7 Best Food Blogs in India To Inspired For Recipes 2023

Are you searching for the best food blogs to follow in India?

Are you craving new Indian dishes? Then this list of famous food blogs will guide you to become an Indian chef master.

Best Food Blogs and Bloggers India

Food blogs are always the trending zone, its because food is one of the major things, that highly connected with our lifestyle. So people are searching for new tasty food recipes daily to add up some more deliciousness to their cooking.

Love for food never ends. If you are a food lover, or passionate about cooking, or else you are searching for tasty food recipes then this blog is absolutely for you. I have collected some interesting and food blogs in India, that give enough knowledge and inspiration to try new recipes.

The love for Indian foods is just flowing all over the world. Why the food bloggers are gaining so much love from their visitors, it because of their passion and dedication to cooking.

They are expressing their skills, intelligence to prepare delicious food for others. If you want to become a food blogger, there are no restrictions for you.

You can start your blog by learning the cooking skills from these experts. As you know, food blogging is the best tool to express your cooking skills to food lovers.

Famous Indian Food Blogs

Food illustrations

Start preparing the mouth-watering dishes and attract the audience and become passionate about cooking master. But you need to give some time to make this all happen in your blogging life.

The inspiration is the best source to motivate ourselves, so read these best Indian food blogs

There are endless food bloggers are there in this industry. If you are eager to find some best dishes, you can get them from here.

List of best food blogs in India

Veg Recipes of India

Best Indian Food Blogs - Veg recipes of India

The first food blog, we are looking at here is Dassana’s veg recipes (vegrecipesofindia.com). This is an Indian food blog and has so many recipes including world cuisine.

The Veg recipes of India have more recipes like sweets, breakfast, dinner, and as well as healthy recipes. You can consider this as one of the best food blogs for vegetarian recipes.

Indians celebrate many festivals like Diwali and more, so these sites have different types of recipes for all seasons and festivals.

They have a large number of vegetarian recipes and a stepwise guide to make the recipes.

The founder of this food blog is Dassana and also this site’s technical aspects are taken care of by his husband Amit.

Veg Recipes of India was started in the year 2009 and she is trained as a professional cook especially in cooking, baking, and confectionery.

Likewise, she has done her graduation in home science and she also well know about international cuisines.

They have over 1800 recipes and it is one of the food blog site which has more number of veggie recipes.

Food images

These recipes are tested and after that only it is presented to the audience with the stepwise guide.

Recipes that are preparing are useful for the homemakers. They make every dish with the simple ingredients they have.

Their motto is to eat healthily and need to stay healthy. So they buy only organic vegetables and fruits for their recipes.

Indian food is not can just count in numbers, it has a variety of recipes and ingredients to prepare enormous dishes.

Indian street food has its own way and very popular in India. 

Moreover, their different regions and different kinds of food where north Indian food differs from south Indian food.

If you are an Indian food lover, try these recipes and you will enjoy the food and as well know the meaning of the tasty foods.

India is the country where it has more veggie peoples who love only vegetarian foods, not meats. But there is also a high number of people, who regularly eat Meats (Non-Vegetarian).

Saffron Trail

Best Food Blogs in India - Saffron trail

Saffron Trail food blog founder is Nandita, and she started this best food blog in the year 2006.

Nandita has passionate about cooking and as well in the writing, and her blog has now grown to be one of the best food blogs for healthy recipes vegetarian.

Saffron trail has a cookbook, the Everyday Healthy Vegetarian, and this book contains a healthy lifestyle and simple recipes.

This book also contains advice about cooking in the practical video. She also conducts many workshops based on healthy cooking, to lead a healthy lifestyle.

This best food blog site is for those who look for veggie foods and the people who look for healthy foods.

This blog helps us to cook the recipes in a simple way and simultaneously you will get foods that are good for health.

Most importantly this blog is purely about vegetarian dishes, and certainly, her travel blogs guide us where we can eat vegetarian food.

This blog site also has a YouTube channel for recipes.

Yummy Tummy

Famous Cooking blog india - Yummy Tummy

The founder of this best food blog site is Aarthi Satheesh, and she is a food blogger, photographer, recipe creator, and YouTuber.

The Yummy Tummy is a food blog site, where it has more number of recipes, dishes like Trending recipes like spiced milk recipe, Dalgona cake and etc…

Likewise yummy Tummy also has the easy home made cake recipes and bake cookies, easy snacks for kids.

Another most importantly, India has a more number of biryani lovers, so this blog site also has yummy biryani foods.

This blog is not purely for vegetarians, this site also for non-vegetarian (Meat) peoples as they can get more dishes.

If you are a fish lover, you can get a more number of spicy dishes, and also has the Keto diet foods. Even this blog site has dishes for Babies, toddlers, and kid recipes.

They prepare dishes from the scratch, and moreover, this blog has 3 million views every month, over a million followers on Facebook, and 100k visitors on Instagram.

This blog site also has the YouTube channel which started in the year 2019.

All the recipes are explained well with the images and the stepwise explanations.

Vegan Richa

Best indian vegan recipes blogs - Vegan Richa

The Vegan Richa founder is Richa Hingle and started in the year 2010.

Vegan richa has healthy food and as well as the tasty recipes.

Richa is the only creator, author, recipe maker, and food photographer. This site has 500k+ fans on Facebook and she is active on the social media pages.

Her first book Vegan Richa’s Indian kitchen was published in the year May 2015.

The veggie dishes cover dals, rich curries, and festival foods, breakfasts, desserts, and more. Richa is an award-winning recipe developer, blogger, photographer.

She also the author of the cookbooks, Vegan Richa’s Everyday Kitchen. This best food blog actually shows the step-by-step guide to prepare the dishes in an easy way.

Richa says that she loves to show people how easy to prepare vegan foods and other cuisines. It is one of the best food blogs on India for vegan recipes.

Archana’s Kitchen

Famous Indian cooking bloggers - Arcahana's kitchen

The founder of the Archana’s kitchen is Archana Doshi, and this food blog has many cuisines like Indian recipes, Sri Lankan, Italian, etc…

This food blog site started in the year 2007 and in her blog site, she cooks her family recipes.

Her food blog has gradually grown into one of the most popular food sites in the world.

This blog site also has online classes, this will be fun, interesting. And you will get the best cooking tips. In these online courses, you can also ask your doubts.

This food blog site will be the best for you to learn to cook and you can also prepare the best recipes via her blogs.

Archana’s Kitchen is giving the everyday ‘DIY’ solutions for daily cooking.

This food blog site has the best contents about meal plans, diet plans, dinner plans, and meals for diabetes, etc…

You can follow her on social media. Moreover, you can start your cooking, eat healthily, and live a perfect lifestyle.

Divine taste

Indian Food Blog - Divine taste

The Divine taste founder is Anushruthi, and she started this food blog in the year 2007.

Anu is a food writer, photographer, recipe creator, and also the nutrition advisor.

This is the best food blog, that helps you learn to create delicious dishes with the fresh ingredients around you.

This food blog has cooking shows, master classes, workshops, Ayurvedic cooking, seasonal cooking, sattvic food, and eggless baking.

Cooking with Thas

Best Non-veg Blogs in India - Cooking with thas

The cooking with Thas founder is Thasneen, who is an Indian, living in Canada.

This Cooking with Thas is a guide for easy cooking, and this food blog also has Indian dishes and more cuisines.

First, she used to share only her food pictures with the users, and when she gained a friendly response from her friends and families; she started Cooking with the Thas.

This site also has courses, dishes like soups, drinks, dessert, breakfast. This the best food blog and also many inspiring recipes.

We all know the importance of food, and all love the food. In this world, we have distinct characters of people and likewise, there are different kinds of food.

To satisfy our taste buds and our tummy we all need the best foods and as well as the new dishes,

These food bloggers are more amazing peoples because they are satisfying our hearts and hungry with their recipes and ideas.

If you are interested in cooking and need to eat healthy foods, then you can get it from these blogs.

However, India is a country, where you can get a more number of vegetarian and other dishes which you need to taste at least once in your life.

The Indian foods differ completely from the other foods, even the north Indian and south Indian foods are not the same.

In India, there is no drought for the Vegans (Vegetarians). The above discussed 7 food blogs are best in making the foods and unique variety of dishes.

This all food blog sites will be useful for you and as well you can learn cooking.

Highlighting note is that these best food blogs in India not only prepare Indian dishes but also the other countries’ dishes all over the world.

Best Indian cooking blogs: Wrap Up

Finally, I conclude that this list of best food blogs in India will inspire you to prepare healthy dishes and recipes.

I hope this article will be helpful for you, thank you for spending your valuable time with us. If you found this article useful for you, kindly share it with others. You can also start your blog with different lifestyle categories.

Are you an Indian blogger or do you like any other food Blogs and recipes from India? Let me know in the comments.

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