why should I start blogging and why shouldn’t (As a blogger)

In this digital world, blogging placed its position in the top rank for becoming a better digital entrepreneur. This blog is for the one who is asking, why should I start blogging and some reasons why I shouldn’t start blogging.

Blogging paved its own way to the peoples, who love to blog and even who needs to become their own boss. Many peoples start blogging every day, but everyone not succeeding. Search engines (SEO) are getting upgraded every day.

Bogging is a simple task. Anyone can write and explore their own ideas as blogs and concepts in social media and website platforms, but success doesn’t come easy.

Should I start blogging

Why do people need to start their blogging journey?

In this modern world, unknown technology’s upgrading every day, similarly, new blog posts and new bloggers are entering this blogging field.

There are massive works and multiple companies are available, but even though so many people are still searching for their spaces to prove themselves.

You may have struggled with numbers and have stressed, but carry out a shoot on this platform. This will absolutely drive out for you.

Now a few questions arise in your mind.

 How every millionaire blog started?

 Does this work out for me?

 Is blogging the right thing to do?

 You will get all the answers, surely.

This article will resolve all your queries, read it and get knowledge from it.

Everyone thinks that blogging is just about writing longer articles and publishing them. But more than writing, many things are happening behind the blogging lifestyle.

Best Reasons why you should Start blogging

To interact with the audience

Billions of people are using the internet all over the world, blogging will be a perfect way to reach those peoples. Start blogging your ideas.

It adds value to your blog post.

Start your blogging, write the content with your thoughts and experience. Share your hidden knowledge with your audience in the way of your words.

If people like your post and they respond to your post, be ready to explore more, get some energy. Do the blog with all your concepts and skills.

Blogging is an alternative way of connecting with people directly using a common platform. By this blog, you may get fresh ideas and concepts of digital marketing on the internet.

Blogging brings individual minds together. It collects the knowledge from the people and helps them to share their opinion and thoughts for developing the blog.

Attract with your words

Start writing a blog, as your audience wishes. Write any topics that could steal the people’s heart and mind.

Attract people with your words. Increase your fan base, this will give you a satisfied mind and boost you up.

Complying with the others’ minds with your terms is ever a valuable action.

A blog writer can write what they like. They can share the blog post on their own website or even on social media to gain visitors. Blogging really means a lot.

Here you can communicate with other peoples with your words, not by your voice or action.

A blog shows your attitude to the people 

If the audience likes your content /blog post and if they visit your pages frequently, your name will hit in this domain.

People really start loving your content. Even you can get more audience.

The quality and valuable content always have a place in the heart of Google and people.

Make money with the blog post

Blogging supports people to promote their blog into a business. In the olden days, blogging is just a hobby, but now blogging has completely evolved into a perfect business. Start blogging to make money.

You may hear and read the success stories of people. You may think that blogging is an effortless task.

Just by writing a blog and posting it, you think you can make money. But what you think in fact of making money is not true.

Steps to pursue in Blogging

To make money by blogging some facts are there, let us see a few tips to promote your blog online. 

For an excellent start, choose the niche which brings you profit. The more traffic will bring you more money, so make the content valuable to reach the traffic.

You can live on your own without working under the other company’s job. Blogging will be a good side income for you. It is very easy to buy a domain and hosting to start a blogging website.

Promote your products and services on the website, even you will get the sponsors and promote their products to your audience. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to start making money in blogging. But before that check the quality of the product you advertise.

Most bloggers will not make any money. But with hard work and commitment, more potential exists to generate revenue from your blog.

Several things you enjoy while blogging is the stuff you are doing. It will help you gain more additional income, such as through selling the affiliates. 

Share your wisdom

In the blogging platform, you may distribute your views, ideas, theories to individuals. If you distribute your knowledge effectively, thus it will be easy for people to get it instantly. 

Is your mind a database of knowledge and understanding of a specific subject? You can blog about history, morality, education, or everything else. 

Probably you can relate your ideas freely with readers and other writers, you can increase your own prospects. The knowledge you share with the people creates curiosity among them, then it will show the quality of the content. 

Exploring and writing what you know will tell about your talent to others.

I consider the sharing of knowledge with others is always a precious gem only when people really get the right facts.

So share the knowledge with the right content and the true knowledge in your blog.  Before sharing the knowledge in the blog post, have deep research, and collect all the information you gathered.

Students of arts, commerce, engineering, or medicine can show their academic works like papers of research, product development, projects, etc…

They also show the academic process in their blog. It helps the audience to take you as a reference to their fieldwork.

Feasible of many free resources

There are many free resources and references are there for building your blog that will help you start a new blog.

While using free resources and tools, you need not spend any money on resource platforms. when you do blogging, don’t buy all the premium tools, try to use free tools.

More than hundreds of free web hosting providers are there for hosting your website on the server.

Even there are many features and benefits are available for creating a website in WordPress too. It is cost-effective.

Gaining more knowledge

When a blogger creates a blog there are so many factors there for them to understand.

No one will know everything. Some may know how to blog, some may don’t know. So learning and gaining knowledge about everything will create you a knowledgeable person.

The bloggers will do their blog with lots of studies and research, so by default they gain more knowledge.

Enhance writing skills

Blogging helps you to improve your writing skills because before writing a blog you should have knowledge about your topic. If you don’t know, you want to research it. This will lead you to know about the new facts, new skills, and you will get detailed knowledge about it.

When you do it for a specific period, you not only gain writing skills. You will gain enormous presentation skills.

You can easily improve your writing skills if you do blogging. the effective blogging tools will help you increase your creativity and save time

If you are a shy guy or not talkative or else if you don’t find the right platform to share your skills. Then, this is the right period and right platform to explore your skills, write a blog, make your words speak.

let’s give a chance to people to know more about you and your skills.

Bring out hidden craft

 Blogging helps you to bring your hidden skills inside you, you can develop your creativity.

If you start writing blogging, it helps you to know more about your hidden skills inside you.

When you teach what you know to others will bring you even more knowledge. So learn fresh things, gain more knowledge, and share it with your blog posts.

No more blueprints

You can work on your occupied time, whenever you get a free hour, you can start creating. Bloggers are not running a big or corporate company, they are self-employed people.

Most of the bloggers are individual people and they may or may not choose freelancers for content writing. In a single sentence, blogging is a work from home business. It requires very little investment in blogging to start a perfect blog.

The bloggers are the free birds because whenever they want to carry it out, they can work it out. 

There is no organized schedule for bloggers to carry out. They can form their own structure and assign their tasks corresponding to that.

Tension less works

In this world, without stress, work is impossible, but it is possible in blogging. The tension and stress are less in blogging when compared to other jobs. 

There is no regular target or project, no boss character, or a higher force to deal with your actions. The partnership depends on the blogger, and he\she may not deal with a team. 

 When we work in our passion field, it really gives us more happiness and more success. When our dream job comes true, then what else we want more than a dream job.

But if you want to be a more successful blogger, more hard work is needed in the initial days of blogging.

Thumbs up for better spaces

Opportunities on blogs are higher and higher. If your blog is growing famous among people, your blog content reveals your name. From this, you can get better opportunities in the digital space.

You will get more opportunities in this field. When you share your blog post online and you will get more business people’s contacts.

Discovering new peoples

The blogging platform not only brings you an audience, but it also brings you more friends and contact with business people.

When you start blogging, your words will bring you all possible connections of new peoples.

 This contact will help you with business and other job opportunities. Explore your blog post and start earning new peoples.

No need for earlier practice

For Blogging, the requirement of any previous experience is not essential. Blogging is learning about a new concept in today’s life. 

You will do this blogging based on your life experience and the things you faced in your daily life. The lessons from experience always have chief value.

No need for high qualification

The blog does not require a qualification of study. Anyone can start blogging. Even school students can start blogging their own concepts on this blogging platform.

Because this can show your view of the universe to the audience. There is no specification course that is there for doing blogging as a business.

This requires only the creative thinking of fresh ideas and thoughts.

Gain Confidence in writing

The blog came from the diary-writing concept online. It is used to keep their memories in the form of text.

Blogging helps you to come out of all your fears. When you start blogging it helps you to gain a self motive and helps to attain confidence.

You can speak out loud about what you like in your blog post. It builds self-confidence in you when you write a blog.

Blogging is a hobby

Blogging is a hobby for many people and they do it just to get the comments and visitors to their blog post.

Many people even in their busy work schedules spend their own time blogging. For those peoples, the blog is where the heart is there.

Blogging is a hobby for somebody, and it is a better life-changing platform for people like me. If you are passionate about blogging, then surely it’s the right path for you. So people who love to do blogging will really explore more.

Blogging will become a simple task. When you receive enough customers, enough traffic, and enough money from your blog post, and when you are getting success.

To achieve success in blogging you want to overcome all many that are coming in front of you and it tries to make your efforts down.

Be aware of what you are doing and win your game soon.

Reasons not to start blogging (Behind the blogging)

A blog has both positive and negative corners, it helps you to increase your skills like writing, telling your stories to others.

It also helps you to connect with like-minded people and many unknown people on the internet.

But there are a few reasons for you not to start a blog. Before writing a blog, know these few things about blogging, because blogging is not a ray of morning sunshine.

Creating a blog gives astonishing excitement to the bloggers, but it does not work out well for all.

Back-breaking work

Starting a blog and running it successfully is not just a thing of making a cup of coffee.

Many people think that blogging is just a simple thing. That anyone can do it easily, but actually, it’s not true.

When you visit the website, it looks simple but behind that scene. There are a lot of hidden works, research work, and interminable day working processes going inside the blog post.

Blogging consumes more time that many bloggers aren’t aware of.

You may work for hours, even in a week’s time. All you need is to be patient and work with full-time dedication and hard work.

When you do all those things, success will come into your hands of success.

Need for more essence

 For blogging, you always need enormous content and huge content to write. If you are posting a blog daily a week, then you are providing content with over 5000+ words per week.

Here the need for the content is high. So search a lot and collect more words and make a valued content.

Producing valued content also means a lot on blogging. Blog writer’s task is not just about writing a blog and posting it.

They want to work from creating content until responding to comments, queries, emails, also an essential part.

If you don’t like to write, read, and research more on writing content.

If you don’t have a passion for blogging, then it’s tough for you to sustain long in this field.

You may know many successful bloggers. How they find their way because they love to write and create their content in the form of blog posts.

When you love your job, then success will come into your foot. How soon you understand this, the soon you will achieve.

Making Money is not a quick flash 

Making quick cash is not a verifiable fact for everyone in blogging.

Many people imagine in their minds that when they start a blog, the money will enter their hands immediately. Blogging can make money, but sometimes it takes more time than you think.

Blogging is not a track for making money quickly as fast as they think, and it is hard. Patience is the only way here, so wait for some time to achieve big.

Don’t quit your job just to make money. Blogging has both pros and cons.

If you want to become a full-time blogger, learn things about how to make money. Get the points, store them in your minds, and start doing your work.

Many bloggers have their day jobs, but they do it when they find the time and establish their blog. Once you have reached and start earning money and customers, then you can make it full time.

Start blogging as a part-timer and explore it as a full time. When you start blogging as a part-timer it will bring prior knowledge to you before doing blogging as a full-time job.

For blogging, you require the initial amount to start a blog with a good domain and hosting platform to reach people quickly.

Blogging is a lengthy process. The more time is taken to write a blog, creating a domain name, hosting a domain. Making websites with research, edits, graphics, images, gaining all the knowledge.

Receiving positive and negative comments, learning daily, getting traffics, Ranking in a higher position.

Becoming familiar with the field and earning an income from it is not all a game to play. It takes time to happen at least years.

Analysis of product

 The famous blog with more traffic and more customers gets an offer to brand for other products. They can also brand their own products.

Before branding any products first, the quality and the facts about the product need to analyze. So the quality is a must.

If it is not the best choice for your customers, ignore it. The quality product is always a must while branding.

So you need to spend your valuable time getting the right facts about the brand. Otherwise, it will spoil it.

Consistent learning

In blogging the tactics and the things will change always, a new algorithm will be updated as soon as new technology arrives.

The learning of fresh things and keeping knowledge up to date is needed. Starting your blogging with prior knowledge helps you in some ways.

On this platform, the learning of fresh things and teaching other people with your information. You can change others’ life with your writings.

Then you will get some knowledge of how to make your blog successful.

Excessive Social media usage

You may get deep into the usage of social media and even you get some mind upsets with that. But it is one of the best ways to interact with the customers and even reply to their comments.

But using it pleasantly brings only benefits, but over usage of anything is not that much good.

The people who blogs will invest most of their time on their systems and the internet. They pay attention away from their families and friends.

The studies show that the bloggers invest over 40 hour’s time in blogging for a week.


If you are a blogger who works in a home, it is really a hard thing because all day you want to blog to post your content.

You will always have only one thing in mind. What’s the next need for writing contents or other things about your blogging?

You will always sit before your systems and start doing your work, you will definitely feel the loneliness.

Even in your nights, you will search for the things needed for your blogging. So the people except the bloggers will not understand your mindset and loneliness.

Resources for perfect blog writing


Finally, concluding it, I give you the reasons to start a blog and reasons not to start a blog in a detailed format.

From this article, I wish that you may get detailed knowledge about why to start blogging. Blogging has both positive and negative sides, but success or failure is about in the blogger’s hands.

The success of every business attached to how you can handle it. If you are passionate about blogging, then this is the right to start a blog. Our endless guides will throughout the blogging journey.

Thank you for spending your valuable time. If you found it useful, Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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