How to promote your blog post – 7 powerful strategies

Do you promote your blog post? 

Just now published a new blog post? And doesn’t know how to promote it.

Everything needs a promotion, to get it delivered to the right audience.

different ways to promote your blog post

Likewise, we need to promote our blog to reach more audiences.

If you are searching for some actionable ways to promote your blog post, then this blog post is for you.

Find your audience to promote your blog post

The targeted audience is the one who needs your blog content. For bloggers, it will take some time to find how to promote your blog.

But there are many simple ways, where you can easily promote your blog.

Whether you are a beginner blogger or a professional blogger, this simple promotion way, helps you to promote your blogs effectively.

As a beginner blogger, it takes more time to get organic traffic from search engines. So you don’t want to wait until the traffic comes from search engines.

You can start to promote your blog in various aspects to reach your audience and get more traffic.

If you promote your blog post whenever it is published, then it also helps search engines to easily identify and index your blogs.

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Okay, let’s get to promote your blog post.

How to promote your blog posts in simple ways for free

Social media

Social media is a well-known platform. For every beginner blogger, social media is a well-known and trusted platform to drive traffic to your blog.

If you already have more followers on social media, then it can drive you more traffic when you share your blog post.

It gives you the benefit of driving the first set of people to view your blog post.

If the people found that the article is useful, then they will again promote your blog posts on social media.

Twitter and Facebook are some of the most popular social media among bloggers.

If you are in the travel and photography field, then you can also focus on Instagram.

Twitter is one of the largest platforms, where people can give their opinion as tweets.

Whenever you publish a new blog post, share the new blog post on Twitter. 

Every day over 500 million tweets are created every day (source). So, it is not a bad thing to share your tweets too.

When sharing on Twitter, give some compelling description that attracts the readers to read your blog post.

You need to share your new blog post 3 to 5 times a week to get it reached to different people. But every time when sharing your blogs, give a different description on Twitter.

By giving different descriptions helps the viewers to give unique perspectives every time they look at that blog post.

It is one of the simple ways to promote your blog post. For more engagements, you have to tweet 4 to 10 times every day.

You can easily share on Facebook to promote your blog post. But on Facebook, you have to use the Facebook page account for sharing your articles.

You can also share it from a personal account, but Facebook suggests not to do any business promotion in a personal account.

If you are treating your blog as a business or brand, then create a business page to promote your blog.

For a more engaged audience, you can also create Facebook groups. You can create your private group where you engage with your audiences directly.

Facebook groups help to find your targeted audience and create your loyal audiences for your blog.

When using social media try to post it at the best times. Post at the times when it gets more engagement.

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Promote your blog on LinkedIn

The other thing is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is still a strange platform for many people.

Linkedin is not more popular as social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, but it is a place for professionals.

Mostly, people do not use LinkedIn for entertainment like Facebook, but it is a place to show your knowledge and authority in your business field.

It is also a place to connect professionals and is more suitable for B2B people.

It is one of the best places to promote your blog post and show your expertness.

LinkedIn has over 700 million users from 200 countries.

Promote blog on linkedIn

LinkedIn is a platform that has a good organic reach. Linked In also allows you to write and publish the article directly on its platform. The longer form of articles gets more shares on LinkedIn. (source).

LinkedIn doesn’t show more interest in posts that contain links, but you can repurpose your blog content by publishing on LinkedIn.

Promote in Quora answers

There are thousands of people who are waiting to hear from experts. You can answer questions related to your blogs on Quora.

If you are just using Quora for placing your link, then it doesn’t work. You need to write good detailed answers to the questions and place your link.

If your answers are really good enough, Quora can drive you more traffic. Try to give the best suitable answers to the questions, and also it helps to show your expertness in that field.

Quora also helps you to find that, what type of questions the people are asking and what are their doubts. You can also write blog posts related to that.

It is one of the good ways to promote your blog post.

Use Pinterest to pin images

Most people are thinking that Pinterest is social media, but that is not true.

Pinterest is a powerful image search engine, which is capable of driving more traffic in a quick time.

Pinterest is mostly used by fashion and lifestyle bloggers. But it is more suitable for every niche.

Being a search engine, you don’t need any authority to rank higher. Using attractive images is enough to drive the traffic.

If you use it regularly, you can easily start seeing results in 2 weeks of time. It can drive you more and more traffic.

For many lifestyle bloggers, Pinterest is the only traffic source. So, Pinterest is more important for every blogger to drive traffic.

Use your blog posts again 

Mostly everything online is repurposed. So you can repurpose your blog post to promote it.

Once you have created one blog post, then you can convert it into different pieces of content.

If you published one blog post, then can convert it into videos, infographics, and social media posts.

Infographics are one of the great ways to attract audiences.

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You can see that many bloggers will have their youtube channels. In that, they will convert their blog posts as videos.

In the video description, they will link out to the original blog post. It is one of the powerful ways to promote your blog post.

You can convert your blog post subheadings as images and share them on social media.

You can also create a free account on medium and start repurposing your blog post by publishing it there.

Get started in medium

Then make your blog post as PDF and upload it to PDF submission websites. It helps to drive you free backlinks.

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Sent it to email subscribers

Building your own email list is a powerful and efficient way to connect directly with your audience.

If you are a beginner blogger, then you don’t have any email subscribers list, but from the first day, start building your email list.

The email providers like Convert kit and Moosend allow you to create a free account on their software. For up to 1000 email contacts, you can use Convertkit email software for free.

For a beginner, it is enough. So, sign it in any email-providing software and build your email list. 

Once you start creating your email list, then email your audiences at frequent times. 

Always have a frequent time for sending the email to your subscribers. The email could be sent weekly once or twice or thrice, based on your audience engagement.

You can also send your new blog post link in the email when every time a new blog is published.

It is one of the effective ways to promote your blog post. Mostly your subscribers love to read your blog post.

Sending the email also drives your quality traffic to your blog post. Mostly the subscribers are your favorite readers, and it leads to engaged audiences. 

Reach out to other bloggers

If you have written any different blog posts in your niche, then reach out to other fellow bloggers.

You can contact them by sending the mail, about your newly published blog post.

Sometimes, we will mention any influencers in our blog posts. In that case, we will reach out to them and say, I have mentioned you in my blog post.

If they liked it, they will share it on their Facebook groups and other social media.

Mostly everyone likes their name to be mentioned on other websites, so you can try it.

If this method gets successful, then you will get a quick boost of traffic to your new blog post.

For example – you can also write an inspirational story of an influencer in your field and you can reach out to him. If he shares your blog post, then you will get a chance to show your website in front of their audience.

Here is another thing from Brian Dean from backlinko, he says it is a skyscraper technique.

It is explained in three steps,

  1. To find the link-worthy content for writing.
  2. Make something better content, that is not available.
  3. Reach to the right people to get your blog post more shares and traffic.

Some other quick ways on how to promote your blog post

If you are keener to promote your blog post, then try these techniques too.

Write a guest post

Writing a guest post is a good way to promote your blog. But it is a little difficult for beginners. Being a new blogger, it will be difficult to reach out to other bloggers.

But it helps to put your website in front of a different set of audiences. Getting guest posting to quality websites is difficult.

You can try to do guest posting on smaller websites. But this smaller website doesn’t give you any traffic hike but gives you some better advantages.

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Building the relationship

Guest posting helps you to build a relationship with other influential bloggers in your niche.

Every blogger should need to build a relationship. Once you start building relationships with other bloggers, then you can easily get more knowledge from them.

Then you can do roundup posts with them to promote your blog post to their audience.

Build your own inner circle to promote your blog

You want to create a circle around you, to promote your blog effectively. The inner circle is nothing but creating your own set of audience around your website.

Facebook groups are one of the great ways to create an inner circle. Mostly be active in your groups.

You should clear the doubts to the audiences and do interactions. It helps to show your authority. 

By creating a good inner circle, your audiences will also read your blog posts. Your audiences are eager to see the information from you.

You can also join with other Facebook groups to build a relationship with other bloggers.

Wrap up the promotion techniques

These are some effective ways to promote your newly published blog post. 

These above-mentioned techniques are highly suitable for beginner bloggers to promote their blog posts.

The organic traffic from search engines will take more time, so try these techniques for your new blog and promote it.

It is also important to take your articles to the right set of people. In this case, building your email list is more important.

Every time you can use email contacts to promote your blogs and website content.

Thank you for spending your valuable time. If you find this article useful kindly share it.

Do you use any other techniques to effectively promote your blog post? Comment me below.

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