Quantity or quality of the blog post – What should be considered

It is one of the biggest debatable topics in the blogging field. Every beginner blogger has this question, Should I focus the quantity or quality of the blog post.

If you ask me, both the quantity and quality of the blog post have its own significant advantages. It doesn’t mean that if you increase your quantity that will reduce your quality.

quality vs quantity of the blog post

That also doesn’t mean fewer frequency publishers always have a high-quality blog post. Blogging always has amazing benefits, once you start experiencing it.

If you learn to write perfect blog posts in a quick time, then you could easily increase the quantity of blog posts with quality blog posts. 

The cost of creating a website is very cheap and everyone can start writing it.

But here is another question, how do you determine the quality of a blog post. Do you have any specific parameters to define the quality of your blog posts?

Most probably the professional bloggers identify the quality of the blog post just by looking at it. It is optimal for professional bloggers.

Then what for us like beginners. 

We can also improve the quality of the blog post with some simple things. You always heard that content is the king.

Typically there is nothing wrong, the content is always the king. Quantity or quality of the blog post, which wins. 

Quantity or quality of the blog post

When it comes to writing a blog post, most times it is based on the needs of your audience. If your blog post is about different cake designs, then a limited number of words with some blog images are more than enough.

If your chosen topic has more things to solve, then it must be a quality longer blog post.

In the modern blogging world, Mostly the low-quality blog post means to the blog posts that are in a shorter format. But in reality, the quality of the blog post doesn’t base on the size of the blog post.

Most of the famous business maintain their frequency of blog posts. You can also fix your own blog posing frequency.

Sometimes, the blog posting frequency is based on the competition in your field. Its probably more post blog means more reach to people. But if you are in a competitive field, then your blog post should have more quality as well as more quantity.

Because it was a common assumption to think that, writing shorter blog posts doesn’t need more research. In some cases it also quite true.

More than write one long-format quality blog post, it is easy to write five short low-quality blog posts. Some of them for the sake of increasing their blog post quantity, just throwing many low-quality blogs in a quick time.

Hubspot divides your blogging needs into two categories. Is your blogging need is to drive the organic traffic your website or creating your brand awareness.

Writing more quality and quantity blog post - frequency of blogging

You also need to update your older content at a regular interval of time. For organic traffic SEO is more important, the regularly updated content only performs better in SEO.

It’s because everyone needs fresh content that is updated. That’s what Google also loves. So for more organic traffic, more blog posts with regular updates of older blogs also required.

It shows that the quantity of the blog post also has more impact. But here that is not only the case. 

The quantity of the blog posts stands only there is good quality too. Stick with a perfect schedule to publish a quality blog post with a higher quantity.

But both the type of blog posts has both pros and cons.

Pros and cons of writing Quality blog posts

Writing Quality blog posts will take more time and involves a lot of research. If you are a small team or single blogger writing for your website, then the quality of blog posts will highly damage your blog post frequency. Having some blog outlines and templates will help to write quality blog posts fast.

Pros of quality blog posts

  1. More social shares

             Quality content will get more shares on social media. If your blog post solves your reader’s pain point, then they will share the content with others. It leads to free blog promotion. More social shares not only increase your blog views, but it also increases your organic seo. 

The highly shared content will get more organic SEO. Social signals also have a huge impact on social rankings. Even though search engines say there is no direct impact on the social signal, but indirectly social signals have more impact on the blog post, mostly quality blog posts.

Statistics of blog ranking
  1. More clients 

Your quality blog post helps to drive the clients to your business. If your quality blog post can give many leads and sales, then it is awesome.

If you want to show or prove yourself to your clients, then the quality blog post is the best. The quality blog post shows your research knowledge behind every project.

  1. Trustworthy readers 

With a quality blog post, you will get many loyal readers. Every successful business has a trustable audience. With quality blog posts, more interested readers will stick with you. 

The quality blogs have the power of converting visitors to regular readers. 

If the blog content really provides enough value and solves their problem, then your one-time visitor will stick with you for a lifetime as a subscriber. 

Writing quality blogs is the best way to get a loyal audience.

Once you build a loyal audience you can sell your own products and affiliate products to your audience. For selling your readers you need an audience.

  1. Helps to maintain standards 

quality blog post helps to maintain your standards and knowledge at a perfect level. It gives you and your readers a perfect satisfaction when reading an article.

I have seen some blogs, they only have longer form and high detailed blogs on their website. Every time after reading the quality articles, everyone feels that they got some quality information for their queries.

Cons of writing a quality blogpost

Consumes time

This is one of the major factors to be considered. Writing quality blog post consumes more time. Usually, a quality blog post involves a lot of research. Research takes time.

If you are writing a data-driven study, then it also some times takes a few weeks to write a single blog post. 

Normally a quality blog post has a proper plan, research, and execution. But low-quality blog post doesn’t need anything.

If you keep on producing high-quality blog posts, you are using your complete time, then you also need some time to promote your blog post.

If you aren’t promoting the blog post, your quality blog post also goes unnoticed.

So spend your own time promoting your blog post.

Less income and page views

There are some famous bloggers who can drive more than 100k page views for a single blog post. 

But If you are a beginner blogger and quite not an expert in your field, then it could be tuff to drive enormous traffic to your single blog post.

In this case, with the fewer quantity of blog posts, you only get a very limited number of traffic to your blog posts.

And also if you are monetized your blog using Adsense, then with a lesser number of a blog post, you don’t get enough traffic. Then your income will be low.

Usually, AdSense is based on impressions, with higher impressions, you will get more amount. So a limited number of quality blog posts will give less income.

Less interest of readers and trust

More number of blog posts will show your expertness and authority in your field. Only covering fewer topics in that particular topic doesn’t show your knowledge.

For example, if you are having a social media management product, then you need to have dozens of blogs related to social media. Having one or two quality blog posts doesn’t show your expertness.

If you are using WordPress for your website, then you must mostly know about WPbeginner, it is a website where you can get answers related to your WordPress queries. They mostly cover all the topics related to WordPress.

There are even many websites that answer Your WordPress related question, but everyone is not covering complete thing.

The specialty of the WP beginner is their simple post, that uniquely answers the user problems. I have seen that most of the blog posts are no longer on their website. Their blog posts precisely solve the individual problem in 2 or 3 different ways precisely. That is their strength.

Less promotional ways

Less quantity of blog posts always has less promotional ways. If you are having social media and sharing your blog post in it. How many times will you share your limited number of blog posts repeatedly?

It leads to quite annoying. So now you lack one more promotional ideas. If you have a higher quantity of blog posts, then it is easy to rotate your blog posts on your social media.

Another thing is if you have more page views you can reach out to the companies for the advertisement in your blogs. If your blog post quantity is higher, then you can easily reach out to the advertisers directly.

Pros and cons of the quantity of blog post

Simply, if you need more reach then the quantity of the blog post is a must. Having limited blog posts, Doesn’t gonna help you out.

Pros of more quantity blog posts

Higher page views and traffic

If you have more number of a blog post, then you can easily promote it. With more number of blog posts, you can have more internal links in every blog post.

If someone gets into your blog post, then you can have a bunch of related blog posts. The chances are high that they also click the related blog post, to get more knowledge about that particular topic. It increases your blog views.

If your content production frequency is high and consistent, then you will in the search engine’s eyes. It’s because of producing of conduct and indexing new pages frequently, you will have a higher chance to get more organic rankings.

It doesn’t a rule that longer posts are quality blog posts. The size of the contents depends on the need of a user. So you don’t always need longer content to rank higher. You can produce quality content in less amount of time and increase the quantity of the blog post.

More professional

If you keep on writing many blog posts in that particular field, it increases your knowledge and shows your expertness in that field.

As the number of blogs increases, the website will be more matured and developed. It will look like a well-established site.

For example, Simple pin media is a Pinterest management company, they are providing the Pinterest management services to many businesses. They are a service-based company and their main income is through Pinterest service.

Then do you think that they need a blog? Yes, they have written more than two hundred blogs related to Pinterest. It completely shows their professionalism and expertness in their field.

If anyone reads their blog, they understand their knowledge in that particular field.

Implementation of new things by testing

If you have a higher quantity of blog posts, then it can be easy to analyze the things. If you are trying new types of ads or any monetization methods, you can implement them in particular posts and try it out.

With many blog posts, you easily find which type of things work better. With a fewer number of blog posts, you will run out comparative decisions. 

You can also generate more leads with more number of blog posts.

Cons of the quantity of blog post

Here the cons for increasing the quantity of the blog posts with less quality.

Less conversion

Low-quality blogs have less conversion rate. If you are pushing a product to sales then low-quality blogs will have a low conversion. If your main monetization is through affiliate marketing then you should consider writing higher-quality blog posts.

No loyal audience

With fewer quality blogs, you aren’t able to create your trusted audience. The trusted audience is the backbone of every business. 

So try to increase your loyal audience base.

No satisfaction

If your visitor is not satisfied with your blogs, then they don’t going to visit again. But if you satisfied your visitors, then they search for your blogs for answers. 

The blog can be short or long, but provide valuable information to your readers.

If there are no customer satisfaction means, then your business is not going to succeed.

Quantity or quality – what should I consider

Always quality content is the top hand, but you don’t always need a longer high-quality blog post. It consumes more time. You also need to increase your blog post quantity to reach more audiences.

If you are covering some individual field, have some particular number of longer pillar posts, and have a bunch of smaller posts to support it.

The backlinko has analyzed that, longer content perform better in search engines than shorter content. The average word count of google’s first-page result is 1447 words.

Google SERP top results, only Long form blog post perform better

It could be a better combination. In my way both the quantity and quality of the blog post are important.

After the panda algorithm update by Google, the high-quality content is rewarded high in the search engines. It shows that google clearly needs quality content.

If you are a beginner, take your own time for writing your initial number of blog posts. If you are ready with your style of writing, then increase the number of blog posts with quality.

Always writing longer articles gives you the writer’s block, so you try some different types of blog posts to attract your audience. 


Make your blog better by combining both quality and quantity. Once you learn to write quality articles in your own style then you can increase the quantity of the blog post quickly

Content is the best thing to promote yourself to the online world. Make the things unique and better to get your loyal audience.

Learn some best SEO practices to make your content Search Engine Optimised.

Create a unique blog writing style.

Thank you for spending your valuable time.

If you know any other better pros and cons of writing the quantity or quality blog post, then comment below so that other readers also know it.

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