What is Backlink? How Does Backlinks Improves SEO?

Backlinks are one of the often used words in the field of search engine optimization (SEO).

Whenever any term is popular in SEO, it has an enormous impact on Google ranking. In the same way, the Backlinks also improve SEO.

The time period backlink or inbound link, each of the phrases are the same. In the kingdom of search engine optimization, the backlink has a noteworthy position. This article will be very informative for the exact beginners.

What is Backlink? Backlinks for SEO

While talking about Search Engine optimization, the backlinks play a vital role in offering a new direction to online marketing. Most people are aware of the backlinks, and they all know how to do that and their importance.

But still, some digital marketers have a lot of doubts, or concerns related to the backlinks.

Do you know that the website rankings in SERP will increase with the help of backlinks?


It is possible due to the increase in the demand for quality SEO. If you are looking for the answer, then you have reached the right place.

Here in this post, we will guide you on what are backlinks and how they improve SEO.

backlinks are incoming links that go from one website to another.
in other words, backlinks are links that come from another domain webpage to your domain webpage. 

If you think this is something linking back to your website.

Yes, you are at the right point. Let’s begin our journey.

 While you want to rank your website higher in search engines, the backlinks are the most crucial factor.

 A high-quality backlink from one site to another is the only thing that makes the website get top position over the search engines.

Besides, this is also beneficial in improving the visibility of the website.

what is high quality backlinks

The high quality backlinks are links that come from the high domain authority sites.

Similarly, the low-quality backlinks are incoming links from low-quality websites.

 Most of the time, the backlinks coming from spam websites or automated link generating sites are considered as low-quality backlinks.

A backlink is one of the keys for the search engines to find out whether your content is a treasure, trustworthy, and rational in the way of getting the votes from the various websites.

The backlinks give assurance to that webpage, what other websites think about that particular webpage. The high-quality links improve the overall domain authority of that website.

If the backlinks are properly used for the anchor text, it adds immense value to your website.

when one webpage links to another, the link juice passes. the link juice helps to improve the ranking of the blog post

Links Trust worthy

The originality and the quality of the website need to be checked before linking your website to the other website. Because all the websites are not the trusted website and authorized website.

The quality of the content adds more value to the website when it comes to the point of SEO ranking. Quality means a lot here.

The best and the authorized page will bring you more traffic to your website. 

pull out quality websites

Your website can hit the rank of search engines, with the help of quality backlinks to the famous sites to your page.

The new content is found from unfamiliar websites when the backlink concept is placed. The famous website repeatedly gets higher ranks in the search engines, so that quality content from new websites goes unnoticed, by the search engines.

If the familiar website links your site then Google will find your content quickly. Most of the time, high domain authority sites place Nofollow links.

Traffic is wealth

The traffic will be received to the other websites when the readers fall into the backlink of your website. It is said as the referral link when it is clicked, more traffic will be attained.

Knit links together

When your websites pages are related with the link of the other website page, Google will check the relevancy of both the pages.

For instance: If your page talks about laptops, and the backlinked pages talk about computer hard disks, the software is fine. But you should avoid linking in irrelevant pages like that talks about pet animals or any other domain that is not related.

Now Google checks the relevancy and will invest more concentration on the sites about computers, hard disk & software, contrast ignoring the pet animal websites. whenever you link other domain links in your pages, it is called outbound links.

Anchor text in seo – Anchor text is a hyperlink that points to other pages on the web. The text is displayed with a clickable hyperlink.

Anchor text navigates the user from one to another site.

Placement of backlinks

To start out the clickable rates the placing of the link in the prominent place is important, If the link is placed anywhere you like does not matter, So try to place it on the main portions of the page

Have you ever heard about different types of backlinks?

If not, then here, we will make you aware of different types of links.

There are two types of backlinks, and if you are going to make links for a website.

so look out how these different links can have an effect on your website.

Nofollow backlinks are backlinks, which cannot be followed by search engine robots. It means that search engine robots ignore nofollow links while crawling a web page.  Nofollow backlinks are not so beneficial in improving the ranking of the website.

Nofollow links stop the transfer of link juice. It is said that Nofollow backlinks don’t improve seo. It is just placed for references.

if you don’t know whether the linking site is a high authority site or not, then using nofollow links is preferred.

Do-follow backlinks are opposite to the no-follow backlinks. They are responsible for the website to have a top-most position in the search engines. Normally all the webpage URL links are dofollow links.

If you pay attention to the do-follow backlinks,

you should keep the one thing in your mind,

There are many do-follow backlink websites, which do not follow Google’s terms and conditions. It directly impacts the ranking of the website.

know more about nofollow backlink and how it differs from dofollow.

Now, for online marketers or online business owners, the biggest concern is getting their backlinks. 

Here are some ways, which can help you in getting quality backlinks from high-domain authority sites

write better content articles

Whenever a site is linking to your webpage, it should have some proper information and particular benefit to its readers.

So, only quality articles get good backlinks. To improve the SEO, backlinks are important.

1. How can you write awesome articles that everyone likes to link.

  • Give a proper solution to their problem. Everyone who is browsing online is looking for a solution.
  • Provide your answers short and sweet. This doesn’t mean that you should write smaller articles, solutions depend on their problems. Try to give a complete solution with actionable guides. The actionable guides work better because we every needs an end-to-end solution.
  • Ensure that your content is easy to read, split your paragraphs. Use multimedia like images, gifs, infographics, videos to increase the attention of article readers.
  • Always provide one set of uniqueness in your articles, so that your readers will be more attached to you. This unique also helps your articles to stand out from other content in the online.
  • Whenever you are writing content in your article, provide the proof for your solution. Every time, your point of view is not accepted by everyone. Attach some resource links to proven surveys, researched papers. This will help to increase your domain authority. If you link your articles to authority sites, your quality articles will also be linked.
  • Learning simple things will lead you to write awesome articles.

2. Guest blogging

  • Guest blogging is a technique of writing blogs on other’s websites, instead of yours.
  • Because of writing articles to other websites, you can get backlinks from that website.
  • The backlink can be a dofollow link or nofollow link.
  • Higher domain authority sites, basically provide you nofollow backlinks. But it’s your smartness to get Dofollow backlinks from high authority sites.
  • There are really many high domain authority sites that give you quality Do-follow backlinks.
  • The nofollow links also have more advantages in SEO, nofollow links only stop the link juice to flow. But it drives you into traffic from other websites.
  • Before guest blogging on a blogging website, read their complete guidelines to write the article. Ensure that they are providing backlinks or not. Some websites without giving the backlinks, they only mention their names.
  • Don’t waste your articles on websites, where you don’t get the links.
  • If you don’t know where to find the guest blogging website, just type “write for us” in the Google search bar. It shows you websites that all are accepting the guest blogging.
write for us - backlinks improves seo

3. Submitting to the directories

  1. There are many directories where you can submit your websites to get quality backlinks.
  2. You must find a legal web directory where you can submit the links to your website.
  3. Avoid automatic submission to directories, it leads to a spam of the websites and you will be in big trouble.
  4. Shoutmeloud provides you, 131 manually checked free blog directories, where you can submit your blog.

Post Blogs regularly: Posting blogs on the website regularly also improves the ranking of the website. But make sure you focus on internal linking for SEO while adding blogs on your website. It will make the visitors visit on the other pages on your website as well.

Try to create infographics, images, and add how-to-write articles like How often should I post the blog into your website, so that more and more visitors will come to your site. It will automatically boost ranking for your website.

If you feel that finding a backlink for your website is a hard task,

then you are wrong.

Finding backlinks for a website is quite easy as there are many backlink checking tools, like Google Search Console, Ahref, and many more.

 If you want to check your backlinks from Google search console, you must be authorized the owner of your website. On the other hand, if you want to check backlinks from SEMRUSH, you need to buy their plan. But Google Search Console is free.

Read – How to build high-quality backlinks

We hope that you got all the necessary things cleared related to the backlinks. So, now you are curious to know about the benefits of backlinks. So have a look at these backlinks.

Helpful in improving the organic ranking

The most significant benefit of the backlinks is that they are crucial in improving the website’s organic ranking. For example, if you are getting quality backlinks from the other site, then it will be very beneficial for you to improve its organic ranking.

Faster Indexing

The website that indexes faster ranks faster; making the website rank faster is the biggest priority of today’s website owner. Backlinks will help you in indexing your website fast and improve its crawling rate. If you do not have backlinks, it will be difficult for the search engine bots to find out and rank your website, and here in this backlinks are very much beneficial.

Send traffic to the website

Getting traffic to the website is the other major advantage of the backlinks. If you build more backlinks for your website, you will automatically get more traffic to your site. It also improves ranking and position on SERP or search engine result page.

What to do?

  • Always perform in-depth research before starting content writing. Do check what the expectations of the readers are and maintain the right flow of your content.
  • Make sure your blog must be unique and must be free from grammatical errors.
  • You should focus on an external link and internal link and make sure your content must be more than 500 words.

Work on Guest posting: Most of the business owners have started working on the guest post to improve their website’s backlinks. It will enhance the performance of your website and help in gaining visitors.

But while selecting the right website for guest posts, make sure the site must have 0 spam score, having high page authority (PA) and domain authority (DA) as well. It will add a new value to your website and gain the value of your backlink.

Send emails to the other bloggers: Send emails to the bloggers working on the same niche and tell them to link to your website. It will help you in gaining an excellent quality backlink to your site. You can search for such websites from Google and learn about their PA and DA too.

Work on Competitor backlinks — The most significant way to get the backlinks is by working on the competitor backlinks. It will help you in understanding how the competitors are working to gain a top-most position. You can check your competitor’s backlinks from SEMRUSH, which is the most-genuine and easy-to-use website to determine competitor backlinks and target keywords.

Frequently asked question

1. How do backlinks are useful in SEO?

The Backlinks are mainly precious for SEO due to the fact that they make up a “strength of vote” from one site to another site.
In addition to that, the inbound links to your website act as a blinker to search engines that the other sites support your content.

2. Is backlink an essential factor for SEO?

Yes, it is a significant or important part of SEO; it brings the traffic to your website and places your site position in the higher rank of SEO.

3. What is a good domain score of backlinks?

The rank from above 60 to 100 is excellent, and below 60 (60-40) is good, and below 40 also contributes well. Get backlinks from high-quality sites. You can check your domain authority here.

4. Examples for backlinks?

When an individual website is linked with another website is known as a backlink.
Look at the above question, I have placed a link of the domain authority checker; it is a backlink of that site.

5. How to improve quality links?

 Some ways to generate quality links
They are,
 Focus on writing about quality blogs
Concentrate on link building
focus on pillar articles
Guest blogging.

Resources for SEO blog writing

  1. Writing perfect SEO friendly content within a few simple steps.
  2. Create SEO friendly URLs to get attached with search engines.
  3. Write your articles with a semantic SEO way, to get a higher ranking in SERP results.
  4. Through Internal linking, your website structure can be improved.
  5. If you are using WordPress, then these simple plugins will ease your jobs.


Finally, we hope you got an idea about what backlinks are and how they are essential and improve SEO. If you are a digital marketer, then you should keep the above-discussed things into your mind to improve the online presence of your website. backlinks highly improve your SEO. so start collecting quality backlinks from today.

Thank you for spending your valuable time with me. If you find this article useful, kindly share it with your friends.

Do you building backlinks or not?

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