7 benefits of using WordPress for your site (Best Website Builder)

Literally, If you are into the world of blogging, you often heard this word, WordPress. If you are not using WordPress, then here the top benefits and why use WordPress for your website.

Benefits of using WordPress for websites

WordPress is a popular blogging site, which is open-source software. They start WordPress in 2003, but now its reach is high for the past 16+ years. 

WordPress is an open-source content management system. WordPress itself says that ‘freedom that comes with open source’. open source is one of the important benefits of using WordPress.

The contents on your website can easily be created, edited, and published using the content management system. currently, WordPress is the world’s top CMS software that, most of us love. It was originally a blogging platform, but now it has grown into a fully-fledged website creation platform.

WordPress has enormous possibilities with a variety of features. WordPress is the best platform for bloggers, and it doesn’t compare with other platforms like Blogspot, Tumblr, medium, Wix, and many others when it comes to blogging. For decades, WordPress dominated the blogging industry.

Popularity and benefits of using WordPress

specifically, 34% of websites in the world are build using WordPress. more than 400 million people viewing over 20 billion pages each month on WordPress. Every month 70 million new posts published and 77 million comments are made on WordPress.

Nearly 120 languages are used to write the blog post in WordPress. It also helps to build a social network. WordPress is actually an excellent platform for businesses to publish Web designs over there.

It created by using PHP and MySQL. WordPress is the best platform for the beginner to create a website using its beautiful themes, where it can save your time, and it is a customizable platform. The various reasons for the popularity of WordPress are its advantages.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

wordpress.com vs wordpress.org

This is one major question that many confused with. What should I use, WordPress.com or wordpress.org?


Here your question defined, WordPress.com is the WordPress platform’s own hosting. Their own hosting also comes with a free version, in which you need not invest anything in creating a website.

WordPress.com free version also provides you a hosting and free domain, but the domain name looks like domainname.wordpress.com. Their free version also equipped with a free SSL certificate and dozens of themes you can choose from.

In fact, in the free version, you don’t have access to plugins, for which WordPress is famous. The free version is good, just only for learning and it shows WordPress ads on your site. Probably the ad removed in paid hosting.

If you don’t interested in the free version, then go for paid ones. WordPress.com also some premium plans, which suit all your needs. But the WordPress hosting not highly recommended.


Here is the real deal, it is a paradise for bloggers. WordPress.org is a self-hosted website. Self-hosted means that getting hosting from other hosting providers and accessing it.

Most of the hosting companies allow one-click installation of WordPress in their hosting. It is wordpress.org. Now you are reading is also a website from wordpress.org hosted by a Separate web hosting company.

Some popular WordPress web hosting companies are,

  1. Bluehost
  2. GreenGeeks
  3. Hostinger
  4. WPX hosting

Note: Below this, throughout the article, I am only talking about wordpress.org, which is a self-hosted website. Please don’t confuse the below benefits with WordPress.com. (WordPress.com VS .org)

Top 7 benefits of using WordPress for your websites

Ease of use

WordPress is very simple and easy to use. It is very helpful for non-technical people. The editing and adding content on your website is very simple when WordPress is on your hands. The time spent on formatting reduced by this simple technology. 

The WordPress overcame its competitors because of their quality. The quality and innovation helped them to get sustain in this platform. It reduced the usage of coding languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, and other hard languages. 

Especially, Knowledge of coding is unnecessary for using WordPress, for creating the websites. Even if you are not familiar with the CMS, programming, and designing, you can build a website with WordPress within a minute, buy choosing from their thousands of themes and customize it.

It also supports most of the media types, not only the text and also handles the images and video well.

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If you have developer knowledge, then change their themes for your needs. Because everything in WordPress comes with an open-source license. Your site can be updated easily from anywhere, where you can log in to the dashboard and your whole site can be maintained. so everyone has more benefits from it.


 The designing and development of a website using WordPress are extremely cost-effective. In the previous decades, only developers can develop a website and also it involves a lot of investment and time. 

Without a single HTML knowledge, you can design a perfect website. This is what the technology gives, a better solution for your every tougher problem, in a cost-effective way.

For the cost of $3/month, you can get good hosting and run your WordPress sites. If you are not interested in investing money, then there are many cheap hosting providers available. You can also get it.

WordPress is Search Engine Optimized

WordPress is search engine optimized

Search Engine like google and other search engines loves WordPress, because of their clean code behind WordPress.

This is the reason for its higher rank than the other platforms. WordPress is friendly to the SEO. the organic traffic to your site doesn’t involve without the word SEO. Only search engine optimized (SEO) content gets more authority and benefits from google. It is an important common thing used by the site owner to gain more traffic. 

The traffic helps them to stand in a higher rank than other search engines. If your websites have an optimized code and formatting options, then finding your website is quite easier for the search engines. 

WordPress has simple and constant codes that help to build the website where it makes the site stand ideal in the google index. when people search the web for the topics you write about, now your Search engine Optimized content will appear in the highest position of the search results, which bring more viewers to your sites. 

The themes in WordPress also well optimized. If you don’t found anything interesting from their themes, you can also upload your third party themes. 

Themes also play a major role in SEO, the more designed complex themes are higher in size. It increases your theme size and page loading speed. Choose SEO optimized themes when choosing.

Therefore, SEO friendly websites are important for business peoples to get the maximum search traffic.

 WordPress Plugins 

Whenever I am talking about benefits of using WordPress, I can’t stop talking about plugins. Plugins are like gold mines. For your every need and features there is a plugin. WordPress has over 50,000 plugins.

If you ask me, which separates WordPress extremely out from other competitors, the answer is plugins. There are plugins, that start from minor grammar mistakes to complete analytics of your sites.

Some still think WordPress only used for blogging. Even though, WordPress started its carrier as a blogger platform and later it changed to a website building platform for your business needs. now it is designed in a way to give benefits to every types of business peoples.

To create a basic site, WordPress includes all the elements, but the users need more specialized functionalities like plugins to create an excellent website. The plugin directory in WordPress comprises several plugins.

For example, want to add an event calendar, galleries, shopping carts, contact forms, website cache, and many more plugins to all your WordPress sites. Some word press plugins can transform your website into completely a fresh track. 

If you are a beginner, then know about plugins

The plugins used in WordPress are apps that allow users to add new functionalities or services to the website. It is like the functionality of the apps on your smartphone. In the WordPress plugin directory, there are over 50,000 free plugins are available.

The plugins in WordPress are the small software apps that integrate and run on top of the software of WordPress. To improve the SEO and boost the performance of the website, we use WordPress plugins.

 Secure platform

WordPress is secured platform

WordPress is created with keeping security in mind, it is completely a secure platform to run your website. Even though, to make your website safe you need to pay attention. 

If you got good hosting, then you can get security software from your hosting provider. Sometimes high-security websites also get hacked. So try to get excellent security protection and take regular backups to avoid data losses.

Few steps to increase WordPress security
  1. Keep the WordPress updated: The design and development community constantly giving them feedback and improvements to WordPress. So regular updates from WordPress help to fix bugs and offer additional features.
  2. Securing passwords: The most common hacking attempts made on WordPress are stealing passwords. The setting of strong and unique passwords can be one of the efficient steps to safeguard your account. Another way to keep safe, if your password is don’t give access to your account to anyone. 
  3. Good hosting: The service of hosting WordPress plays an important role to secure the WordPress site. choosing the best hosting to WordPress will improve the SEO and site performance. To safeguard your account, get the well-versed web hosting company to work in the background of your site. 

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Benefits of good hosting
  1. The hosting providers monitor your account continuously with suspicious activity. 
  2. The DDOS attacks prevented by the good hosting companies through their tools. 
  3. The good hosting companies keep their server software and hardware up to date to prevent the domain from the explosion of a known security vulnerability in the old version.
  4.  In case of major accidents, they are ready to deploy the recovery for the disaster, therefore they are ready to protect our data with regular backups.
  5. The security updates released frequently to get installed automatically, but we need the version updates to do manually.
  6. They provide you an SSL (let’s encrypt), to keep your sensitive information and website identity secured.

WordPress allows to scalable with multiple users

 The websites in WordPress are very scalable. Even though you have thousands of pages or hundreds of blogs on your website, the performance and the speed of the website will not be reduced or compromised and well distributed.

 If you are an administrator, then you can set up multiple users to the website and give access levels to each user. If your website could grow as well as your business grows. 

WordPress community

Large WordPress community for help

WordPress favors users with communities where any non-technical and technical users can use it. Generally, WordPress is a responsive website builder because of its good CMS, to give the best user experience in every way. 

The created websites can adjust to any devices like smartphones, desktop computers, or tablets through good application program interfaces(API). WordPress offers users with thousands of their APIs, giving freedom to the users where they can integrate the resources from outside their hosting. 

When it comes to supporting, the WordPress community is there for your every doubt. The Word press community has thousands of technicians and volunteers who provide free support and advice to the users in various forums.  WordPress is one of the world’s largest communities.

if you start blogging, there are an endless number of guides available to support you in every step of your business. The E-commerce marketplace also getting more popular in WordPress.

If you have been still thinking if it suits you. It’s completely opted for you. We have given all the major advantages and benefits of using WordPress. finally, it’s your choice to choose, which suits better for your needs. 

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Concluding the things hoping that we have covered the most important benefits of using WordPress for your websites. If you are looking to start a business from websites, then WordPress makes you the best pair. 

Thank you for reading this article. If you find it useful, kindly share it.

If you know any other benefit more than this, then comment below so that other readers also know it.

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