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7 Best web push notification plugin for WordPress 2023 (Revealed)

Are you looking for the best web push notification plugin for your WordPress website?

Web push notifications are one of the easiest methods to connect with your audience. These web push notification software helps you to drive a significant amount of traffic to your website.

Like SEO plugins for websites, the Push notification plugin is also important to drive traffic.

As technology gets developed, many new ideas are coming in. In that way, web push notifications are also one of the fast-growing methods and are highly used by many top companies.

But now it is available as a WordPress plugin, which every WordPress user and blogger can use on their blogs. If you are new to WordPress, then learn how to install a WordPress plugin.

What are Web Push notifications? Why is it important?

Push notifications are normal notifications that you will get on your mobile phones and desktops through the browser. If you are using any social media applications like WhatsApp and Facebook, then you know how many times you will get a notification.

It is also the same as that, you are sending the web push notification to your website visitors, even if they are not on your websites. 

Like email marketing services, push notifications are also one of the better ways to connect with your audience and get engaged.

You can send more targeted and personalized notifications to your users. So you can bring them back on your website. 

Whenever you need to give any information to your user, you can just send push notifications to their web browser and mobiles. The information could be anything like new blog posts, the latest offers, new product launches, and any other.

Once you start using the web push notification, then it also becomes one of your better traffic sources.

How does the Web push notification plugin work?

It works just like a subscription pattern, but not like an email subscription. When visitors enter your blog, you will show a small popup to your visitors.

Push notification subscriber Opt-in Working method

That little popup has a small subject with Allow and Decline button. If visitors click Allow, then they are subscribed to your push notifications. Then you can send push notifications to them.

It is also like creating an engaging audience through your email marketing and lead generation. 

Okay, let’s look at the best WordPress push notification plugins for the web and mobile.

Best Web push notification plugin for WordPress

1. PushEngage Notification Tool

PushEngage - Web Push Notification plugin for WordPress

PushEngage is the top and best tool for sending push notifications. It is a leading WordPress push notification plugin for both web and mobile. With this PushEngage software, you can send highly targeted and personalized push notifications to your audiences.

It has a separate WordPress plugin to integrate with your WordPress site easy configuration. Push engage allows you to send the push notification to both desktops and mobile.

It supports both ios and Android. This WordPress push notification plugin supports multiple browsers. The supported browser includes chrome for the web and mobile, firefox web and mobile, Samsung internet browser, and UC Browser. 

This also sends push notifications to Safari, Edge, and Opera for Web. So, it works on most famous browsers.

Supported browsers for Web push Notification

You can also set it to send new blog post notifications instantly. With PushEngage, you can also customize and send more targeted push notifications to your audiences.

You don’t need any technical knowledge to set up a push notification plugin on WordPress and also beginner-friendly.

key features of this Web Push Notifications WordPress plugin

  • A/B testing in Web push notifications – Send Different types of notifications to the same targeted groups to find which works better.
  • Trigger Notification – You can easily trigger notifications based on the customer’s behavior. You can set it up to automatically trigger the notification for cart abandonment, price drop alerts, downloads, and views. Create better trigger campaigns with frequency capping. You will also get detailed trigger analytics.
  • Drip Campaign – Create a series of automatic push notifications based on different segments. Send different product notifications based on customer’s purchases. Drip is easy to create and gives higher click rates and conversions.
  • Opt-in Reminder – This opt-in reminder helps you to increase the subscription rate for web push notifications. You can set the delay time before showing the subscription opt-in. Also set how many times and how often you need to show the opt-in.
  • Other Important features – You can also send notifications for Inventory alert, Browser Abandonment, Advanced analytics, dynamic segmentation, and multi-site support. Send web push notifications to your audience based on the time zone.

PushEngage plugin offers you a free plan for beginners. It is completely free for 2500 subscribers and sends 120 notifications per month. So you can get your free account now.

2. OneSignal push Notification

OneSignal - WordPress web push notification tool

OneSignal is another famous Web push notification plugin for WordPress. It also sends mobile push and web push notifications. 

It also gives many features that are related to PushEngage. You can easily send messages through mobile and desktop browsers.

OneSignal is a tool that comes with multiple messaging channels. The other channel includes in-App messages, Emails, and SMS. So it comes with All in one package.

You can easily automate the push messages when you publish new blog posts. It is one of the Powerful, web push notification WordPress plugins that is filled up with features.

You can easily reach users when they are at other sites. It comes with a customizable notification bell that easily helps users to opt-in notifications. It has its web push notification plugin for easy setup and customizations of push notifications.

OneSignal web push notifications don’t work on Guest browser mode, Incognito mode, and private browsing modes.

Its supported devices are a little bit different when compared to PushEngage. Here is a list of OneSignal’s support devices for Web Push notifications.

Push notifications supported browsers
OneSignal Web push notifications supported devices

key features of OneSignal Web push WordPress notification plugin

  • Scheduled Notification – Schedule your push notifications for the future. Customize the schedule based on the user’s time zone and based on their last visit.
  • A/B Testing – Send and test your push notification for small groups and find which works better. If you found the best, then send it to your large audiences.
  • Automatic Notification and Targeting – Set it up to send automatic web push notifications, whenever you publish a blog post. Create reminders to send automatic notifications. Send targeted notifications to users based on segments and behaviors.
  • Other Features – It works on both HTTP and HTTPS sites. It also has real-time analytics and supports most browsers. You can also customize your opt-in to when they see it first.

OneSignal has a completely free plan that comes with much better features. But the free plan also allows you to send 10,000 push notifications. So you can join now for free.

3. SendPulse web push Notifications

SendPulse - Send Web Push notifications plugin

SendPulse is one of the popular Email marketing services. It also gives the free push notification plugin for WordPress, which is also a better marketing platform.

This powerful Web push notification software helps you to drive your visitors back to the website. It is very easy to set up and supports most of the famous browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

You can send push notifications on both mobile and desktops, which are hard to miss. You can easily customize the subscription forms and when to show them to your website visitors.

Benefits of Web push notifications

Create automation workflows for new subscribers. You can segment your audience based on their location and user behavior. So you can send more personalized push notifications for maximum engagement.

Do A/B testing by sending different version notifications, to find which works better. 

A/B testing with push notifications

You can easily trigger to send bulk notifications, through conditions. SendPulse is completely for upto 10,000 subscribers with unlimited push notifications.

On the free plan, you can send a series of automated and personalized push notifications. So get started now.

4. PushAssist

PushAssist -  WordPress push notification plugin

Push Assist is another great tool to send web push notifications to your audience. It supports popular web browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

You can send more personalized web push notifications based on User zones. This web push notification platform is easier to set up in quick minutes. This push notification software works on both mobile and desktop.

Segment your audience based on Interest and location and also it has real-time tracking with user behavior. Personalize your notification messages for individuals and schedule campaigns for specific dates and times.

Push Notifications to scale your business

It supports both HTTP and HTTPS sites. It helps to boost your sales and improve your user engagement, even if they are offsite.

key features of PushAssist push notification software

  • Send Personalized push notifications
  • Segment your Audiences
  • Real-time tracking and multi-device support
  • Create better lead generation campaigns
  • Other Marketing tools like A/B testing, deep linking, and Re-engagement

This web push notification software helps every type of business to easily communicate with their audiences. It has a separate PushAssist plugin for WordPress.

It gives you a free plan for upto 3000 subscribers and sends unlimited monthly notifications. Their free plan also has Email support and AMP integration.

5. Beamer

Beamer - Send web push Notifications

Beamer is another feature-packed push notification tool to highly engage with your users. It acts as a news feed to the audience to announce important things.

Beamer is more suitable for product owners. If you are selling or having any product, then it can be your perfect fit.

You can easily reach the audience even if they are offline. You can send push notifications to send the new blog posts, product updates, special offers, and new features.

Send Offline Push notifications

It helps you to highly segment your users for easier and more personalized targeting. Segment your users based on Geography, user role, behavior, and language.

Customize your opt-ins with your logo and design. You can set when to show a subscription form and also add a delay.

Opt-in for push subscribtion

You can easily set up the push notification tool for any website and for WordPress you can use their Beamer plugin. It helps you to improve your user engagement and increases your click rate.

It is one of the powerful web push notification tools to increase your sales and audience engagement with your brand.

6. Subscriber.com

Subscriber.com - Web push notification software and plugin

Subscribers is a powerful push notification software for both desktop and mobile. This push notification tool is used by many top marketers and companies around the World.

Subscribers make push notifications one of the powerful ways to communicate with your audiences. It makes you reach your customers directly.

Some emails can also end up in the spam folder, but push notifications will be received by your audience directly. You can send notifications to your subscriber even if they are offline, and they receive them once they back online.

It supports both mobile and desktop across different browsers. Send bite-sized powerful content with action buttons.

Features of Web push notifications

Announce your new sales and promotions through push notifications. It helps you to re-engage your existing customers. You can powerfully segment your subscribers and target them with drip campaigns.

Powerful daily tracking and campaign data with custom tracking links. It also has many powerful features for eCommerce websites. It includes cart abandonment, inventory changes, coupon creation, and trending products.

Subscribers.com also has a free plan for users. It is free for 200 subscribers and comes with better features.

7. iZooto

iZooto - WordPress push notification plugin

iZooto is a WordPress push notification plugin and software for websites. This push notification tool is also packed with many advanced features. 

You can set it up to automatically send a push notification every time you hit a publish button. It automatically collects the content and sends real-time push notifications to your audience.

Key features of izooto WordPress Push notification plugin

  • Schedule Notification – Set the date and time to schedule your push notifications and engage your audience.
  • Drip Campaign – Easily automate your notifications with series of recurring notifications
  • Deliver different zones – Send the push notification on the best engagement time for their time zone. Trigger the notifications at the right time.
  • Use Icons and CTAs – Use icons and powerful CTAs on your notification, which helps users to take action.

iZooto is a premium WordPress push notification plugin that is packed with better features.

Which is the best WordPress Web push Notification Plugin

PushEngage is the best WordPress push notification plugin to use. You can see many advanced features and better deliverability of messages. It has better segmentation and sends more personalized notifications.

Their free plan is better for bloggers and small businesses. Many large businesses also trust the push engage notification software.

The OneSignal can also be a better option for a free push notification plugin.


Using the different types of marketing methods to connect with your audience is important. As the technology grows, your business also should adopt it.

This push notification is better for bloggers and eCommerce businesses to highly engage with their audience.

I hope this blog helps you to know about the WordPress push notification plugins and software. If you find this article useful, kindly share it with others.

If you have any doubt about choosing the best web WordPress push notification plugin? Then comment below.

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