A quick way to create and submit a sitemap to Google

Google will easily index your website when you submit a sitemap to the search engines.

Creating and submit the sitemap to the search engines like google needs to be your first step.

Initially, when creating the website, most of us don’t know how to help search engines to easily identify your website.

Submit sitemap to Google

If you are not a more technical guy, then the word sitemap may look different. You don’t need any paid tool or SEO experts to list your site on google.

Simply by creating and submit to google is enough to list and index your website in Google.

If you have not taken any step to index your website in google, then you are not going to rank soon.

A sitemap is common for all search engines, you have to submit it for every search engines. But Google considered as the largest search engine in the world. So it is important to submit your sitemap first to Google.

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If you don’t know anything about sitemap and step-by-step usage, then this blog is for you.

Let’s start.

What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is a file that contains all the page URLs on your website. The sitemap is a simple file that helps search engine bots to quickly find every URL on your website.

A sitemap map created for the search engines. The Google bots will crawl through the sitemap and find all the URLs in your blog.

It also helps search engines to find the important URLs on the website.

This XML sitemap usually not shown to your website readers.

Why it is important to submit your sitemap to google?

This XML sitemap will not help you to increase Search engine ranking and SEO, but it better helps search engine bots to better crawl the ability of your website.

If search engines don’t index any of your pages on the website, then sitemap helps search engines to find that page.

All the search engines are insisting on the new website owners to submit the sitemap to them, which makes them crawl easily.

How to create a sitemap file on a wordpress website

Creating a sitemap file is a one minute process. If you are using wordpress, then this sitemap creation still made easier.

There are many ways to create the sitemap file, but the easy way is using some free powerful tools.

WordPress users can create a sitemap using different plugins, but the Yoast SEO is one of the most trusted plugins to consider.

It is one of the best tool, which helps you to optimize your On-page SEO problems.

Initially, install the plugin and activate it. From the wordpress dashboard, go to Yoast SEO > SEO > General.

Yoast SEO settings page

From there, move onto the features tab.

click Features tab

Turn ON the XML sitemaps button, if not in ON, and save changes.

Click the question mark near the XML sitemaps and click the see the XML sitemap.

Click XML sitemap to see sitemap URL

When you click it, you will be taken to the next tab. Here your sitemap is shown.

Sample XML Sitemap with URL

Here your sitemap is shown in different four different types as post, page category, and author.

Usually, every website’s sitemap is found in the URL – 


Replace the example in the URL with your domain.

Now you have created your sitemap file, and the next step is to submit your sitemap to Google.

How to submit a sitemap to Google

Every search engine will have its search engine bots to crawl the websites. By submitting the sitemap, it makes their process easier.

Google search console is also known as the webmaster tool. 

The Google search console is a free tool from google, that helps website owners to easily identify and rectify their website issues in the search engines.

Google search console gives a rough layout, how Google sees your website.

Submitting Sitemap to Google search console 

Here are a few steps to easily submit your sitemap to google.

Google search console - Start now

Sign up for a Google search console (GSC). You should add your property. After adding your property, place the Html code on your website given by the search console.

Google search console - Add property

If you have signed up, then log in to the Search console

Find Sitemap button

On the left side of the GSC, you will find a Sitemaps option. Click it.

Enter sitemap URL to submit to the Google

After clicking it, you have to add your sitemap URL in the Add a new sitemap.

You have to add the second half of the sitemap URL and click submit.

Sitemap URL to submit

After clicking the submit button, it will show that the sitemap is submitted successfully.

SItemap submitted successfully

After some time, it will show the indexed pages in from the website.

List of Sitemap submitted to the Google search console

Yes, you have successfully submitted the website to Google. You don’t need to often submit the sitemap to google, it will regularly find the sitemap.

How to submit a sitemap to Bing (Bonus)

It is a bonus thing to submit the sitemap to Bing. Bing is also one of the search engines, but not popular as google.

To submit a website in Bing, sign up to the Bing webmaster tools.

Submit sitemap to Bing

On the left side, you will find the sitemaps. Click and add your sitemap URL and submit it.

Enter your sitemap URL to submit to  Bing

You have submitted the sitemap to Google and additionally to the Bing.


Google search console is one of the most powerful tools to monitor your search engine issues.

This tool shows you the error caused when bots crawling your webpage. I suggest you check the google search console at frequent times.

It also shows you any unwanted URLs are submitted from the website. If you find any new URL, that is not created by you, then take the necessary steps to identify it.

Sometimes crawl bots can identify and index the URLs, that are not submitted through the sitemap. So, use the Google search console properly, to get the most benefits from it.

This is a perfect way to will submit my Sitemap to Google.

Thank you for reading the articles, if you find this article useful, kindly share it with your friend, which helps them to submit the sitemap to Google.

If you have any suggestions, comment below.

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