Must do investment in blogging for professional blogs

Do I need more investment to do blogging?

Are you waiting to start a blog or just started a new blog, what are the basic and essential blog investments every blogger to do.

Essential investment in blogging

This blog gives an overall idea of where to do investment in blogging.

If you ask me, I can say that it needs no investment to start a blog.

Is blogging really free?

Yes, starting a blog and running is completely free.

The platforms like and allows you to start and run your blog without investment.

They are completely free for a lifetime.

Then Why I need to invest money in the blog. 

These free blogs are more suitable for hobby bloggers.

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Why I need to do investment in blogging for running blogs

But when it comes to professional blogging, Starting is easy.

But we should keep on using many tools to run a successful blog.

Nowadays, most of the brands are investing thousands of dollars in blogging, more specifically in content marketing.

They are doing this investment in blogging for making their brand more reach more audience and make theirs popular.

The premium tools offer more quality work and save your time in every way, which helps to increase productivity.

So, money is needed to be invested to make money.

Normally blogging is not one job, and it is not a quick money-making way.

But you can make enough money out of blogging if you stay consistent.

To make yourself more productive, you need to do investment in blogging.

If you are doing the blogging as a hobby then you can start a blog by buying any free hosting for your website.

But, here it is not the case.

Nowadays, blogging is a powerful business where everyone can do.

Essential Investment in blogging

Most times when starting a new blog, you are the only one who is going to maintain your blog.

You will have very limited money to do investment in blogging. It’s because you don’t want to invest more money in new business.

If you are the one who is in the same condition, then this blog will help you to invest the limited money to get the most out of blogging.

As I mentioned earlier, many platforms offer you to create a free website to run your blogging.

But you don’t need all those free platforms, because you are going to be a high productivity blogger and going to make money out of it.

WordPress is the best platform to start blogging. It offers you several benefits and flexibility for their users.

WordPress has two types: and

Here is for free users, which comes with their own hosting but lacks most features. is a self-hosted content management system. Here you have to host your website separately with other hosting providers.

Proper blogging investment ideas by their importance and priority in blog

Domain name and hosting

A domain name is the number one priority investment to do in blogging. In blogging, everything can be changed after some time, but the domain name doesn’t.

A domain name is your identity, and it’s your brand, so don’t hesitate to do your first blogging investment in the domain name.

Because usually, the domain name doesn’t cost you more. You can get good top-level domain names from $10. It is the price for one year and it is renewable.

You can check the available domain name from websites like leandomainsearch and namechk. If you are ready to start in lifestyle domain, then here is some lifestyle blog name ideas for inspiration and also availability checked.

Mostly go with .com domains, which is considered as a top-level domain. You can also go with country based domains if you are more specific in it.

The next blogging investment is getting the good wordpress hosting for your website.

Bluehost and Siteground are more reputed, and wordpress recommended hosting services.

As a beginner, shared hosting is more suitable for you. After your blog grows, then you can change it to dedicated hosting.

There are also many free web hosting providers, but don’t go with it. Free hosting has many drawbacks when using it.

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With free hosting, you can’t feel the full flexibility of using your websites.

Bluehost and siteground, both offer affordable web hosting to beginners.

When it comes to best customer support, the siteground hosting stands top.

But Bluehost offers the hosting with a great deal. When you buy their hosting, you will get the premium domain for free.

You could save your first-year domain cost when buying the Bluehost hosting. It is one of the best things given by hosting to attract beginners.

So if you are buying Bluehost hosting, then it is going to be your first investment in blogging.

Buying Bluehost hosting is going to be a brilliant blogging investment for beginner bloggers.

Premium themes

Themes hold the design of the websites. The theme should be well designed and it should attract the reader.

There are thousands of free wordpress themes available for websites, but free themes lack some important features.

It also doesn’t mean that you should go for any expensive premium themes to make your website look better.

So themes must be chosen based on your needs.

Some themes are optimized for Blogs, and others may be optimized for e-commerce. So choose the theme which suits you better.

For customizing themes, you don’t need any coding and technical knowledge. Mostly all the themes are coming up with easy customization options.

Astra theme is one of the top best themes that always stand top. This Astra team has built many plugins.

Astra theme is compatible with most of the page builders, which provides easy drag-and-drop builders to create attractive landing pages.

It is one of the most suitable themes for bloggers. It is a very light theme and also SEO optimized and it also has a free version.

Blogging tool -pricing plan

Some other famous wordpress themes are,

  1. Genesis theme
  2. Thrive themes
  3. Generate press
  4. Themeisle (Hestia and Neve)

Usually, every theme has a free and paid version. You can also use free themes and find out which suits you better.

Don’t frequently change your themes, it could affect your blog structure. The themes are also an essential investment in blogging to improve your website’s user experience.

Later also you can go for custom wordpress design. For this, you need to hire a good developer. Good custom-designed wordpress design will cost you a minimum of $200 to $1000. So, it is not an advisable investment for beginner bloggers.

But you should go with premium themes, which will cost you anywhere between $40 to $70.

Website logo

The website logo is a symbol that represents your website. If you are creating any serious brand, then consider investing amount in logo designing.

There are many free logo designing software for designing the logo, but they don’t give any much better look.

Then best to get your logo design is by hiring a logo designer. You could get a professional designer in Fiverr for as low as $5.

You should start considering a good-looking logo, which is a one time investment.

Investment in blogging tools

To increase your blogging productivity, you should need to do investment in some blogging tools.

These blog tools will help you to the better reach of the brand or website.

Mostly all these essential blogging tools come with the free and paid version, so it’s your choice for investing in your best.

Blog writing essential

You want to invest in some blogging tools, to enhance your blog writing skills.

The first thing is to do investment in grammar tools like Grammarly. It is one of the well-known typos correction software.

Grammarly offers an easy chrome extension, which can be assisted with google docs.

Keyword research tool

Keyword research software helps you find easy keywords that you could easily rank for.

It is one of the important blogging tools to invest when it comes to SEO perspective.

Keyword research is the first step, before start writing your articles. So, you should consider using it.

When it comes to budget-friendly, I would go with Ubersuggest. It is a keyword research software from

It is a freemium software, it also costs you only $12/month.

Software pricing
Ubersuggest – pricing

If you need some detailed research software that comes with competitor research and organic rank tracking, then Semrush is better.

Check out – Get the semrush free trial Demo

Email automation software

Email is a professional way to communicate with your readers. 

From the first day of blogging, you should start building on your building email list.

Email is also one of the popular ways to keep your audience engaged.

If you are a beginner then you choose any email automation software like Mailchimp and Convertkit.

For a beginner, mailchimp offers a free version that can accommodate up to 2000 contacts.

But the free version lacks some basic features like a series of automation mails.

If newsletter sending is only your goal, then the free version is suitable for you.

For the premium version, you have to spend anywhere between $10 to $30 for good email software.

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Visual tools for blogging

Blog writing is not only about writing the plain text, it is a combination of visuals. 

Visuals help your readers to engage more with your blog. Images are the basic type of visuals used by most beginner bloggers.

You can get free stock images from many websites. But the software’s like Canva allows you to quickly design your images in minutes.

You can easily design infographics for your blogs

Probably hiring a designer will cost you 10x more than investing in software. So, it is not advisable to do investment in hiring a designer for your blog.

 So, you should go with images designing websites like canva. It has both free and paid versions.

The paid version only costs you $10/month.

Social media software for blogging

Social media is one of the best friend of bloggers. It helps to quickly reach the people and to get the desired audience.

Mostly every blogger use at least one social media. The famous social media among bloggers is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Pinterest is also one of the powerful image search engine, which has the potential to drive more traffic.

All brands are showing their greatness through social media. It helps them to create a group of people who love their brand.

So, if you are the one who is going to maintain social media, then consider your blogging investment in social media management software.

There is more free automation software, but it limits the post queue.

Doing investment in this software helps you to easily schedule one week of posts in one hour.

Some software also comes with automatic posting. These types of investment in blogging increase your productivity and save time.

The websites like Postplanner offers you as low as only $3/month. 

You can also invest in some popular social media management websites like, 

  1. Hootsuite 
  2. later 
  3. Tailwind and many more.

Search engine optimization

If you are a new blogger then, SEO is a mysterious thing for you.

SEO is not a one-day job, you need to update yourself to tackle SEO optimization.

Usually, the new blog could take anywhere between 3 to 12 to show organic results, if the SEO is done properly.

But you are a new blogger. You need to have some focus on it.

There is an endless number of blogs available, where you can learn about Search engine optimization techniques.

But if you learned about SEO and published some 10 to 20 articles, then you need someone to audit you.

This SEO audit service helps you to ensure that whether you are doing proper SEO techniques or not.

Normally it has two types ON page and Off-page SEO. ON-page SEO can be done while writing the blog.

Off-page SEO involves building high-quality backlinks and directories submission, etc..

In this type of situation, you can go for SEO companies, that gives complete site audit.

The site audit gives you a complete report about your blog and mistakes to avoid.

As a beginner sometimes, you don’t know how to do proper keyword research and find profitable keywords. So, hiring an SEO expert to work for your website could be better.

Everything comes as SEO services. You can hire any freelancer to help with your Site audit and running of a profitable blog.

This blogging investment is worth doing when you have published a certain amount of blog posts.

Other investment in blogging to grow as a bigger brand 

Normally, you need to invest money to make money.

This below investment is needed when you are expanding and growing your blogging site as a bigger brand.

At the initial time of blogging, you should start re-investing that you earned.

In initial blogging time, you should only consider re-investing the money to grow your site.

Hiring the writer

One of the successful things to do in blogging is being consistent.

Consistency is key to every business’s success. If you are the one who is maintaining your blog, you have to maintain all the things on the website.

So, start hiring some freelance writers to your blog. This investment in blogging helps to maintain the blogging frequency.

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If you are just started your blogging carrier and want to get more reach, then Increasing your blogging frequency is the best thing.

Normally have the frequency of publishing a minimum of 10 blogs every month.

More than this, you have also needed to do guest posting on other websites, to make your brand visible.

So you need to write more and more articles. Most times, as a beginner yourself doesn’t know how to write SEO friendly article.

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You itself in the initial learning stage, so you should probably hire a writer.

If you did a good investment in hiring a freelance writer, then you can focus more on learning new things.

Some bloggers don’t like the writing part, but they are more interested in editing and blog promotional activities.

So choose what you are good at, outsource the other things.

Question on Blogging investment

What should be the first investment in blogging?

The proper domain name and good hosting is the first investment you should do in blogging. Investing in good shared hosting is more suitable for beginners.

Final thoughts In investing the money

When it comes to selling the money, usually there is no end. You can do investment in everything for blogging and other than that.

Normally, money is invested in blogging, to speed up the things.

Here is a scenario, if you have more money, then you can directly go to websites like Flippa and you can buy the already well-established website.

But that is not suitable for a beginner blogger, who doesn’t have more money to invest.

Beginners also need to learn to blog, so initially, they need to do investment in time.

Think every time before doing any investment in blogging. If you are investing in any tools, then use it for full flexibility and get the most out of it.

To be frank, when I started my blog I don’t know that blogging needs this much investment. I thought that buying a good domain name and hosting is enough to run a successful blog.

But, once you entered into the blogging field, you will know the importance of a different tool that used in blogging.

In this blog, I have mentioned some important areas to focus on when doing investment in blogging.

In olden days blogging is just a hobby, but nowadays blogging is turned into a business. So, treat your blog like a business.


What should be the first investment in blogging?

The proper domain name and good hosting is the first investment you should do in blogging. Investing in good shared hosting is more suitable for beginners.

Thank you for spending your valuable time reading this article. If you find this blog useful, kindly share it.

Did I missed any important investment in blogging, comment me below.

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