர்ஷ்ட நிலை
  • தற்செயலாக

This is the Serendipity meaning in Tamil and its definition.

On below, we can look at some of the other aspects related to the Serendipity meaning, definition & Vocabulary of this English word.

What is Serendipity – Meaning in Easy Words

Serendipity is quite a complex word and is not used by a person in day-to-day life. But the meaning of Serendipity is important, and we can use it commonly if we know the meaning of this word.

Meaning of Serendipity

In most simple words, Serendipity means the occurrence of happy or beneficial events by chance.

Another common meaning of Serendipity is unexpected good luck.

The easiest meaning of Serendipity is an instance of this.

Correct Spelling of Serendipity

The correct spelling of Serendipity is S E R E N D I P I T Y. And this spelling is the same in the vocabulary of all countries.

Difference between Luck and Serendipity

There is a very thin line differentiating Serendipity and Luck. Serendipity is related to unexpected good things and events in your life. It means it is limited to the positive or pleasing side. In contrast, Luck has a broader meaning. It may be good or bad. Bad luck is definable, but you can’t use serendipity in this context.

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Can serendipity be used in any other form than Noun?

No Serendipity is a noun and can be used as a noun only. You will not find the verb form of Serendipity. However, the adjective form of Serendipity is available. The adjective form is Serendipitous.

History of Serendipity

The word originated from the word Serendip. The Persian name for Srilanka was Serendip, and the word Serendipity was first used in 1754. It was inspired by a fairy tale, The Three Princes of Serendip. The fairy tale is all about discovering good things by chance.

Pronunciation of  Serendipity

The pronunciation of Serendipity is the same in all ascents, including North American, British,  and Indian. The easiest way to pronounce Serendipity is to pronounce Seren+ Di+ Pity.

Some sentences use Serendipity.

His huge net worth at this age proved that serendipity is his best friend.

Some people achieve success by their hard work, not by serendipity.

You can’t call gambling a game of serendipity; it’s a game of luck.

Some Incorrect Spellings of Serendipity


Error- Missing vowel I after consonant D


Error- Extra use of consonant T


Error- Missing vowel E after consonant R


Error- Use of vowel I instead of consonant Y at last.


Error- Missing vowel I after consonant P

The pronunciation of all the above-mentioned incorrect spellings is the same as Serendipity.

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We have neatly explained Serendipity meaning in Tamil and cleared multiple confusion around the Serendipity English words with spelling, history, pronunciation, and incorrect words.

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