75+ Travel blog post ideas and content topics when not traveling

Travel blog post ideas to write when you are not traveling. Writing travel blog posts is a story of the amazing world.

If you are a travel blogger, then you are really lucky to write about travel posts. Because not everyone in the world gets a chance to see the entire beauty of the World.

Travel Blog posts

In this world, we all have a particular dream, while some of us are running behind the dreams to make it come true, but others are still dreaming for it.

Traveling around the world, making travelogs, and writing travel blog posts after every trip are not just easy tasks.

And this would be possible when you have a real passion for traveling.

The major problem now arising among travel bloggers is what to write next, when we are in a pandemic or when we are not exploring new places. 

When traveling, getting new travel Blog post ideas is easy. But what are the other topics to cover in travel blog posts, when you are not traveling.

So we gathered up a list of best travel blog post ideas to write as your next blog post.

Before entering into the session let’s take a look, what is Travel blogs?

What are travel blogs?

The blogs that cover the topics related to traveling and exploring the cities and countries are the Travel blogs.

The travel blog is something of an interesting part, that travel bloggers travel to different places in the world and share the story with their audience in the form of blogs.

The travel bloggers share their travel expenditure, experience, the journey of visiting places, new destinations, and travel.

Travel blogs will work as an effective knowledge source for new travelers.

List of travel blog post ideas for bloggers and travel content

Travel Blog post ideas

Travel Blog post topic Ideas when not traveling

These list 75+ creative travel blog post ideas will help you when you are not traveling.

The list of travel blog post ideas for the travel bloggers.

Share your travel experience

Sharing your life’s travel experience will be a great idea when you feel nothing to share because this will be a benefit to other bloggers or your audience to learn more about the trip.

Likewise sharing the experience is not just telling what you feel, it is a lesson you learned from your journey.

That’s why sharing travel experiences will be a valid travel blog post idea to write about on your blog site.

Many travel bloggers love sharing their intimacy in traveling with people, who long for their blog content.

So, start sharing your travel experience with others and let them learn it from your lessons.

  • Summary of your last year travel
  • Some of your best travel experiences
  • First travel experiences

Travel Packing stuff

Writing about packing may seem funny, but you know this is a tough task for many people.

The packing of the things with all essential things like clothes, tickets, makeup products, and all needed essentials is a challenging task.

As a travel blogger, you know very well about packing things, so this will be beneficial for the people who are following your blog posts.

Most certainly, all types of weather conditions don’t suit all, therefore it is a must to pack with you essential things like medicine and make your list and pack your things.

Therefore, you can also write these types of content in this travel blog post ideas.

This kind of travel blog post idea will be useful for people like me, so start sharing with us.

Bucket list of your travel places

When writing about this kind of topic, this will bring you lovely memories about the future visiting places.

Therefore, it is always a happy thing to share with people about the wishlist places.

So this is another cool travel blog post idea for you, start rocking with your bucket list.

  • 5 Beautiful cities in the US
  • 7 Beautiful islands to travel in a lifetime

Visit your near locations

This is a better idea to travel when you don’t have a chance to travel to long-distance locations.

Yes, what I am saying is, you can share the best coffee shop, or clothes center, or famous place in your location, or else share your favorite place in your area.

This will be a good idea to share with your audience about your hometown or living location.

Compared to other traveling, your expenditure for traveling also will reduce.

  • 3 less popular travel areas in your city
  • 5 best hotel that every local must try
  • 5 Must-try coffee shops in your city

Best travel apps

There are so many good travel apps on our mobile, which make our journey wonderful and happy.

It’s time to share your best travel app with the audience so that they will make use of it, if possible share the app links in your blog post.

This will help the people to choose the best flights with the cheap rates and more.

  • Best apps to book flights and hotels
  • Best travel apps to connect with other travelers

Makeup/ beauty products

The makeup/ beauty products are for certain women travel bloggers, so you can share about the beauty packs you carry while traveling.

Share the small make it, you carry when you are traveling.

Tips & tricks for travel bloggers

You can share the tips and tricks that you follow while traveling like the cheapest flights, best hotels, the places we should not miss while traveling to different countries.

Likewise, start sharing how to organize things, ideas about road travel, and health tips.

Moreover, you can also share the journey that will make the trip comfortable.

Health Hacks

The health condition is important while making a journey and traveling to different places.

If you have any health troubles, fix your troubles first and then make your health safe and start traveling.

Have first aid and medicines in your travel bag, so that it may help you in certain conditions.

Share your exciting memories

The next travel blog post idea is to share exciting memories with your audience, this would make you and as well as your viewers happy.

When you share the best moments in your blog, it will bring you pleasant travel moments in your memories.

Make a cute little book to store your memories in photos or video format.

  • 10 best memories from traveling to 50+ cities
  • The best cities I would love to visit again

 Travel Photography

The most important thing that makes your travel memories longer and as well as helps to share with the audience is your photo clicks.

Take eye-popping pictures whenever you travel to any place, and also share the editing apps you use, and picture editing apps in your travel blogs.

It’s not necessary to have a high-cost camera in your hand. So share the tips on how to take pictures with the basic camera or phone.

If you have the lightroom presets, then place them on your blog.

  • Best Travelling bags for carrying camera and gadgets
  • 5 Photo taking hacks when you are traveling alone

 Travel books

There are the best books about travel and this will be very beneficial for the people who love to read.

Likewise, share the best travel or your favorite travel books with the visitors, so talk about the travel books.

  • 5 Books that inspire you to travel
  • What type of book is best for travel reading

 Share the worst part of the  traveling

The next travel blog post topic is also an important one because the travel bloggers also face some hurdles and some bad moments.

It is a must to learn from their experience, so if you have made any mistakes or any bad moments happened in your travels, share them in the blogs.

Your mistake will be a lesson for the others to stay on the safer side.

 Travel Expenditure 

The budget plan is very important. While we plan to travel somewhere, we should know which is the best and cheapest service for traveling like bus, flight, car, ship, whether we get the hotels within our budget.

How to save the dollars with the right spending for food, hotels, and so on.

When you think like this, then your journey will be easier for you.

 Traveling safety measures

Whether you may be a boy or girl traveler, but the very essential thing you have to make 200% sure of is your safety.

A most important point here is, you are traveling to a very new place, where you don’t know their language, how the people behave with you, and more.

Will your booked rooms be safe for you, what are the dangerous places in that traveling part.

You have to consider this type of thing before you start traveling because safety and security are very important.

  Travel blogger life (about you)

The next topic is about you, yes if you are a travel blogger, share your life part as a travel blogger.

You have a chance to share what a travel blogger means, how your life will be, how to manage multiple tasks.

And more things which are behind the travel bloggers, this will be very helpful to get the audience engagement and to learn more about travel blogging.

  • The lifestyle of a full-time travel blogger

 Travel FAQ

The FAQ is the questions that people may ask for, you get the best of these types of travel-related questions most of the time.

Like why you started travel blogs, the ever-loving traveled places, which is your inspiration, or who is your role model, how do you simultaneously do tasks like writing blogs and traveling. 

  • Common FAQ for new travelers
  • Is it easy to travel full time?

 Travel with your boy/girlfriend

This will be more interesting for many travel bloggers to write about like you have lovely photo pics and more personal stories.

Share the lovely memories that you spent on the trip with the partners if you like to share.

When writing this topic, the happiest moments will make your bond stronger.

 How to start a travel blog as a beginner

This question arises in many of the beginner’s minds, how to start a travel blog from scratch.

When you write about this travel blog post ideas like how to start a blog, where to buy hosting, where to travel, how to write travel blogs, and related topics.

Therefore, this travel blog post idea will be very useful for beginners to start a new travel blog.

 Making travel with your family

When you plan to travel with your family, you must care about choosing destinations, hotels, and ways of traveling.

The choosing of the best tourist places to visit and the full map about the particular place.

If you have more tips, share them with us?


Taking care of skin is also an important part to safeguard from the sun or climatic conditions while doing road trips in sunny seasons.

Do the best skincare tips before and while traveling.

Collect memories

When you are traveling to different places, it is also a good habit to buy some special or famous things from the countries or cities or mountains.

Whenever you see this it will be a great memory for you to remember. 

Therefore, write the best things to buy from those places and keep them as souvenirs.

Now, it’s time to write the vlogs about this travel blog post idea, to share your story about the souvenirs.

 The Adventurous part

The next travel blog post topic is sharing the thrilling adventure you had in your life as a travel blogger.

There are some travel bloggers, who travel to do an adventurous task and they start sharing with their visitors.

If you have any experience like that, you can share it with us.

 The funniest memory

If you had any funniest things in your traveling or did you watch any funny scenes or things in traveling.

Then share it with the visitors through the blogs.

  Solo Traveller

Certain travel bloggers do the traveling alone while others doing it with their family or team members.

So as a solo travel blogger, you can share tips and ideas with new solo travel bloggers who are thinking to travel.

Some may wish to travel alone, therefore this also will be helpful for them.

You can take this as a travel blog post idea and start writing blogs on this topic also. Solo traveling is getting popular among youngsters.

So having a series of blog posts to start their solo traveling journey will be better useful.

 Why people need to start a travel blog

The final travel blog post idea is why people need to start a travel blog.

If you have an answer to this question, you can share your answers in blogs with the audience.

Travel trip blog posts ideas and Topics

One day travel trip ideas

Many people will love one-day trips. In this busy hustling world, this travel blog post suits perfectly.

Create a series of one-day travel trips blog post ideas. Many people think that taking a vacation needs 4 or 5 days. But having short one-day travel is also great. 

So write day trip travel blog post topics.

  • Things to visit in a particular city
  • Unknown places in popular cities
  • One day city bus rides
  • Best one-day vacation at a low budget

Weekend Trip travel blog ideas

Usually, weekend trips are 2-day trips. Weekend travel blog post ideas are one of the perfect. 

You can target any particular cities and the tourist areas around that city. Covering the list of cities you have visited in each travel blog post, gives you more travel blog content.

Train Travel blog posts

Choosing some perfect train routes will give you more opportunities to explore the tourist areas.

You can write about any specific train journey, that gives you a better natural view and experiences.

Travel Preparation and Planning blog posts

Travel Packing

List the important things to be included in the travel bag. Everyone will have their own choice of goods to take with us.

So, you can share the important things that every traveler should have in their backpack.

Giving choices based on the type of traveling can be better. For example – mountains, beaches, desserts, cold climates, and others.

  • Best Packing Tips for Beach destination
  • Best packing tips for countries in the Arctic circle
  • Packing yourself for Hot-humid climates

You can also create a neat checklist and use it for your lead generation.

Planning travel budget

Everyone needs to plan their budget before starting to travel. You can also change your traveling plans based on your budget.

So write blog posts about travel budget planning. It helps travelers to effectively manage their budgets while traveling.

  • How to budget your traveling
  • How to efficiently save money for traveling. (Budget Hacks)
  • How to manage and track your finances while traveling
  • How to get better discounts on booking hotels and flights

It helps travelers to improve their financial management. I always calculate my budget and plan it for the holidays.

Travel Destinations with the Best Season

Many popular destinations in the World have some particular season time, which is peak time. Some people love to visit at an on-season time. And some visit in the off-season to enjoy it peacefully with no disturbance.

So write the Word famous travel destination with the best time in a year to visit. 

For example – For the Eiffel tower, between June and the beginning of September is the peak season time. This time you will have long-standing lines.

So this type of travel blog post topics helps travelers to avoid the peak season.

Other Travel activities

Write famous festivals

Some cities in the World have some special festivals. Write about some unique famous festivals in the cities and countries.

Write about any festivals you have attended in any country or city.

For example – India has the Holi festival, which is one of the most famous and attended by many foreigners every year.

So you can write about the famous festivals that are celebrated by particular countries.

Shopping areas in cities

Every city has some of the best shopping areas. So write about the cities with the best place to shop. 

Most travelers love to shop in new countries. They will buy any interesting things or memorable products.

So on your travel blog post topics, writing the best shopping areas in a city is also the best idea.

Small backpacking tours

You can write a travel backpacking tour to any small cities or towns. Most of the travel blog writers cover famous cities. But you can cover up with small towns.

Focusing smaller towns will have low keyword competition to rank in search engines. So writing a series of travel blog post topics on smaller cities and towns is also better.

Random Travel Blog post ideas and Topics

  1. How to travel with a pet for long stays
  2. Most famous cities in the World
  3. How to get more friends on traveling
  4. How to join with traveling communities for solo traveling
  5. 7 foods to avoid in a country.
  6. Some less popular beautiful cities in the World
  7. How to travel full time and make money
  8. Money-saving hacks while traveling
  9. Comparing two cities – which is best for travelers
  10. 5 must things to do in New York
  11. 10 must-visit beaches in the  united states
  12. Hotels vs Airbnb vs Hostels – Exclusive comparison to find perfect
  13. 5 things that drive everyone to travel the World
  14. Efficient packing tips for traveling
  15. A quick travel guide for your city
  16. Top 10 budget travel destinations
  17. Avoid these 5 unexpected travel expenses
  18. 5 Best travel destinations for Vegans
  19. 7 things to expect in a  first-time cruise
  20. 10 best beaches in the World
  21. 5 Top things to try by Adrenalin junkies
  22. 7 Hidden facts about traveling
  23. 5 Things to avoid when traveling to other countries
  24. How and where to exchange your currencies for traveling
  25. 10 cheap places to stay in New york
  26. The local dressing style of different countries
  27. How to get an international driving license
  28. Things to do on long train rides
  29. 5 Best travel destination for Solo travelers
  30. 5 cheap travel insurance for family travels
  31. 10 High rated hotels in the World
  32. 5 favorite destination for Christmas vacation
  33. 7 Best shoes for travelers
  34. 10 Best destinations to avoid summer
  35. How to get free travel

How to choose the best Travel Blog post ideas

When it comes to writing travel blog posts, you can write over 1000 travel blog post topics that are regularly searched by travelers. 

The above travel blog post ideas are just for your inspiration. You will get more travel topics and ideas from this.


Pinterest works well with some niches. Travelling is also one of the highly suited niches for Pinterest. Many travel bloggers are driving millions of views on Pinterest.

So you can check the list of popular travel blog post topics on Pinterest. So these are the topics people highly love to read.

Answer the Public

Answer the public is a keyword generation tool. It gives you many ideas for the given keyword.

So you will get many travel blog post ideas for writing.

Keyword research

Doing keyword research is the best way to rank your articles on search engines. SEO-optimized articles will rank higher on search engines, which drives more free traffic for a long time.

Keyword research is not only the purpose of checking the keyword difficulty of a particular keyword. But also picking the related keyword with low competition.

Famous SEO tools like Semrush give you related low competition keyword ideas to rank your articles better.

Google Trends

Use Google trend to check the trending keywords. It gives you a common idea of how the keywords are popular and highly searched by people.

How to start a travel blog

Starting a travel blog is easy. Just good web hosting for your website and easily start it.

>> Guide to starting a blog

Get the famous web hosting providers like Bluehost. Bluehost gives you a 65% discount on hosting and free domain and SSL. It is a special discount to start your travel blog.

How to make money on a travel blog

There are many ways to monetize your travel blog. Driving the traffic to your website is the main thing to be focused on initially. Once the consistent traffic comes in you can easily monetize it with various methods.

  • Adsense – Adsense is one of the main income for travel bloggers. Google Adsense will give you less CPC. Once you start getting more traffic, go with any premium ad networks like Mediavine. 
  • Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Marketing will give you better monetizing with fewer visitors. But your traffic needs to be highly focused.
  • Ebooks and courses – Once you have built your audience, then publish your ebooks and courses. 
  • Brand Partnerships – You can do brand collaborations and get more sponsorships. You can also get free stays and travel tickets from brands.

Here is a list of sources of income for bloggers.

How to write a travel blog post?

Writing a travel blog post is easy and creative. The travel bloggers will write with passion and give creative things about what they have seen during the trip.

Here is a guide to writing a high-quality blog post.

Check the below resources to write a perfect travel blog that ranks in search engines and drives traffic.


If you are a travel blogger, then this article will be very helpful for you, I hope so.

Sometimes travel bloggers will not get time to visit their targeted travel place, due to their situations.

These all hurdles happen for the travel bloggers in certain situations, that’s why I said that travel blogging is not as easy a job as many people think of.

Therefore, this is the time we want to think smart, make our thoughts simple, there are plenty of travel blog post ideas here in front of you.

The only thing you have to do is choose the topic and start doing travel blogs on your site and fulfill your audience’s needs.

Let’s start our journey, and these are some of the best travel blog post ideas when you are not traveling.
Are you a travel blogger and searching for travel blog post ideas or you are the bloggers who don’t know what to write next.

Throw away your worries, we are here to help you with providing amazing travel blog post ideas.

Travel blogging itself is a great task and doing it with managing all hurdles is also a great thing.

Finally, I hope, this article will be helpful for you. If you find this article useful, share it with others.

Are you a travel blogger or have more ideas for a travel blog post, kindly share it with us in the comment box, so that other readers also can read it.

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