What are nofollow links in SEO? Nofollow boosts Page rank

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Whenever it comes to building backlinks in SEO, we have two types of backlinks. They are dofollow links and nofollow links in SEO. Both links improve SEO.

We create the nofollow links from dofollow links.

Do you know, according to Moz study 99.2% of top-ranking websites in search engines that appear in SERP results, have at least one external link pointing to that website.

Then, why were we using two types of external links, do both the links have SEO value.

Yes, both the dofollow link and nofollow link have significant value on link building in SEO.

To know the values of the link in SEO, you need to know about the dofollow link and nofollow link.

What are dofollow links in SEO?

Usually, all the web page URL links are dofollow links, unless it changed. Dofollow links are HTML attributes, which allow the search engine bots to crawl and follow the links.

The dofollow links pass the link juice from one web page to another. Dofollow links are considered as the vote of quality.

If you are linking any dofollow link of the other page, you are passing your page authority or link juices to that specific web page.

What are nofollow links in SEO?

Nofollow links are also an HTML attribute, which is made by adding rel=”nofollow” HTML tag to it. 

In other words, the links with rel=“nofollow” HTML tag on it are called nofollow links.

The nofollow links say to search engine bots that not to follow the link and avoid sharing of link juices.

Always use dofollow links for internal linking. Internal linking is an underutilized technique in SEO.

Technical difference between dofollow link and nofollow link

For example, dofollow link look like

dofollow link example

The nofollow links will look like

Nofollow link example

What is link juice in SEO?

The link juice in the SEO world refers to the sharing of one web page value with the other page.

If you get dofollow links from high domain authority sites, then the link juice passes the value, and your page authority also increases. 

It usually refers to the backlinks from high domain authority sites that are high-quality backlinks.

If there are more high-quality dofollow backlinks, then higher link juices flow, and domain and page authority will increase.

What’s next, 

It is full of traffic and your website server crashed.

It sounds good, right?

Here, another question,

If dofollow links only pass the link juice, then why should I consider the no-follow links.

Is getting nofollow backlinks a waste of time?

Probably, not.

Nofollow links also improve SEO, and nofollow links also have a significant effect on the web page.

Know how it is.

When should I use nofollow links?

We use the nofollow links, when you are linking to low authority sites or you don’t know the authority of the site, we should use the nofollow link. 

If you want to add outbound links to other sites, but don’t know about the quality and authority of that site, then a Nofollow link is preferred. 

Whenever you want to protect your link juice from flowing through other pages, you need to use nofollow links.

Should I use nofollow for sponsored links and paid links

Google webmaster guidelines state that any paid links should be Nofollowed. Any page that leaks page rank should be nofollowed.

To be on the safer side, do all your sponsored links and paid links to be nofollowed.

For example, if you are placing any banner ads in your website, make sure it is a nofollowed link.

Then what’s about affiliate links

The affiliate links also need to nofollowed, or it is best advised to use  rel=sponsored link HTML attributes to the affiliate links. 

If you are using sponsored links, it shows Google that you’re doing some business, and it also sometimes helps to improve brand value.

Shorter URLs perform better in search engines, learn to create SEO friendly URLs.

Where you can find mostly nofollow links

Technically, the link with rel=”nofollow” tag is nofollow links. 

But the inbound links from some sites are always nofollow links.

Some sources of nofollow backlinks

Usually, outbound links in these sites are nofollow. 

They use rel=”nofollow” tag on all of their outbound links.

Some popular place to find nofollow links

  1. Social media like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and many more
  2. Blog comments
  3. Press release links
  4. Links in YouTube, Wikipedia, medium are normally nofollow links
  5. Most of the article publishing websites.

Are you still thinking, nofollow links don’t have any SEO value?

Here are their major benefits, and how nofollow links help you get into top ranking in SERP results.

Benefits of nofollow links in SEO

Many people say that “nofollow links don’t add any value to SEO”.

But it is not perfectly true.

Find it how.

1. Nofollow links will bring you more traffic

If you are doing any guest post in any popular blogging site or at any magazine, you will get nofollow links. 

If the guest post was really good and people get attracted, it leads to more shares.

The perfect blog post shows your expertness in the particular domain.

Most times, it creates curiosity in people to know about you and read your articles.

If you have done your guest post in your related domain, it usually brings more traffic to your site.

Through this you can gain a new audience and views your pages get, it leads to high page authority and your domain ranking will also increase.

Whenever more people land on your page, you get comments. If a blog gets more comments, it increases your user experience. In every way, it helps to increase your SEO value. 

2.Social media will drive traffic and increases your SEO through social signals

Usually, bloggers share their newly released blog articles on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more.

If your article was informative and useful for users, they will retweet or share it with others.

If they share your post many times, it will be taken as a positive social signal. 

Social signals also have a major impact on ranking.

Sometimes it helps to faster indexing of the new blog post in the search engines.

Here is a detailed study of how social signals influence the top ranking of sites

social links charts - nofollow backlinks  in seo

3. Nofollow links can change to dofollow

How nofollow link will change to dofollow links

Even though nofollow links said to have no power, it cannot stop people from clicking it. If you place your links in any online media websites, their millions of followers will get a chance to read your article.

Placing your hyperlinks with proper anchor text improves your value.

When people click the link to see your content, if it finds useful for them, they will link your articles on their website pages.

Sometimes it helps to improve your brand name. 

If many people like your content and it is informative, then they will place your page links in their pages and it leads to an amazing SERP boost to your webpages.

If your page link is shared by any higher domain authority sites, Google will consider it as a good information source.

Even though you don’t get dofollow backlinks from higher authority websites, you can get a decent amount of dofollow from medium authority websites.

In this way, other than getting one first-tier link, you can get many second two-tier links.

First-tier links are the higher domain authority website, whereas second-tier is considered as a medium level domain authority website.

4.More leads and conversions

You can be an influencer.

If your name and brand is exposed to other major influencer brands, who already have millions of followers, your smartness could lead some of their followers behind you.

You can also get a chance to introduce your new developing brand to the massive audience group.

So it could increase your leads and conversions.

Nofollow links directly gives SEO boost

Everyone says, nofollow links don’t possess any SEO boost or value.

But it is not,

Look at an interesting case study from semrush.

A person bought a handful of nofollow backlinks from high authority, SEO related terms blog.

His targeted keyword was “backlink software”.

So he got an anchor text with backlink software.

See the results nofollow backlinks results with proof

study proves, nofollow links in seo improves seo score and ranking

His page was ranking at #1 for that keyphrase (backlink software).

This case study proves that nofollow links also boost SEO, and it leads to more traffic.

Even though we say nofollow links don’t improve SEO value. But they designed the google algorithm in improving the SEO for nofollow links, too.

Maybe nofollow links have little power of dofollow links, but backlinks always do the duty of increasing your page rank.

Natural link building

Nofollows contributes to natural link building. There is no exact ratio of natural link building. 

But, using both dofollow backlink and nofollow, backlink considered being a healthy natural backlink structure.

If all the backlinks are dofollow links, then it may lead your site to think as a spam site. 

So use the dofollow and nofollow link carefully with anchor text, to build a perfect link structure of your website. So that your website gets a higher rank in search engine results (SERP).

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Finally, Nofollow links wrapped up

Whenever using dofollow or nofollow links and building outbound links, link only with the trusted sites.

There is no proper ratio of mixing dofollow and no-follow links, but build your hyperlinks with anchor texts carefully. 

Don’t think linking nofollow links to spam websites is not identified by search engine crawl bots. 

The google algorithm still gives some authority to nofollow backlinks links, so build your links perfectly.

Thanks for spending your valuable time with me. If you find this article useful, kindly share it with others.

Do you know any other benefits of Nofollow links in SEO? comment below.

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