7 Quick ways to make a user-friendly website – Improve User Experience

Do you have a User-friendly website to attract your audience to stay more time on your website?

How do you know your website is user-friendly or not?

Create user friendly website

Many business companies, investing more in designing their website and making them user-friendly for their audience.

If you are not making your website user-friendly, then probably you are going to lose your visitors. User experience is also one of the main things that everyone likes. More than creating quality blog posts, make your website user-friendly too.

What is a User-friendly website?

The way of making your website more friendly for the user or making it easy to use is called a user-friendly website. The user-friendly websites give an easy user interface and users can easily access the web pages on the site.

Normally a user-friendly denotes the term, that is easily accessible by every type of user. It says that users don’t need more technical experience to use it.

Why you need a better user experience for a blogging site

It is one of the thumb rules that user-friendly websites give more user experience, where people love to spend more time. Less user experience websites have low conversion rates and less attraction of users.

If you are maintaining an e-commerce website then user-experience helps the users to search and identify easily what they want. Less User-experience leads to reducing the customer’s trust in your brand.

For example, How kid’s game software differs from high modern games. It’s because of their user experience. An adult doesn’t want to play low-quality animated games, but kids will like to play simple games. 

That is how a user experience plays a major role in websites. Making your website according to the needs of users and simply accessible for them makes a great user-friendly website.

Are you a new one, who is just made a website and doesn’t know how to make your website user-friendly, then here are some easy ways to make a website user-friendly.

Especially, if you are a blogger then here are some quick things to improve user experience.

Key-components of making a user-friendly website

The major factor that influences the user experience of a website is,

  1. Design of a website
  2. Website development
  3. Content in the website

Design – The design part controls the user interface (UI) of the website. Design is the thing how users see and visualize your website. It includes your site logo, Theme design, theme color, text fonts, color, and layout. Having some common colors around your website gives the users an easy visualization of the website.

Website development – It is a development process of the website, which involves coding, website architecture, website speed, and related to it. It controls the user experience (UX).

Content on the website – It is the text and information on your website. The content part contains the complete information that we convey. The content includes text, images, video, podcast, or anything that conveys information.

These are the major areas that help to make your website more user-friendly. There are some ways through which you can make your website more user-friendly by increasing the user experience of the website.

Ways to Make your website more User-friendly

Speed up your website

Increase the webpage loading speed of your website. Website loading is the first factor that affects User-experience.

Page loading speed is one thing, that users experience before getting into the website. If it taking too long to load your website then probably users get back and visit other websites.

The attention span of people online is getting very low every year. If you fail to grab your visitors at the first step, then you’re making a big mistake.

Statistics show that only 15% of the websites operate at the correct speed. Google considers page loading time of 5 seconds is considered as the optimum speed for page loading.

improving page speed of a websites

But 85% of the tested website takes more than an acceptable condition. Another data from the study, when analyzing the e-commerce websites shows, 2.37% visitors, bounce when it takes five seconds to load a website.

If you are not measured your website speed before, then try website landing page speed at Think with Google. There are also many websites where you can check your website speed.

test the page loading speed of the websites - screenshot

It states that the speed difference in milliseconds also makes a huge difference in your income. The reduction of one-second page speed can drop your conversion by 7%. 

If it was a million-dollar business, then a millisecond delay in page loading speed cause an enormous difference.

It shows how a page loading speed affects the user experience of a website. Try to increase your page loading speed, which helps to increase the user experience of a website.

Organized theme

Use a proper well-organized theme. If you are not a developer then hire a developer or go for premium themes available.

Probably if you are using WordPress for a website, then there are over thousands of companies are available, which provides the theme for your website.

If you are using your website for blogging or just to show your companies online presence then there are plenty of free themes available. These themes don’t need a single coding knowledge to design your website. Mostly they everyone comes with customizable templates.

If you are using WordPress, then I would suggest you try the Astra theme. It is one of the more popular themes in WordPress. It also has free and paid themes.

Choose website color

Mostly use the single color that represents your website. Create a color that defines your brand.

Color has some psychology in the human brain. That psychology explains the individual purpose of each color on a website and how it helps to attain the attention of the readers. You can also choose the color of the website, based on your needs.

Color psychology to make user-friendly website

Color helps the People to stick with your brand.

If you are using some similar colors around your website, when visitors see it again and again, then it stores in their mind.

For example, take social media into consideration. When we say Facebook, then blue color comes to the mind. Similarly, when we say Pinterest, the red color comes to the mind. It is the power of color in branding.

When seeing things repeatedly, our brain stores the color for easy identification.

Whenever they hear your website, then the particular resembles your brand in their name. Color improves your brand recognition and creates some different emotions among users.

So choosing a good color is also one of the important elements of good website design.

Have an easy navigation structure for the website

Provide your users with easy navigation buttons. Navigation helps your readers to easily access every page of the website.

The navigation structure helps to design yours in a more perfect way. The correct navigation easily guides your visitors to the pages they need to visit.

If a visitor visits your page and he needs to read some related blogs, need a signup form, contact page, pricing and he probably doesn’t find it anything, then what happens, probably he will leave your website.

Then you are going to lose your visitor, customer, audience, or whatever it may be, but you’ve missed.

Have some proper planning of your navigation on the website. If you are having more blogs with different categories, then provide navigation for different categories.

Provide search box interface

It is also one of the easy navigation facility.

Provide a search engine facility to your website. If you are having thousands of blogs on your website, then it may difficult for your users to find a particular blog.

So, by using a search engine facility helps your readers to find the desired pages on the website.

The best places to place a search interface is in the header or in the sidebar of your blog post. If you are using wordpress then you can enable the search bar from the theme customizable settings.

There are many websites that have a well-developed search interface that attracts visitors. The proper search interface helps your readers.

Use search interface to make your website user-friendly

If you’re are a company that sells products, then you should mainly consider the well-developed UI to make your navigation better.

Providing contact information

Provide contact information, so that people can easily contact you. Are you still thinking that providing contact information is just about giving up an email form to contact you?

This type of contact form can be suitable for a blogging website. But if you are any products or software, then the simple contact form doesn’t go to work out.

When a visitor visits your website and having some doubts about your product, then what happens, he needs someone to clarify his doubt instantly.

Then you need to add some other things like a phone number or physical address. Some websites also providing the chatbox to instantly solve their customer questions.

For example – Recently I went on one of the websites, which is SMhack, it is a social media management software. When I entered their website their chat box automatically pinged and asking for any help. 

It is one of the Ways which creates the best user experience for the visitors. 

They cleared my doubts regarding their software through the chat. I’m completely satisfied and a happy customer. This is how a website gives some best user experience to its visitors.

Get users feedback

Ask your readers for feedback. It is one of the powerful ways to improve your user experience.

Feedback is a powerful tool to known the drawbacks of your products and website.

Listen to your audience’s voice, so that you can improve yourself. From different places, you can collect your feedback from the audience.

Social media is one of the best places to get feedback. You can also have a separate page for asking your readers about the user-experience of the website. 

Every visitor has their individual opinion about the website, when you combine everything, then it is going to be the best.

Collecting direct answers from the users is the best thing, so you start making your website more user friendly.

Improving your site user experience – Wrap up

Start implementing the thing which suits your website better and make your website more user friendly.

After implementing the things, test it on both the desktop and mobile.

Mostly all the websites optimized for desktop, but we do not optimize it for mobile devices.

So make sure your website is mobile-friendly too. Making the best user-experience is the initial step to attract your visitors.

Finally, a simple and clean website is more enough to attract your readers. The ultimate goal is to give the users more friendly products, so they can more attract to it.

These above ideas will help to make your website more user-friendly for the users, more than that if maintaining an eCommerce website, then focus more on your user experience.

Improving User-experience is not a one day job, keep on improving to make a website more user-friendly.

Thank you for spending your valuable time reading this article, if you find useful kindly share it.

Do you have any different ideas to make your website more user-friendly to users? Comment below so that other readers also know it.

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