Most Popular Blog niche: 9 best blogging niches for more money

Choosing the most popular blog niche is important to be more profitable in blogging.

If you have decided to start a blog and are looking for the best blog niches to choose from, then this blog post is for you.

Normally these most popular blog niche ideas are broader and you get more niche and blog topic ideas from these blogging niches.

You can also start a micro-niche blog, which is much focused on a very specific topic or niche.

Most Popular Blog niche for blogging

Here are 100+ micro-niche blog ideas to get inspired for picking your next profitable blogging niche.

But for creating a highly profitable blog, these popular blogging niche ideas will be more useful.

This blog post will help you to choose the best blogging niche and that is more profitable.

What is blogging?

A blog is a website that is filled up with blog posts and many content. It is updated regularly with new content and new blogs are published. 

A blog is not a typical website. A usual website only has few pages, but blogs will have more web pages. It is filled up with many articles.

The process of creating and managing a blog by regularly updating is called blogging. The person who manages a blog is called a blogger.

The blog contains posts under different categories, updating it with new content regularly is much better.

What is Blog Niche?

The niche is the topic under which you are going to do blogging and write about. Niche is a domain or any field, through which your articles revolve.

For better engagement and creating authority, you need to be focused on any particular niche. As a beginner, if you are targeting multiple niches then it takes more time to establish yourself.

For example, my blog revolves around the blogging niche, which covers better blogging and marketing topics. It is my blog niche.

The blogging niche is a topic we have chosen to create content around it. Everyone needs to focus on a better and popular blog niche to make it more profitable.

If you go deep into it, you will have thousands of micro-niche. But in this blog post, I have listed some of the most popular blog niches to choose for your blogging.

With better keyword research tools, choose the best keywords to rank is important.

How to create a niche blog?

In simple steps, you can easily create a niche blog.

  1. Choose Niche – Pick your best blog niche for blogging
  2. Domain name – Choose a domain name for your website
  3. Web Hosting – Get reliable web hosting for your website. Get Bluehost hosting with a 67% discount and a free domain name to save more.
  4. Blogging Platform – WordPress is the best blogging platform for every beginner to design and launch their website in a quick time.
  5. Themes – Install the best WordPress themes that are better optimized for SEO.

Here is a difference between domain and web hosting explained.

Starting a new blog is much easier and finding the best blog niche is important.

You can get your web hosting with better discounts. Here are some of the things to consider when buying web hosting. Considering some important aspects and features will help you to pick the perfect host.

Bluehost is one of the best hostings for beginners and you can save more with free domain and SSL.

When you are thinking of starting a blog, you will be loaded with many blogging niche ideas and topics. But picking the profitable and popular blog niche is important.

Below, I have listed some of the famous and most popular blog niches to start your blogging career. Already many bloggers are making huge profits on these popular blog niches.

Technology Niche

Technology and tech gadgets are some of the favorite and top blog niches to choose from. With new tech updates and tech products releasing every, it will be one of the evergreen blogging niches to choose.

If you want to make money with affiliate marketing, then technology-related blogs are great.

Here is a beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing to make money. 

When choosing a profitable blogging niche idea, finding the monetization method is important. Not all monetization methods will be suitable for all the blogging niches.

So choosing the suitable monetization method based on the blogging niche will be better.

On the technology blogging niche, you write the software review and include affiliate links in it.

The advertising also works great in this popular blog niche, if you are creating the information type of articles. 

Creating a tech news website is also great to go. You can regularly publish tech-related news in this blogging niche. In this case, you don’t need to write a more deep and lengthy article. 

Writing small tech articles also easily rank.

On the technology blog, you can cover many things. It includes,

  • Software review
  • Tech news
  • Design applications with coding
  • Game reviews
  • Gaming tutorials
  • Tech gadgets review
  • Tech tutorials

Still, you can find many famous ideas in this top blogging niche.

Travel Niche

The other best blog niche is Travel. It is also one of the widely popular blogging niches to choose from.

In this travel niche, you could cover a lot more topics and there is no end to it. If you are a regular traveler or love to visit new places, then you could pick this niche for blogging.

You can blog about the places you have traveled, itineraries, food, transportation, and many others to cover in this niche.

You can also pick your particular place or country and create more content around it. Write your personal stories, which help you to connect with people.

Create better travel guides, share the images, things to do, and more. Here are some of the things you could cover under this most popular blog niche.

  • A detailed travel guide to particular tourist places.
  • Things to do in the countries and foods to try
  • Best time to visit countries
  • Save money on flight and hotel bookings. And also share money-saving hacks for traveling
  • Being a specific kind of travel like family travel or solo traveler.

Here are 75+ Travel niche Blog post Ideas

One of the best ways to monetize this travel niche is an advertisement. You can also use the affiliate links for suggesting the best hotels.

Here are the best travel affiliate programs to join. Join the affiliate programs to make money using affiliate marketing.

Health and fitness

It is one of the highly trending and evergreen blog niches chosen by bloggers. Health and fitness are also one of the huge and broad niches for blogging.

You can also pick any micro-niche topics ideas under this niche to start blogging.

This is not only a top blogging niche but also a competitive niche. With much precision, focusing on any particular topics under this blogging niche is better.

More than this it is a highly profitable industry. You can monetize this niche with an advertisement, affiliate, and your courses.

You can also easily publish your ebooks and courses. If you have better knowledge of the health and fitness industry, you can be more successful in this niche.

  • Write about fitness plans
  • Different diets to be healthy
  • Living a healthy life and workouts

You can cover a lot in this blogging niche. But as we said earlier, it is a competitive niche, so taking any particular field in this niche is better.

Fashion and Lifestyle Niche

Fashion and lifestyle are some of the fast-growing and popular blogging niches to consider. If you are more interested in fashion and lifestyle, then here it is on how to start a lifestyle blog.

Both lifestyle and fashion are somewhat interconnected. On this popular blog niche, you can write about your fashion ideas and lifestyles.

If you regularly take fashionable photographs, then you can become an influencer in your field.

Here are 120+ Lifestyle blog name ideas to start your lifestyle blog.

There are already many fashion and lifestyle blogs available online, but it is not that competitive. 

You can easily monetize your blog with Ads. You can still explore more and many hidden topics are available in this niche to blog.

Look at the 250+ Lifestyle blog posts ideas to write more content and find blog ideas.

When it comes to lifestyle, you can cover many things like food, dressing styles, makeup, daily routine, and many other things.

Parenting and mom blog also comes under these blog niche ideas.

Here are 100+ Mom blog name ideas to get inspired for niche blogs. 

Personal Finance and wealth

In recent years, the personal finance niche is growing better. Everyone wants to be financially more stable and independent. 

This popular blog niche will cover topics related to managing their finances and creating wealth.

This niche mostly covers how to save your money and improve wealth.

Everyone needs to make money and needs to manage it efficiently. You can cover many topic ideas under this blog niche.

  • Best investment ideas, stock market, and multiplying wealth
  • How to live debt and loan free
  • Money-saving hacks and ideas

If you are a regular investor and have better knowledge of finance management, then it can be the best blog niche to choose.

Marketing and Business development

If you are looking to start a blog or create a business, you will find more blogs available online.

There are a lot of blogs that regularly publish articles about business and marketing. Many blogs also give better information on creating a sustainable business.

For your every business idea, you can find more blogs. The blogs that write about blogging also come under this niche.

Because it also provides information on creating a profitable blogging business.

If you are already running a business or know business or marketing, then you can start these types of blogs.

Under this popular blog niche, start writing about marketing ideas, business ideas, starting companies, digital marketing, social media, and many more.

On this popular blog niche, choose your field of interest and start blogging.

Entertainment Niche

The entertainment niche is another top blog niche to choose from. In the entertainment niche, you can easily rank your articles.

This entertainment niche blog will be like a news website. It covers the trending news related to movies, celebrities and can be easily ranked.

Most times on news websites, you can rank your websites without much effort on SEO. If you write about trending news in entertainment niches, then you can easily rank your websites.

Monetizing this niche blog with Ads like Google Adsense is one of the best ways.

For new blogs also you can drive more traffic by blogging about trending topics. This popular blog niche includes,

  • Write about movie and web series reviews
  • Upcoming movies and celeb bio
  • Blog about sports news
  • Celebrity interviews
  • Memes and Gifs

Still, you can cover a different topic on this entertainment blog niche.

Food Niche

Food is another most popular blog niche to choose from. There are many food blogs already available online.

Here are famous cooking blogs to follow to get inspired for your blogging.

Pinterest is one of the great ways to drive traffic to this popular blog niche. The bloggers in the food niche blog also make a good income.

You can also monetize your website’s premium ad networks. Also, sell your own cookbooks with recipes. 

You can cover many different topics under this blog niche. Check out 50+ Cooking blog post ideas.

Why selecting a perfect blogging niche is important

Many new blogs are created every day and most of the blogs will be closed within their first year.  There could be many reasons behind it. But choosing the top blog niche will help you to be more successful.  

And also choose the blog niche with your interest. If you don’t have more interest in that niche, then you will not be motivated to do it for a long time.

So choose the blog niche that you are quite knowledgeable and interested in. From the above-listed top blog niche, you can find any blogging niche ideas to be better suited.

Don’t go for very broad topics, go for a specific focus on these niche topics. Focusing and publishing the topics on a focused niche will improve your authority in your space.

Before fixing your blog niche consider some things like, how many blog posts I can cover on that niche. If you can write 50+ blog posts in that niche, then you can choose it.

Find whether your niche can be monetizable or not. Find the possible monetization methods. If you don’t find more scope on monetizing that niche blog, then it should be considered.

Making money from the blog is referred to as blog monetization. Bloggers follow many different methods to monetize their blogs. But commonly there is little monetization followed by famous bloggers.

Advertising – Advertising is one of the most commonly used methods of monetizing a blog. You can also often see that many ads are running on the websites you are browsing. 

Mostly all the blog niches can make money through this method. Google Adsense is one the famous advertisement company for beginners. For joining this you don’t need to have more traffic and blog posts. With limited quality content, you will get approved.

Affiliate Marketing – Using Affiliate marketing is a game-changer. If you have low but quality traffic, then this is the best way to monetize your blog. But affiliate marketing is not suitable for all the niches in blogging. 

Here are the best wordpress tools for affiliate marketers

Sell your Products – Selling your products is one of the highly profitable methods to make money. Creating ebooks and online courses is the best way. Once you establish yourself as an authority in your space, then start creating your digital products.

Sponsorship ads – You can also run sponsorship ads on your website. You can individually buy ads or rent them to other advertisers. If you have a good amount of traffic, then it is also great to do.

Here is a list of major sources of income for bloggers.

FAQ on Top blog niche ideas

What blog niches are more profitable?

Profitable blog niches are personal finance, health, technology, marketing, and business. Still, there are many profitable blogging niches available. Doing perfect keyword research will help you to find money-making keyword ideas.

What blog niches are trending?

Finance management and health blog niche are always trending and evergreen types of niches to consider.


These are the most popular blog niche ideas to choose for blogging. Follow Better keyword research and SEO to pick the best keywords. Use Yoast SEO plugin for On-Page SEO.

Here listed top blogging niches are broad topics. Dig deep into these topics to find the specific micro niches to be more successful in blogging.

I hope this list of top and popular blog niches will help you. If you find it useful, kindly share. If you want to share any, then comment below.

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