What causes writer’s block & strategically overcome it

What causes writer’s block, is it difficult to overcome writer’s block?

Have you been ever stopped in the middle while writing and goes out of ideas for writing content?

Have you been sat in front of your screen for 30 minutes without typing a single letter on the keyboard? Without getting a single inspiration in one entire day for writing.

Causes of Writers Block and avoid it

Do you get frustrated with writing articles and aren’t able to overcome your writing failures?

Have you ever gotten bored with writing more articles and lacking your creative skills?

I know that when the writer’s block occurs, it may sometimes be hard to overcome writer’s block. Sometimes writing failures may highly affect your writing skills.

I have some interesting, perfect answers to all your questions. But start with what is the writer’s block.

What is writer’s block?

The condition or phenomena where writers are stuck and have the feeling of can’t able to write anything further is called writer’s block.

Writer block is the process where writers mentally lose ability and aren’t able to write any new things. Writer’s block is a condition that happens to writers. Writer’s block will happen in a certain period.

What does this mean

Writer’s block is a period at which the writers lose the ability to write new things and it slows down their writing work. The period at which the writers feel less productive and reduction in writing skills is called writer’s block period.

How long will writer’s block exist

Every writer and blogger has faced the writer’s block in their career. The period of writer’s block depends on many things. 

Its time period could exist for a few minutes, hours, days, and maybe a month-long, that completely depends on writers.

What causes writer’s block

Writer’s block will be caused for many reasons. Every writer will have their own problem for writer’s block.

But here I have listed some common causes for writer’s block, that we every blogger felt, it also could be a reason for writer’s block. 

The reasons below are mostly explained for some causes of writer’s block happening to bloggers.

Some important reasons that cause writer’s block

  1. Distraction on work area

It is one of the major things that causes most writers. Sometimes everyone needs separate working space to go without distraction. If you are working in a noisy environment, it reduces your creativity. 

Avoid distractions in the work area. Distractions can be caused in many ways, mostly by electronic gadgets.

If you can, then put your mobile phones in silent mode, and remove the other electronic gadgets from the working desk.

Personally, for me, the intermediate use of electronic gadgets increases my blog writing time and reduces productivity.

If you feel that you are losing your productivity, then try changing your workplace. Write from your comfortable places, so you can give your best.

  1. Depression

If you are a blogger who is one, completely maintaining your blog, focus on different areas of the blog. 

Larger writing companies will have separate content managers, writers, and editors for their work.

But here you have to maintain everything. This work pressure leads to depression, which causes the writer’s block. Sometimes, we were in a situation to give outstanding work. It creates depression.

  1. Anger

Your anger reduces your ability to produce new things. Sometimes the things written by writers go unnoticed. It causes anger. It stops them to write about new things.

Writers will also have many constraints and rules to be followed when writing blogs and articles. These end a number of restrictions may end up in losing their creativity and slow down their writing process.

  1. Issues with fellow writers

If you are working in any content marketing or blogging companies, sometimes your work is compared with others. Some writers wouldn’t like that. Others will force you to give perfect articles. It causes writer’s block.

Everyone will have their unique writing skills.

  1. Less productivity

If you find that you are not getting any benefit from writing, it will discourage the writers, which leads to the cause of writer’s block.

For example–Take a blogger who is running his own blog. He is a full-time blogger for nearly a year; he doesn’t get any single benefit from it, how his mindset will be.

Here less productivity happens and leads to writer’s block. This state of mindset will also cause a reduction in the ability of a writer.

  1. Regular work

If your regular work is to write articles, it will get boring. How much time will you keep up doing the same thing again and again?

Even though you are interested in writing, the same thing will get you bored. 

  1. Lack of passion and knowledge

Everything needs passion to produce better results. Writers always have a passion for writing their books, blogs, and any other things. But try to choose the topic you are passionate about.

But if you are writing a particular topic, that is apart from your knowledge it will lead to writer’s block. You can also write about unknown topics, but do well research. 

Collect your resources and topics before starting writing. So you can write continuously without interruption.

How to overcome writer’s block

As I mentioned earlier, writer’s block may exist for a day or month long. But here I’m given you a few things to overcome the writer’s block

These things may not suddenly cure your writer’s block, but reduces your writer’s block period.

Some tips for overcoming writer’s block

Take a rest–take some rest, do nothing. Go for a walk, run and meditate.

Take some coffee–Taking coffee is one blogger’s favorite thing to do. It will refresh your mind and boost up your creative writing.

Read other blogs–Read other articles or blogs written by your favorite authors. Most times it gives you inspiration for writing.

Get out of distraction–keep your working table clean and remove unused electronic gadgets from the table, importantly silent your phone. Close extra tabs on your desktops while writing.

Do different activities–focus your mind on some other things that you are interested in. If you love to play video games, then play it for some time.

Talk with friends–Do a phone call or visit your friends or family friends. It gives you relaxation.

Have planning time–Plan the writing work before starting it. You can also plan for your vacation days, which gives you a fresh feel. It helps you to get rid of writer’s block.

Read motivational stories–Read any inspiring stories of your favorite writers or entrepreneurs.

Find the problems–try to find the problems which cause you the writer’s block. Sometimes the problems could be you frustrated with less appreciation, less passionate, and less knowledgeable. The problem could be anything, so find it, which stops you from producing outstanding writing work.

Start fresh things in the new day–start writing your fresh things in the new day. Keep in mind that every day is a new day.

Read some reasons why you don’t start blogging.

4 regular exercise to reduce the causes of writer’s block

  1. Freewriting 

Writing consistently about something, without stopping for a particular time and with no rules and regulations. You could also write it for 20 minutes or continue until you need it. 

During freewriting, the author doesn’t care about the grammar, spelling mistakes, and most times freewriting doesn’t have any meaning in sentences.

Make freewriting as one of your daily routines of writing exercise, so it helps to loosen up the writer’s block. 

Many prominent writers use freewriting for brainstorming fresh ideas.

If you are a blogger, do it from initial blogs.

You can also do freewriting for organizing your work and also considered as a prewriting technique.

  1. Practice writing as a daily exercise

Daily writes at least a minimum of 500 words. You can also write short stories. 

You need not publish that story, but keep writing something every day that you can also keep it as your draft for a lifetime.

  1. Maintain a personal blog

You can see that many professional bloggers have separately their own personal blog, where they can write only about themselves.

It gives you more relaxation because personal blogs don’t need any research. It is just a place to share their own thoughts and stories.

You can also write about your favorite vacations, friends, parties, events, and anything it could be, but keep on writing.

  1. Read books to write more

Read your favorite books or blogs. Daily read a minimum of 2 blog posts related to your field. 

Many writers have content to write, but they keep struggling to start the introduction.

If you are the one who struggled to write the things, then look out for other blogs and storybooks, how they are starting their introduction.

Learn to write the beginning portion (introduction) of your articles or blogs perfectly.

Sometimes the proper beginning of the work motivates you to write in a more perfect way.

Some fun facts that stop you writing

These are things that don’t allow you to overcome writer’s block.

You can’t overcome writer’s block by making excuses. Sometimes overcoming writer’s block may be difficult, but you need to overcome it.

 Writing can only be the best thing to overcome writer’s block, so write something. Without start writing, writer’s block never ends.

Believe in yourself, unless you don’t have faith in yourself, you can’t overcome your writer’s block problems.

Only playing games and spending time on other things only can’t get you out of writer’s block.

Reading on how to overcome articles only doesn’t help to overcome your writer’s block problems, So start some process to overcome writer’s block.

Different topics to write when writer’s block occurs

Writer’s block may also happen for always writing the same related topics in your niche. Here are some different topics to write on your blog, when the writer’s block occurs. 

These topics will be suitable for many bloggers to write in their blogs. Write about,

Self-improvement–write your self-improvement tips to achieve success in your career. Write your method of improving your productivity.

Write about your biggest mistakes–everyone made mistakes in our life. So write your biggest mistakes in life or in blogging that cost you more. It may give awareness to your readers.

Share your life–you can write your life journey. If you really have an interesting life story, it will motivate your thousands of readers to achieve. Almost every blogger shares their life journey in a blog.

Write interesting facts–every field has some interesting facts. So write interesting facts related to your niche.

So some case study case study is studying about some real thing that happened. Do some related case studies related to your field. If you are in writer’s block period, do some case studies for how to overcome writer’s block or what caused the writer’s block to happen. Our personal case studies will be sometimes more interesting.

Plan your blueprint–every successful process has some blueprints. Create any step-by-step blueprint which helps your readers to simplify the process. For example, if you are in the blogging niche, create some blogging blueprint that helps beginner bloggers to start their blogging career.

Write about experts–everyone will have someone as our favorite experts in their field. So write about your inspirational writers or bloggers. 

These above ideas are just an example of how to overcome writer’s block. But all the things are not suitable for every writer to overcome the writer’s block. So find your suitable way.

What is agraphia?

Agraphia refers to loss of ability to write. If you are mentally damaged to write, it is called agraphia.

In this state of mind, the brain loses the ability to produce creative words for writing.

Look at our complete list of blogging terms used by bloggers in blogging.


Finally, always try to have a proper plan for writing and everything. Every time, be passionate about doing things.

Writer’s block is just a minor obstacle, you can easily overcome writer’s block. Some fantastic writing tools will also reduce your writing work.

Take a deep breath and move on, because every day has new beginnings.

Thank you for spending your valuable time, if you find this article useful, kindly share it.

Did you have any different techniques to overcome writer’s block? Comment below, so that other readers also know it.

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