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10 Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs 2023 (High Commission Pay)

Here is a list of the best web hosting affiliate programs that pay better commission for every sale.

Affiliate marketing is the major source of income for many internet marketers and bloggers. Every website needs hosting. So promoting the best web hosting affiliate programs will give you maximum profits.

Best Web hosting affiliate programs

Here is a beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a 12 billion dollar industry. 84% of the bloggers use affiliate marketing as their monetization method.

In this affiliate marketing industry, web hosting affiliate programs also have their major contribution. Then choosing these best web hosting affiliate and partner programs will boost up your affiliate commissions.

Here is a list of best WordPress plugins to boost your affiliate sales.

List of Top web hosting affiliate programs with high commission

Kinsta affiliate program

Kinsta high paying hosting affiliate program

Kinsta is one of the leaders in the web hosting industry. This premium hosting company provides highly managed WordPress hosting for every user.

You can use kinsta to host small to large eCommerce websites. Kinsta is not a cheap web hosting provider. Their plans start at $30 per month.

This number seems to be high for many beginners. But this web hosting is highly suitable for serious marketers and professional websites.

With Kinsta hosting affiliate programs, you will get upto $500 on a single sale. It is a high commission in this industry.

This kinsta hosting affiliate program also gives you recurring commissions. So you will get a certain percentage commission, every time your referral renews their account.

Only very few hosting affiliate programs have recurring commissions. On their higher pricing plans, you will not be disappointed with its affiliate commissions. 

Kinsta hosting cookie lifetime

Features of Kinsta hosting affiliate program

  • For every valid referral, you can earn a minimum of $50 to a maximum of $500. 
  • Above this payment, you will also get a 10% lifetime recurring income. It makes a passive income.
  • Kinsta also has only a 4% churn rate. So, the chances of your referral leaving the kinsta are less.
  • It provides a long 60 day cookie lifetime. If your visitors convert within 60 days after clicking your referral link, then you will get paid.
  • The affiliate commissions are paid through a PayPal account each month.
  • The payments are made between the 15th to 20th of each month.
  • You need a minimum of $50 to be eligible for your payout. It is calculated with the combination of both one-time and recurring commissions.
  • This web hosting affiliate program follows a 60-day conversion window. Your earnings are paid after 60 days of the signup.
  • It comes with real-time tracking. Your clicks and conversions are updated with better statistics.
  • You will also get access to a collection of banners and promotional material to use on your website.
  • You can easily create your affiliate to any page on the kinsta website to direct your audience.

Kinsta uses its in-house affiliate program. So you can easily join their hosting affiliate program on their website.

Check the difference between in-house affiliate and marketPlace.

If you want to promote a web hosting company with high reliability to the users, then the Kinsta affiliate program is one of the top choices.

It gives more generous affiliate commissions and recurring commission is the reason to be in the top hosting affiliate programs.

GreenGeeks Hosting affiliate Program

GreenGeeks Hosting affiliate program

Greengeeks is a standard hosting provider that is packed up with every important functionality on their web hosting plans. It is providing an in-house hosting affiliate program.

With its affiliate program, your affiliate commissions per referral will be increased with more referrals. GreenGeeks hosting plans start at $2.49 per month only. So it is easy for beginners to get started with a website with better hosting.

Their affiliate commissions start with $50 per sale. If you made more than 6 affiliate sales in a month, then $100 will be paid for every sale.

If you have more audience and makeover 10+ hosting affiliate sales in a month, then you can ask for custom commission rates. Look at the affiliate commission structure below.

GreenGeeks web hosting custom commission payouts

You can also get more bonuses and special incentives for more referrals. 

Features of GreenGeeks affiliate Program

  • Earn Upto $100 for each sale.
  • Custom commission rates and special bonuses for more hosting referrals.
  • It comes with targeted landing pages and real-time statistics.
  • Dedicated affiliate team and a large collection of creatives, content, and banners.
  • Regular new offers and higher incentives for affiliates.

If you want a better hosting company with higher bonuses and affiliate commissions, then GreenGeeks can be a better choice. With their low hosting prices and better quality hosting, you can highly recommend it for beginners.

A2 Hosting Affiliate Program

A2 hosting affiliate program to join

A2 Hosting is a quality hosting provider that comes with a tier-based affiliate commission structure. This hosting provides high-speed turbo servers, to load your website faster.

Even though having a low web hosting price, it is providing quality hosting. It also highly takes care of the affiliates with large affiliate commission earnings.

It has the potential to earn upto $125 per referral. Their affiliate commission starts from $55 per referral. 

Look at the commission structure below.

  • 1-10 sales: $55 for every sale
  • 11-15 sales: $75 for every sale
  • 16-20 sales: $100 for every sale
  • 21+ sales: $125 per sale (21 X $125=$2625)

On this hosting, if your number of affiliate sales increases per month, then your hosting affiliate commissions also increased. If you are giving more sales, then you can contact their affiliate manager for more sales. It also has a second-tier commission for affiliates.

Features of A2 Hosting affiliate program

  • It provides a long 90 day cookie lifetime
  • Real-time affiliate tracking and data
  • Payments will be paid 15th of every month.
  • Exclusively custom-designed landing pages for top affiliates.
  • $5 for second-tier commissions.
  • Increased commissions per referral, when the monthly referrals increased.

With its high-quality hosting and better affiliate commission, A2 hosting can be a good choice. They have better-tested landing pages to higher conversion rates.

With its active affiliate management team, you can get regular support related to affiliate marketing issues.

Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost wordPress hosting affiliate program

Bluehost is a WordPress recommended hosting provider and it powers over 2 million websites around the World. It is highly trusted and promoted by many top online marketers. 

Bluehost is highly suitable for beginner bloggers to create their websites in WordPress. 

You can easily sign up for the Bluehost hosting affiliate programs. You will earn $65 for every qualified sale and it has unlimited earnings, which has no limit for earning.

Features of Bluehost affiliate program

  1. The more reliable hosting company with reliable affiliate link tracking
  2. Easily create customized campaigns.
  3. Within a few minutes, you will join and get your unique affiliate link.
  4. Get a large collection of promotional banners and resources. 
  5. Dedicated affiliate team to guide and support you.

Bluehost is one of the high conversion hosting services to choose from. With its better-optimized pages, you will get more conversions.

Scala Hosting affiliate program

Join Scala hosting affiliate program

Scala Hosting has one of the highest paying affiliate programs to choose for affiliate marketing. With this Webhosting, you can earn upto $200 on each referral.

For its little sales amount also, you are getting more affiliate commissions. It has different commission rates for different types of hosting plans. The commission is different for shared and VPS hosting plans.

Scala hosting affiliate commission rates

Scala Hosting allows affiliates to do Pay-per-click advertising but under their terms of services. They have some restrictions in using their brand keywords on PPC advertising.

Features of Scala Hosting affiliate program

  • Their commission rates start from $50 to $200 per referral. The number of sales increases then, the commission structure will change.
  • You will get a dedicated affiliate manager with a clear affiliate dashboard.
  • It has a long 60 days cookie lifetime with focused sales tracking.
  • It has both an affiliate program and a referral program.
  • The payments are made 5th of every month. Your sale will be confirmed after 45 days of the withholding period.

Scala Hosting has a clear in-house affiliate program. You can easily sign up for affiliate programs. Then, your application will be reviewed and accepted.

WPX hosting affiliate program

WPX - high paying hosting affiliate programs

WPX Hosting is one of the powerfully managed WordPress Webhosting providers. With its high user experience and customer support, it is top-quality hosting for every website.

It is a premium hosting provider and its plan starts at $20 per month. So the beginners will find it as a high cost. WPX is highly suitable for professional websites and marketers.

You will get upto $100 per referral. Here is a WPX affiliate commission structure.

  • 1 to 25 Sales: $70/referral
  • 25 to 100 Sales: $85/referral
  • 100+ Sales: $100/referral

You will receive the commission after the 35 days of the sale.

Features of WPX hosting affiliate program

  • You will get $100 per referral, once you reach the 100 referral lifetime target.
  • Affiliate commissions are paid between the 15th and 30th of each month.
  • Best support from an affiliate manager

WPX is a robust hosting provider. It has all the important features like free migration, free malware removal, custom-built CDN, better support, and many others.

So this is suitable for intermediate-level bloggers and business websites.

Cloudways affiliate program

Cloudways - Cloud hosting affiliate programs

Cloudways is a famous cloud hosting provider. Cloud hosting will highly speed up your website. Their plans start at $10 per month.

It is again a high-paying hosting affiliate program. It offers two types of an affiliate program, which is SLAB and HYBRID. The SLAB is like one-time commissions and hybrid is like recurring commissions.

You can get upto $125 per referral on SLAB type. For higher referral, you will also have custom affiliate rates.

Cloudways - onetime affiliate payout  methods

On the HYBRID method, you will get lifetime recurring commissions based on the plans. Get $30 per sale + 7% lifetime commission.

Cloudways - recurring hosting affiliate commissions

So when signing up, you can choose either one type of commission you need. With its simple signup form, you will get access to your affiliate dashboard.

Features of CloudWays affiliate programs

  • Provides different types of commission structure to choose from based on your maximum earnings. Lifetime recurring commissions.
  • It has a maximum cookie duration of 90 days
  • It allows you to run PPC campaigns with some keyword restrictions.
  • You need a $250 approved commission to get a monthly payout threshold.
  • The affiliate commissions are paid before the 10th of each month.
  • Get a dedicated affiliate manager and focused affiliate tracking.
  • Detailed performance reporting and customized promotion with offers.
  • High commission payout with low churn rate.

Cloud hosting provides a seamlessly fast website. Cloudways also has many different cloud options to choose from for the users. 

iPage Hosting affiliate program

iPage hosting affiliate program Join

iPage hosting has been in business for a long time. You may have heard or not about this hosting provider. 

You can get hosting for just $1.99 per month. It is highly suitable for beginners to get started online.

iPage affiliate programs also give more payout based on the number of monthly sales.

Look at the iPage affiliate commission structure.

  • 1-5 sales: $65 per referral
  • 6-10 sales: $75 per referral
  • 11-20 sales: $100 per referral
  • 21+ sales: $125 per referral

With these competitive commission payouts, you can earn with every sale.

DreamHost Affiliate Program

Join DreamHost affiliate program

DreamHost is another WordPress-recommended hosting provider. It also provides the best hosting services at a low cost.

WordPress hosting starts at $2.59 per month. It is very easy for beginners to get started. With the DreamHost affiliate program, you can earn upto $200 per referral.

In a couple of minutes, you can easily sign up and start promoting the DreamHost affiliate. It follows the one-time commission methods.

It has a different commission structure for every plan. These payouts also change based on annual and yearly plan sales.

Look at the DreamHost affiliate commission structure below

DreamHost affiliate commission structure and rates

Promoting higher levels of plans will drive better payouts.

Features of DreamHost affiliate Program

  • Promote the reliable hosting recommended by WordPress
  • Advanced tracking link URLs to clearly track the conversions.
  • Easily track your earnings on the affiliate dashboard. Get access to creative banners that are ready to use on your sites.
  • Payouts have a confirmation of 97 days to get your payments. You can receive your payments via Paypal.

If you’re promoting WordPress hosting for websites, then this hosting suits you. With just a 2 minutes signup process, you can start promoting.

HostPapa affiliate program

Hostpapa - web Hosting affiliate program

HostPapa has been in the hosting business for a long time. It provides trusted hosting solutions to everyone. With their affiliate program, you will have a large potential to earn more.

HostPapa affiliate program provides $56 for every referral. You will get a higher commission for more sales.

Features of HostPapa Affiliate Program

  • Get a collection of high-converting banners and text links to use on your site.
  • Get a dedicated affiliate program manager
  • Special bonuses and incentives for top affiliates
  • Get custom landing pages and also deep links to any pages on HostPapa.
  • Use a large collection of hosting banners on your sites
  • Affiliates are paid on the 16th of each month.

It is a quality hosting with better prices. The affiliate amount is confirmed after 30 days and you will receive the payment. You can easily get in touch with the affiliate manager to assist with sales and promotions.

How to choose the best web hosting affiliate program

The hosting programs listed here are the best in the industry. By considering some important factors in hosting affiliate programs, you can choose the best.

Read – How to choose the best affiliate programs

1. Choose reputed hosting companies

Only choose the hosting companies that are providing reliable hosting services. Don’t go with new hosting companies, just for commission. 

Nowadays many new web hosting companies are providing more affiliate commissions. For promoting new hosting, you should need to personally test their hosting services.

As an affiliate, you can also ask for a demo hosting account to test it. Then you can test the hosting performance. If you are okay with it, then promote. 

But reputed hosting companies are the ones, who are already providing great hosting experiences. These hosting services give you a great amount of reliability to recommend it to your audience.

2. Affiliate Commission structure

Check the commission structure of the web hosting affiliate program. Some affiliate programs didn’t mention their commission structure and sales cost initially.

If you have any doubt about payouts, then directly contact their support to get your doubts cleared. Most of the hosting companies follow a one-time commission structure. Only a few affiliate programs have recurring commissions.

So choose the hosting affiliate programs, based on your convenience.

3. Affiliate Program eligibility

Most of the hosting affiliate programs ask you to provide your website URL. If you have a blogging website, then no problem.

If your promotion method is like Pay-per-click advertising, then you should look out for the best hosting affiliate programs, who accept PPC campaigns.

Every company has its restrictions for running PPC campaigns. So violating their terms will lead to banning your affiliate account. Then you could lose your earnings. So completely read their terms and conditions, if you are using different methods to promote your affiliate products.

Content marketing is widely accepted and one of the best ways to promote affiliate products.

4. Affiliate Payments

Mostly, all the hosting companies use PayPal as their primary payment method to pay their affiliates. So, if you don’t have a Paypal account, create one.

Some hosting companies also provide other payment methods like Wire transfer and cheque. But that is a secondary payment option.

Check the minimum threshold amount of the affiliate program to withdraw. If you have only a limited number of audiences, then choosing the hosting affiliate program with less payment threshold is better.

Also, check the sales confirmation period. Usually, the sale confirmation will be done after the money-back guarantee period is over. Normally companies have a 30 days confirmation period. 

Some hosting affiliate programs like Dreamhost have a 97 day confirmation period. It is not liked by many affiliate marketers. So make sure of the affiliate sale confirmation period.

5. Affiliate Support

These best affiliate programs are providing better support from their affiliate managers. So you will get direct support and assistance from their affiliate team.

You can also ask for special promotions and extra commission percentages. You will also get regular assistance in improving your affiliate sales.

Why Hosting Affiliate programs are best

1. High commission rates

Web hosting affiliate programs are one of the highest paying affiliate industries. On average, most of the hosting affiliate programs are paying $50 per sales. Many other premium hosting companies pay $100 per sale.

Here, if your number of sales increases then your commission rates increase. More sales and more commission rates. Top affiliates will also get special bonuses, incentives, and custom payouts,

So, web hosting is one of the best affiliate programs to join. 

2. Every business needs websites

In this modern-day, every business needs a website. Every small business needs to be online to survive. So the presence of the business website is necessary.

Millions of new websites are created every month. The development of free content management systems like WordPress, lets everyone start their website in a few minutes.

Cheap web hosting companies made Webhosting affordable for beginners and students. These every contribution made an increasing number of websites. So the start of new websites every day has been increasing.

But beginners don’t have any knowledge about the hosting companies and their services. So you can properly educate them and recommend the best products.

So, web hosting industry is highly successful in affiliate marketing and it is way through which majority of sales happens.

3. Higher hosting discount

You have noticed that every hosting company is giving a high amount of discount for their new customers. Hosting companies like Hostinger, give 90% discounts to their new users.

So you can use these discounts and coupons to promote your exclusive deals. You can also contact your affiliate manager to get special discounts and coupons for your audiences.

How to promote web hosting affiliate program

Content Marketing

Blogging is the best way to promote your hosting affiliate products. You can write different types of content to promote the products.

Write hosting reviews, comparison posts, and roundup posts to promote web hosting affiliate programs.

Most affiliate programs provide you a set of banners and creatives to use on your websites. You can place the banners on your websites.

Place the banners in the more attractive areas on your website. You can also place it on top of the site, sidebar, and inside the articles.

You can also design your banners with graphic tools like Stencil. Use the plugins like WP advanced ads to perfectly rotate your different ads on your website.

It gives you detailed statistics of how your banner ads are performing.

Pay-Per click advertising

PPC advertising is one of the best ways to promote your affiliate links. But it needs experience and investment to run ads.

Every hosting company has its restrictions and terms and conditions for using your affiliate links on PPC. So read their terms before using hosting affiliate links on PPC campaigns.

Better discounts

Get exclusive custom discounts only for your audience. Give your audience a reason to buy from you.

FAQ on Web hosting affiliate program

Which is the highest-paying hosting affiliate program?

Most hosting companies give your maximum commission profits. When it comes to choosing the best, then the Kinsta affiliate program is the choice to go with.

It gives you upto $500 per referral and a 10% lifetime recurring commission. Recurring commission is the one, which makes it more special.

Which is the best hosting affiliate program?

While hosting programs like Kinsta pay the highest, their plans are more costly. So it is not suitable for beginners. 

The standard web hosting with affordable prices will get more affiliate conversions. In that case, Bluehost, A2 Hosting and GreenGeeks are the best web hosting affiliate programs.

What is the average hosting affiliate commission?

On average, you will get $50 for each referral. Your commissions will increase with the number of sales. If you focus on a limited number of web hosting programs, then you can do more sales.


Pick the best affiliate programs that suit your promotion methods and commission structures. 

I hope this helps you to choose the best web hosting affiliate programs. If you find it useful, kindly share it with others. Comment below your suggestions.

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