30 + Amazing benefits of blogging – only bloggers can feel it

Blogging has outstanding advantages and benefits. As a blogger, we know its value very well.

Do you aware of blogging benefits? or Are you excited to become a blogger?

Amazing benefits of blogging

Students can also become successful bloggers and get the below benefits.

There are over 600 million blogs in the world. In the united states alone, over 30 million active bloggers are present.

You can also start a blog in simple steps.

If yes, then read this article to know about the blogging benefits and become an excellent blogger.

Blogging is just amazing for the people, who are aware of its actual value. Some may be familiar with personal blogging benefits, and some maybe not be aware of it.

This chapter of the book is for people like you, where you will know and learn about the hidden side of blogging and how the benefits of blogging help businesses to grow.

I searched all my questions like, why people should blog, what are the benefits of blogging, why blogging has been so popular, why every business needs a blog, what are the benefits for students, can I earn money from this, and so on…

Finally, I analyzed and got the solution that I started blogging. If you have more time or want to prove your skills, then the benefits of blogging are amazing.

Let’s step into the blogging world and know the secret benefits of blogging, that only bloggers could feel.

Earlier I said that the benefits of blogging are just amazing. Therefore, from these following points, you can learn that advantage of blogging.

1. Be the Boss with your blogging empire

The foremost thing I need to convey is that you need not depend on anybody.

In contrast, you can be your own boss, at the same time you need not worry about your working hours.

Treat your blog as a business, so that you can enjoy the benefits.

You can work as you wish. Likewise, there is no need of going to an office and spending the maximum life there,

Now you can happily work from home or any location you like, it is up to you.

No one is there to control you over, there is no fence here.

In contrast, the only thing you have to keep in mind is to attain the goal and succeed in your blogging.

If you are willing to write your own things, then a personal blog also has more benefits.

2. Blogging–A house of knowledge for bloggers and students

Blogging is a treasure of wealth, where you can learn more and more.

You can gain healthy knowledge because a blogger will always search for more things.

They need a complete source for their content to develop it with prime quality.

Similarly, they read about many studies, benefits, and guidelines for their topic,

Therefore, by default, the bloggers will learn all fresh things.

People enhance their basic skills through blogging

3. Polish your writing skills

In the initial stage of blogging, many of your writing skills will be fair/poor.

In contrast, when you read your recent blog post, you will see the difference. Now it will be so good.

Because now your writing is far better than before, this is all because of consistent blogging.

When you do something continuously, you will do it better than in the earlier days, likewise, you will learn more and more in that field.

For instance:

In childhood days, all children’s handwriting will be worse, but when they reach the lofty standards, their writing skills are enhancing better than before.

Similarly, not only the writing skills are enhancing here, you will learn a lot of new skills, you will become a better writer, and cherish the blogging world with your words.

There are many writing tools for blogging, but I would prefer for you  Grammarly and pro writing aid. Both of them are perfect for you.

WordPress is the best platform for blogging. WordPress plugins also help to enhance your writing skills.

Some best blogging tools to enhance your writing skills in a quick time.

4. Blogging–Zone to perk up your extra Skills

In this blogging field, you may learn various new skills like you will know how to edit content very well.

you will know about photography more, because, you will edit and place the image at the right resolution, you will learn how to design your content very well.

Likewise, now you know how to present your content in a very well manner.

If you do videos, you can improve your speaking skills in a better way, and a well English, so on, therefore no end for learning.

For instance: If you do video tutorials for your blog, then you can easily improve your video graphic skills, this will be helpful for your blog.

5. Catch Upon new language via blogging

If you are a blogger, where you are not blogging in your mother tongue.

This blogging will be your best field for you to learn and improve more about your non-mother language.

While writing more and more blog posts, you will learn more unfamiliar words and more meanings 

You do not fear your mistakes, you can even learn from your mistakes. 

yes, now this is the best chance for you to learn a new language because knowing more languages is always helpful for you.

Learning more languages makes your communication easier.

6. Blogging open up your creative mind

 “Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world”


Blogging is the key to open up your minds, where you don’t want to do a job of what your boss assigns for you or any company’s projects.

In contrast, now you are a free bird, you can do what you like, you can bring up your own ideas and own concepts here.

Creative business ideas stand for a long time and give more benefits, as well as blogging.

This is the best platform for bringing back your creativity, start your blogging with your best skills, and explore your content, add pictures, and add your own designs to your blog.

There are no restrictions for you, blog about your favorite hobbies, or anything you want, likewise,  you can share about your travelogs or any skills like cooking, swimming, and so on.

Make your blog post a solution to other problems, Let your blog be a medicine for the pain

For example: If your blog site is about cooking, you must know the way to attract the audience with your creativity.

7. A blogger can learn about technical skills

Promoting blogging is not possible without technical skills, where the term technical skills are not referring to programming skills.

It refers to the blogging safety conditions because the blog is like a glass material, so handle it with care.

 You need to be aware of how to keep the blogging site safe from hacking and so on.

Simultaneously, the terms like what is SEO, backlinks, plugins, organic traffic, are the basic blogging terms you must know while blogging.

The blogging benefits are like a bundle of papers. Therefore, the more you blog, the more you know.

8. Blogging is a stress buster

If you do personal blogging, then this blogging is the best medicine to bring out all your hidden thoughts, emotions inside you.

Blogging will become a stress buster for you, you feel light when you express your hidden emotions, simultaneously, this works out well to connect with more people.

There is a certain base of people to love and admire this category of blogging. 

Blogging not only benefits the blogger but also the audience, therefore blogging is beneficial for both.

However, your blog wants to be a medicine to their wounds.

9. Better thinker -blogging keeps your mind healthier

You will become a better thinker.

When you write a well-defined blog, a blogger will always think a lot, and search for more resources, in contrast, edit a blog post to frame it as a craft.

In blogging, there is a necessity to think a lot, so that many new best ideas will come into your mind and you will do it in a good manner.

when you think a lot moreover, your brain will be in a fresh state and give you more thoughts.

10. Bloggers are a Responsible person with all marbles

As a blogger, you will become more responsible, because you follow consistency, punctuality, generating income, and taking care of your family, simultaneously solving people’s problems and answering all their questions.

11. Blog Post shows you in the public eye

When your blogging site niche reaches the hike, or when you get good fame from your blogging, and it will keep you in the limelight.

Simultaneously, it will take you to a higher level of success. 

The maximum audience will come to know about you, similarly, your traffic will increase more than before, after that your ranking domain rate will be at the peak.

you can make your blog as a brand, you can get the chance of public speaking likewise, more and more benefits.

 You can showcase your talent to other marketers, and even it will be helpful to make multiple incomes from various sources.

Blogging paved a fresh way for you with a better and new opportunity.

This all will get positive vibes to you and even make you more powerful, now you can be cool as a cucumber.

12. Blogging builds confidence in you

How will you get confidence from blogging?

You may ask.

yes, you will gain self-confidence when there is somebody/people to support you, and also when you have a sufficient income in your hands?

All this will definitely help you gain and build confidence in yourself.

You are gaining the energy and positivity from your audience via their comments and support.

13. Blogging a band-aid to hurts

Your blog is one way to solve people’s problems. You are feeding them knowledge or solving other problems through your blog.

your blog is solving other’s problems in some way and also answering their questions moreover, it works as a medication to their heartbreaks,

Therefore, make your blog in the best way you can. Likewise, try to provide valuable content because quality is essential.

14. You will become an acknowledged guru in blogging

When your niche gets successful, they flash on you, and people greet you with the honor and roll out the red carpet for you.

Now, you get into the new fame; they give a glad hand to you, simultaneously people will recognize you as a successful person like a glowing moon and star. 

Others will accept you as an expert in your profession, where now you are a knowledgeable person and you can give the blogging tips,

Solve the problems of your visitors and can act as a guide to the people, because it will help you get admiration from people, through your blogging skills and styles.

People will name you as an expert like other experts in your similar niche, and you can help the people as much as you can.

15. Blogging benefits will Specialize in marketing

Blogging is not just about making and posting it, you want to learn about marketing and its strategies, after that, you can make your blogging to the next stage and you can make a profit from it.

Many people do marketing to make money from blogging, then only they can monetize the blog easily.

Therefore, make strides to super strut (build) your blog and reap the profit from your blogging website.

You want to learn about affiliate marketing, email marketing, how to make your blog to reach a maximum audience, and you must know about SEO.

Marketing is a powerful tool to improve your blogging and to reach a higher position.

16. Ripen into an affiliate marketer

For promoting the blog, you can also approach affiliate marketing. Therefore, you can learn how to do the affiliate marketing for your blog, this will move you to the next stage, on the other hand,

From this affiliate marketing, some may attract to do another type of marketing and they will wish to know more about this and to expand the marketing skills more in their blogging field.

In contrast, it will be another platform for them to earn knowledge and money, where now you will become a digital marketer, simultaneously, you know how to market the blog.

17. Make your Income from blogging

From blogging, you can earn money. Once your page reaches the maximum number of the audience, you will start earning from it. When you know the way to promote your blog, you will earn more than your previous salary. 

There is no fixed value for your incoming; it depends on your growth and promotions of the blog. 

Checkout – How to monetize your blog.

Making an income from the blog is not just an easy task as many think, to promote your blog you need to know the marketing strategies like backlinks, internal linking, and know how to write an excellent blog post.

You can promote your blogs on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, these all play a vital role in bringing traffic to your site.

More benefits of blogging that will blow your mind

18. Steamroll your dream true in blogging field

In this world, technology growth is at its peak and we have amazing technologies to work with it, and we all are working in different fields, but we don’t find time to spend with our own members,

In contrast, we even missed working with our passions and our hobbies, but blogging will help you catch the missed ones.

Yes, now it’s time for you to follow back your passions, your hobbies here, you can write about anything here, whether it may be personal, political, fun, music, cooking, food, etc.

For instance: if your passion is music then blog about it, explore all your knowledge in your blog and reach the audience, make your blog successful

19.  Hook up with the uncounted audience through blogging

Blogging is the best way to reach the maximum number of people, and it brings traffic to your website. Many of them do blogging to reach people and to attract their minds and hearts with their blog posts.

When you promote your blogs in various ways, it reaches the number of readers, so market your blog in the proven ways and attract the people.

Certainly, don’t forget to maintain your blog with the SEO optimized, because it helps to rank in a better position.

Feedback from readers

As a magnificent writer, you have the spirit to respond to the comments, feedback you receive from the audience.

You can correct your mistakes through their feedback, and it will be helpful for bloggers to improve their skills. Simultaneously, try to write the blog that your audience expects and what they actually need.

Read the audience’s mind

When you know the audience’s mind and their thoughts, then you can bring your content as a solution to their problems.

20. Meet new people – gain benefits of blogging

On this blogging platform, you can make a new community of friends and like-minded people, it will help you improve the growth & enhance your blog, simultaneously, where you can make a relationship with the other bloggers.

You can also make comments on their blog and chat with them. Building an extensive network is always beneficial for your blog.

21. Get fame from blogging

In blogging, you will become a better writer, at the same time it is not enough for the growth of blogging, you want to do additional things like writing and selling e-books, it will help to attain good fame.

In contrast, the blogging domain gets you more chance and invitations to write a guest post, and more offers like public speech, conferences, seminars, travel, and fun.

22. Enlighten your brand products

If you have an existing brand product then, the blogging will be helpful for you to retail it, because many product companies do blogging for promoting their brand through marketing.

It is the best way to connect you with the customers in online itself;

It is not only beneficial for the existing product companies, in contrast, it will also be helpful for the new products, you can launch a new brand of products and get success via your blog.

The blog or the blog site you have is a powerful brand, do you know your blogging website itself a brand, yes, your blog post has more value, and more impacts, so understand its grade of quality.

Many big product industries are getting more fame to their brands through their blog page and also with the marketing in the blogging domain.

Content marketing helps many product companies to improve their SEO rankings and position their page higher.

23. Why you need to be an author

Many bloggers reached more visitors and success in publishing their books, as a well-versed expert and as a splendid writer you can write a book on your own and publish it in the famous publishing frame.

if you are ready to publish, first analyze the publishing company site and the data about the existing published topics.

If you find it is an excellent platform, then you can approach them. After that, you can interact with them and publish your book.

24. Be gainfully employed – valid portfolio

For the freelancers, this would be so beneficial for them to develop a portfolio, once their content worked out well, then they can easily approach the other clients and get more projects in their hand.

Many peoples use this blog site as their portfolio, whether, you may be a musician, an artist, or a choreographer, etc…

In contrast, you can be a blogger also, all peoples in this universe have any super-wonderful skills like this, So, choose your blogging platform as a better place to showcase your talented work and skills.

simultaneously, you can also blog about your work, this will act as a best portfolio and even it will be useful for you if you search for a job in the same field. 

25. Educate and tune up other minds 

The blogging is not to share a certain topic or writing a blog for just to do business and earn income from it, moreover the people who love to educate others and who love the teaching profession, can do blogging to educate the peoples.

 You can teach about any topic. The only need here is to feed the good and quality stuff to others.

26. Build trust in your Blog post

When you get fame, the people will search your blog more, and even in your name, they trust your words.

Therefore, we should not spoil our own identity at any cost.

Try to build the trust among the readers, they will understand who you are by your contents.

The trust only will help you make the readers stable and even the new readers will come to know your identity through your quality page.

For instance:

You are writing about political issues or any facts, you should not write about any fake information there, it will lead you to face failure in your domain.

After that, the audience will not trust you, so make the true content and share it with others

27. Greetings to speak up

When you become an expert in your niche, you will get an invitation to speak up in the many programs, like public speaking, a conference, or you will get the invitation as a guest along with the other celebrities. 

When you speak in the popular frames, you will become familiar to many people.

In contrast, it will very helpful for growing your blogging website better than before at the same time you can monetize your blog from more resources.

Speaking brings you to drive your way completely into a new track.

28. Gain the respect

When your blog is popular and successful in blogging platform and similarly when you gain popularity from your blog.

likewise, when your name reached many people’s eyes and ears, after that, the peoples who around you and in your surroundings, like office neighborhoods, your colleagues, friends, family members.

 The more interesting part is that even unknown peoples who follow your site, also like you more and admire you because they respect you more.

29. Blog site brings more job offers 

 How many of you know these? Blogging adds extra value to your resume.

Blogging drives you to more job offers. Yes, it’s true, as a blogger you are talented in writing, marketing, editing, etc…

In contrast, as a successful blogger and having a magnificent fame site, many jobs will come to your hands like you may work as a mentor or advertizer for other blogging sites and so on. 

The blog will work as an advantage for the bloggers. In contrast, this will be a great inspiration for others to know about the blogging benefits.

Simultaneously, it will be helpful for those people who have an idea to start a blog

30. Start more blogs

When your blog site achieved your goal, then it is the time to create a more blog on a different niche. Yes, you can start, because now, you know what you should do and should not do.

On the other hand, you have a settled experience. In contrast, it will be helpful for you to create a better blog site and make it succeed soon.

You know the advantages of being a blogger and the benefits of blogging, therefore, you can start your new blog domain.

This is the best idea to monetize both sites (new and existing blog sites). Likewise, you can link your old website with your new website. Both will get more benefits.

31. Gain more followers from social media for your blogs

When you promote the blog on social media, you may get more fan followers and a fan base for your blog. 

certainly, when you link your blog with the social media, many people will follow you and even it will be helpful for you to bring visitors to your site.

32. Become a youtuber from a blogger

The benefits of blogging are extended everywhere, you can be a YouTuber and make your content visually to attract your followers more.

The visual video has more impact than the wordings, many people like to watch videos then read a content,.

Therefore, for promoting your content, you can also make a video and place the link in your blog. It will be helpful for you to gain more traffic.

33. Make your travel around the globe

Are you a person who loves to travel the globe? If yes, then blogging is the best platform for you to travel around the world,

if you are an affiliate digital marketer, or you are a travel blogger, then there is a higher chance for you to travel around the globe. Bloggers are generally referred to as digital nomads. They can work from anywhere in the world.

I guess you are ready to start your blog now, if yes, these follow few tips,

More important thing, you need the best hosting and domain name for your blog, there are so many best hosting providers are there for you,

I would prefer WordPress for you because it is the best platform for starting your blog.

Anyone can start blogging, but the smart and hard work will allow you to reach success and get the real benefits soon.

Learn the marketing strategies, gather a knowledge about marketing from various sources and use it in blogging.

34. Advantages of blogging and being a blogger

Blogging is a platform where anybody can show their talents and gain a tremendous advantage and enjoy this domain.

The benefits of blogging are not possible to say in one online.

The following benefits of blogging will be a checklist or a quick review for you,

Let’s see, the advantages of blogging, they are

  1. Blogging is the best way to bring your passion for success
  2. You can build a bond with a new campaign
  3. Make an income from blogging
  4. Get interact with the audience and build more traffic via audience
  5. You can build your writing skills, photographic skills, and so on..
  6. From blogging, you will get a new fame
  7. You can improve your knowledge in various domains
  8. Flexibility in writing (you can fix your own working time)
  9. You can write as you wish (write anything you like)
  10. people can work from anywhere (work from home)
  11. You are the only boss for your campaign
  12. Blogging helps to improve your creativity 
  13. It will lead you to become a famous person (invitation to speaking, as a guest, etc..)
  14. It is possible to promote your business (small or large scale)
  15. You can easily connect with social media
  16. Make your brain healthier
  17. A new career for you
  18. Gain respect from others
  19. The bloggers will become more responsible in their life
  20. people like you have more chance to travel the world
  21. you will become an affiliate marketer
  22. YouTuber or vlogger can easily become a blogger.
  23. You will be a dutiful person

The above points about blogging benefits or advantages of blogging will be very useful for you.

Let start and make your blog with joy.

35. What you should know before blogging?

The blogging will be successful when you know some facts about blogging, before doing a blog, learn these few facts, and start making your blog.

You should know how to choose the best and profitable niche and simultaneously about the blogging platform.

In contrast, you must know about SEO and keywords, because the SEO and the keyword are the important ways to lead your blog.

36. What you should do after blogging?

Make a study and learn how to optimize the content with SEO and how to place the right keyword.

You must concentrate on how to make traffic from blogging.

Focus on marketing, learn how to promote it on social media.

In contrast, develop more and more contents. Consistently, keep doing your blog, later you reach the hike, then no one can stop you from reaching success.

Advantages and benefits of blogging for students

Blogging is not only for the professional, the students in high schools and colleges can also do blogging. Blogging also adds more advantages to its carrier.

The students can also do blogging, it adds value to their resume, in contrast, they can develop and learn new skills.

Simultaneously, this will be useful for them to choose the right career for their future.

As a college student or high school student, you can do blogging at the same time you can use it as your portfolio, and simultaneously, you can earn some money from it.

The advantages and benefits of blogging are many. As a student, you learn a new skill like SEO and you are preparing your content and improving your writing skills and so on.

In your holidays or after schooling you can do the blogging and simultaneously, you can make money from it.

In contrast, it’s the right time to set your future. If you have the curiosity to know more about blogging, learn it, start your blog quick and enjoy in benefits of blogging.

Blogging is the best way to showcase your creativity and passion here, you can write a blog about anything, likewise, you can certainly find out who are you,

Few other advantages of blogging for students

if you are a blogger (student) you can also gain the below benefits.

  • As a student, you will be responsible.
  • It will make you an expert.
  • As a blogger, you can connect with your fellow students and other bloggers.
  • If you blog it helps you to improve your communication skills. For students, blogging also serves as a platform for showing their language and writing skills, and it is considered as tremendous benefits for students in the blogging field.
  • In Blogging, you can learn about web design.

Blogging also brings you as an excellent blogger, you can do it as a hobby and gain its benefits.

The disadvantages of blogging

As a blogger, we have to convey both the positives and negatives, the blogging has an enormous benefit at the same time it has few disadvantages.

They are,

If you are a student, concentrate on studies because some might get distracted from your studies when they blog.

  • In Sufficient Money–Students don’t have the sufficient to invest for buying paid domain
  • Income- Less chance to earn income.

If you are new blogger, then you have to know the few points

  • If you are a blogger, you need to have some patience. Blogging is not a one-day work.
  • Consistency may miss, but try to focus.
  • It takes some time to earn a decent income.
  • As a blogger, some may feel lonely.

Therefore, learn how to make positives into negatives. If you make your plan in the right way, then no one can stop you from achieving it.

Before stepping into any domain, make a thorough study and start doing.

Check out some interesting blogging facts.

1.  Why do people blog?

  • People blog to share their knowledge
  • To refine their writing skills
  • People can make an income from blogging
  • To gain more knowledge and enhance their skills
  • Bloggers can attract more audience with their blog post
  • To make a new community
  • Blogging has huge benefits for businesses.

2. Can I make money from blogging?

Yes, you can make money from blogging.

There are many ways to make money from blogging like affiliate marketing, email marketing, social media like Twitter, Facebook.

You can make money from these sources and achieve your goal soon.

3. How to make your blog successful?

  • Choose the best blogging platform
  • Find a profitable niche
  • Write about your passion (what you admire)
  • Concentrate on marketing
  • Make interaction with the people
  • Respond the comments and feedback
  • Groom a friendly relationship with the like-minded people
  • Explore your blog and get success.

4. Is blogging worth it in 2021?

Yes, blogging is worth in 2020, but you have more competition than before, don’t worry, you have a lot of ways to become successful.

When you know the best way to grow your blog, then blogging will be simple for you.

When you do the blog, you will come to know the actual benefits of blogging.

5. Will Google notice my blog?

  • Google will notice every website.
  • Bring a quality and valued blog post
  • Try to place a few keywords (maybe 1or 2)
  • Place that keyword in the headline, title, URL…
  • Optimize your content with SEO
  • Don’t miss linking a meta description
  • Create more content on the same topic.

6. What are the best income-generating niches?

  • Some of them are,
  • Health and fitness
  • Lifestyle
  • Home decoration and organising
  • Cooking
  • Food blogs
  • Parenting blog
  • Travelog

7. How can I boost my blog?

  • Write as much as you can (bring more with quality)
  • Promote it into social media
  • Add social media buttons
  • Give a super wonderful title for your blog
  • Add interesting pics and facts
  • Include keywords
  • Include links
  • Optimize your blog with SEO


Concluding the article, I hope you will understand the amazing benefits of being a blogger and the exclusive benefits of blogging for professional bloggers and students.

Start doing the blog and explore the world with your content, develop your knowledge and skills with your blogging.

 If you find this article is helpful, kindly share it with others.

If you have any other benefits of blogging or as a blogger, comment below. So that other readers also know it.

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