Instant must do things after publishing new blog post

Are just now published your first or New blog post. You are very much interested to take your blog to the next step. 

After Publishing a new blog post

Writing a continuous blog post only doesn’t give you success, therefore, it always needs some extra add-ons to get your blog known to others. 

Publishing your first blog post is always a special moment because it happens only once in a lifetime. Make sure it’s interesting.

Initial pillar blogs need more quality, that only withhold all your other articles. 

The first blog is always special

The initial blog posts one of the important factors, that’s how a reader will see your blogs. It doesn’t mean that you need to write your first blog more perfectly, but be passionate about it.

You are not going to write about the same topic all the time. So, when you are writing for the first time itself, try to make it properly. 

WordPress is one of the reasons for the evolution of blogging. If you are using WordPress, use plugins to increase the efficiency of your blogging.

If you do it correctly, it is a onetime investment. The proper research is the only way to write the best blog. If you have any issues also you can edit it later.

The high-quality pillar articles have more impact on your readers, it should prove that it has some potential in reading it.  Use best blogging tools to imrpove your productivity.

However, Check your first blog whether it has any statistics and grammar mistakes and there are many tools to help you with that.

 I know many of you did it correctly. The pillar articles need to be evergreen articles, so it gives the value at every time.

Don’t take this much into your mind. If you have great content also, sometimes it goes unnoticed in google for many reasons. 

There are millions of websites already in google, which are providing good content for more than a decade. You are a newcomer, just wait for your turn with focusing better on Writing SEO friendly articles.

The waiting doesn’t mean simply sitting after publishing your first. You need to do some optimization and promotions to get your website noticed by Google. 

But once you learn it, what should be done after writing your post, you can do it regularly. It maximizes your traffic results. 

Things to Do after first and New blog post got published

Things After writing and publishing new blog post

Follow these below methods, once you start and publish your new blog post. What is going to be the next step, probably the promotion?  Let’s get into it.

Update the blog on social media

It plays one of the important roles when it comes to promotion. Social media is a combination of a set of applications, in which you can promote.

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest plays a major role in social media promotion. Linkedin is also used by many bloggers for sharing their blogs. 

Try to use your social media regularly and effectively. Share the article with your friends and ask your friends to share the article. If you are a beginner, then this is the initial way of getting the first set of readers to your blog.

Join Facebook groups related to your domains. So you can join with their conversions and get more knowledge.

Use Quora to gain promotion. It is not social media, but also it has some influence on visiting many visitors to your blog. Not like other social media, you cannot just drop your link and go off. It should have a proper answer to the questions in the Quora.

Guest blogging

It is one of the fundamental link building techniques that every blogger suggests to you. Guest blogging is just writing a post on other websites.

You should do guest posting in your related domain websites, it improves your backlink and domain authority in google.

How guest blogging improves domain authority?

If you are writing a blog post on their website, then it will help you to get the backlink to your site’s webpage. 

All the guest blogging site doesn’t provide you the backlinks. Every guest blogging sites have their own set of guidelines. Some guest blogging sites only mention your name.

Even if a high authority site gives you a backlink, most of the time it could be no-follow links. When crawling, the search engines do not count the nofollow links. But also No-follow links have SEO benefits.

Through nofollow links, the site authority or page rank cannot be changed. Google also states that they do not crawl the nofollow links in the pages.

When guest blogging, mostly try to get dofollow links. Through dofollow links only, the link juice passes from one website to another.

Not everyone allows you to write the guest post on their website, they keep certain requirements to do a guest posting. 

Mostly try to choose the unique topic to write the guest posts. There are many sites who are accepting guest articles, but it should be related to your domain. Avoid these guest blogging mistakes.

There are many small websites where you place your backlinks, but it doesn’t improve your values. Placing the backlinks in top sites from your domain increases your authority.

If you know any well-known bloggers in your neighborhood, you can approach them for posting your guest blog in their website.

This technique seems to be very strange for beginners, but it is one more efficient way of increasing your authority ranking in google. 

Most of the successful bloggers’ journeys start with guest posting. Maybe the guest posting also is a turning point in your blogging journey, that helps yout to build better backlinks.

Send it to email subscribers

Always try to collect the email as much as you can. Email marketing is one of the major promotion strategy in the blogging world. 

It is not easy to get more emails from your initial posts. 

You need to give something interesting for the people to get their email. 

There are many plugins available on WordPress that helps you for the lead generation. Through lead generation, you can collect email addresses.

There are many ways you can implement to collect your audience email address.

Email collecting ideas

  1. Give it something useful for your reader to get in exchange for their mail Address. Create some free e-books, in-depth articles, survey reports, ultimate guides. So for accessing it, readers give their email id. Create some personal satisfaction to readers for giving their email address.
  2. Provide some free courses, video tutorials on getting email addresses, so that you can give regular updates on courses to your email subscribers.
  3. Create a newsletter, it can be weekly or monthly. So that you can update your weekly post to your subscribers.
  4. Be friendly with your readers, always do reply to their comments. That increases the trust of readers with you.
  5. You have seen that when entering into a blog, a pop-up blinks and that asks your name and email addresses. It is one of the most efficient ways to increase your email subscribers list that most bloggers use.

If you know a good deal of email collecting techniques, let me know in the comment.

Link to directories

If it is your first time publishing your blog post, then submit your websites to directories. 

Submitting the directories does not increase your traffic, but it is the thing that introduces you to the online. By submitting to directories, your site can be known to search engine bots. It also boosts your SEO optimization. it is only needed when you are publishing your first blog post.

Some well-known web directories are

  1. Google webmaster tool
  2. Bing webmaster tool
  3. Facebook
  4. Pinterest

Create and Submit SiteMap to Google

Sitemap is a XML file that helps to index your blog posts faster in Google. You can easily create your Sitemap from WordPress and submit it to the search engines.

Here is a step-by-step procedures to create and submit a sitemap to Google.

Index your New blogs fast

Sometimes, it takes few days to get your new site indexed in Google. So following some proper techniques will help you to index your blog fast in search engines for new blogs.

Do commenting

Provide valuable comments in your niche related domain. The comments should be related to that particular blog topic.

If you found any mistake or any points missed in that topic, you can give polite comments in that article. It builds a good relation, with the other writers in your niche.

Recheck your blog postProofreading

After you hit that publish button, one or two times completely read your blog post. When reading has a reader mindset so you can find the mistakes in the content. Do the proper proofreading. Check whether the Interlinks are placed properly and simultaneously ensure that there should not be any broken links.

Spelling and grammar mistakes will reduce your value with readers, so keep it clear. 

Final thoughts

What’s the next thing,

Absolutely writing another post.

A single post does not enough to run a website. So make it next. Don’t compromise with the quality of your blog. 

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The only above points are not enough to run a successful website. It is still far away from showing your blogs on the first page of google.

To Conclude that, with regular blogging experiences, you can gain the knowledge of blogging and become an expert in it. Always be passionate about writing a blog, show your creativity and uniqueness in every blog.

Thanks for spending your valuable time. If you find this article useful, kindly share it.

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