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Are you taking more time for writing a single blog, and are you lack blogging skills and knowledge. If you are the one above and a beginner at blogging, these cool blogging tools will help you to write awesome blogs in quick minutes.

Are you waiting to start a blog? Blogging is not like writing bigger paragraphs, it always has a certain outline you need to follow to become a better blogger. Most blog writers use better tools to increase their productivity.

Best Blog writing tools

Simple blogging writing tools

Here listed blogging tools help you to start writing your blogs from keyword research to writing a complete professional blog post.

          Blogging doesn’t have a standard outline, but it has some common outlines that most of them are using. When you are getting more experience, then you can create your own outline which is more suitable for you.

Blogging tools to find a topic


       It is one of the biggest sources of the question. Here you can see that many interesting questions asked by the people related to your domain. Many questions have small answers, and sometimes there is no answer. So you can take the questions from there, research, and make it to a detailed blog.

Search your keywords, so you can get many questions related to them.


blogging tools hubspot

          HubSpot offers one of the best blogging tools to find a blog topic. If you are confused in choosing your next blog ideas, it has more suggestions for you. It gives you a week full of writing a work for every keyword you are entering. If you are a beginner, it was one of the best tools you should use.

      Twitter is one of the important resources, where always you can find trending topics. Many people will talk about this, so you can get many questions related to that topic.

      If you are smarter, you can also make instant blogs about trending topics on twitter. Sometimes it increases your blog traffic in little time. It comes under the category of everyday content. There are many sites on the internet that provide blogs updated daily, based on the trending topics. Trending topics should be on anything, but choose the topic related to your domain. It increases the value of your site.

Blogging Tools to improve content making skills


blogging tool trello

          It is one of the best applications, where you can keep your work schedule. It has cards where you can maintain your blog topics, ideas, and the description about it. You can keep pending titles in separate cards and you can move the cards to the finished folder after finishing it. It comes with a lot of customization for users.

It has both free and premium versions. For a normal usage free versions itself has more features.


evernote blogging tool

          Evernote is like online notes taking application. It has a desktop app for both Mac and Windows and a mobile app for android and ios. It allows you to add an endless number of notes. You can write your hints and save it in Evernote. It also provides you the offline access in both desktop and mobile.

Their free version also provides you enough features, it allows you to maximum upload limit of 60MB.


hemingway editing blogging tool

     It is a simple editor on desktop, which takes care of readability scores and word count.

Prowriting aid

prowriting aid is a writing blogging tool, used by content writers

          One of the better tools to improve your grammar mistakes, spelling, and better word usage. It also has its own document editor and also use as a chrome extension. This chrome extension works well with Google docs.

Google docs tool for blog writing and chrome extensions

          It is the tool where you can save your document file. Every blog writer will first write the content in any notepad or google docs. Here the google docs have more advantages, because of their chrome add-ons. The chrome has many add-on tools to increase your productivity. Here you can save your documents as a draft and with the use of chrome extensions. These extensions push yourself to create better content.

chrome-extension tool to have when writing a content

  1. Grammarly
  2. Word counter
  3. Semrush SEO writing assistant


writing improvement tool

          It takes care of all your spelling and grammar mistakes. Its free version has corrections to grammar, spelling, and punctuation. But they pack their premium version with more features. It also has a tone detector.

Word counter

It is a simple extension, which reads your number of words in writing articles.

Semrush SEO writing assistant

semrush writing assistant blogging tools

          They pack this writing assistant with more advanced features. It takes care of your targeted keywords when writing. It checks for your original content, and readability scores. They provide only a onetime trial version after that you have to buy a tool.

Stock image tools for blogging

          The placement of images in your blog gives extra attraction to the blog pages. The images will be related to your topic and the image also says any messages. Use the image as more informative. There are many websites where you can get your stock images. Especially since there are some sites that give you royalty-free images.


pexels stock images. royalty free images- blogging tools

The best place to get your royalty-free images and videos. This website has full of free stock images for your blog.


canva software pricing- get free templates for blogging

          It is one of the best sites filled with templates. Canva has impressive templates for every occasion. It has templates to presentations, social media posts, logo designs, infographics, banners, flyers, and many more. 

          Canva always stands out from other competitors, I recommend you to try this. It allows you to make your own images. Infographics are one of the unorthodox ways to make your content unique. It is not only recommended for bloggers and also for social media managers.


pixabay- get royalty free stock images for blogging

Another suitable site where you can get your high-quality images in different categories.

Keyword research tools blogging


          It is one of the most premium and valuable blogging tools that many bloggers use. it allows you to find the keywords for which the website is ranking for. Semrush has over 40 tools to promote your brand in every way. One of the best marketing tools to have. They provide three unique plans. Their basic plans start with the $100.  


longtail pro pricing- keyword research, best blogging tools

          It is one of the best tools designed for finding long keyword. If you enter single seed keywords, it shows you many long-tail keywords related to that keyword. It allows you to find the low competition keywords, with higher search volumes. By using these low competition keywords, you have higher chances of getting in the top results page.


uber suggest- neil patel keyword research tool for blogging

           If you are on a limited budget, then Ubersuggest is the best tool to look out for. If you are a beginner and don’t want to invest more in blogging tools, then this is for you. It also has a free version with limited searches per day. It also suggests many content ideas for your entered keyword.

Google keyword tool

       The keyword tool used by every blogger. This is the free blogging tool maintained by google, for attracting the peoples into blogging. For using this google keyword tool, you need google ads account. 

Social media management tool for blogging

         Social media is one of the important platforms for promoting your brands and blogs. Every successful brands have social media accounts. the regular post updates and tweets about new posts are required, to keep people engaging with your brand. Without the promotion, the good blog also goes unnoticed. There are some tools to improve social media presence.

social pilot

social pilot- tool for blogging and socialmedia promotion

         This is one of the best software to queue your posts. It allows you to bulk scheduling your posts. It also supports Canva integration, so you can get an endless number of templates for your posts.

Post planner

postplanner- socialmedia tool

         It is the beginner’s choice, with many features. Best suggested tools because of the cheap price. It provides a good dashboard and social media analytics. Their basic pack starts at $3/month, which cheaper than any other tool.

check it out here, is free hosting suitable for blogging websites.

A simple outline of a blog for quick writing with tools

  1. A blog should have a proper Title. The title should have been much more related to your content. Focus your main keywords on the title. Don’t cheat your readers by giving the inappropriate title to your content for getting more traffic.
  2. Don’t write bigger paragraphs, make it short. One paragraph says about one thing, then the next paragraph should be another.
  3. There is not a rule that every blog should have more word count, that should base on how much information you can provide on that topic. if you cant provides enough information on that topic, then attach backlinks.
  4. Make your initial lines interesting, so that readers do not move to other blogs. Focus more keywords on initial lines.
  5. Make clear with subheadings, subheadings should have keywords. Create many subheadings, so you can focus more on keywords.


These blogging tools will help the beginners to take their blogs to the next level. If you find this article useful, share it with your friends. Thank you for spending your valuable time.

If you are using any other better blogging tools to write a blog, then comment below so that other readers also know it.

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