Answer The Public Review and Tutorial – Visual Keyword research tool

Answer The Pubic summary

Answer The Public is a great tool to find hidden keywords and topic ideas. Find new and low competitive keywords to rank higher in search engines.

Among many keyword research and topic generation tools available in the market, Answer The Public stands out differently with its interface and providing data effectively.

If you have not heard about Answer The Public before, then here is a better review and overall functions of the AnswerThePublic tool.

If you are into the digital world, you know that creating great content is important. More than that, finding the keywords that people are searching for is more important.

We couldn’t ask the public what the people are people searching for in your domain. In these cases, this Answer The Public tool will help you find what the public is asking. So that you can create the content around it.

Answer The Public review

So probably let’s start with what is the Answer The Public tool.

What is Answer The Public?

Answer The Public is a keyword research tool that collects search data from Google and Bing and provides it to the users in a customized way.

It is a freemium tool that provides visual data with keyword research and multiple topic ideas. Apart from keyword research, it gives you a lot of untapped content ideas for your keywords.

With this AnswerThePublic tool, you can directly find what your audiences and customers are asking and searching for solutions.

Why Answer The Public is great tool?

Answer The Public doesn’t work like the normal SEO keyword research tool. It shows you a lot of topics and data under different categories that the public is asking for.

On your content marketing tools Answer The Public is also a must-have tool to improve your content marketing. It provides you more long-tail keyword ideas to create high conversion content. 

With its large database collection, you can find the topics that the public is asking and get great content ideas for blogging and content marketing.

In this detailed Answer The Public review, we will see all the features and usage of this SEO tool. 

How to use Answer The Public tool?

Using an Answer The Public is similar to other keyword research tools. Once you head over to Answer The Public, you will find the search in the center of the home page.

Answer The Public search keywords

For example, I have searched for a “Weight loss diet” on Answer The Public Tool.

Answer The Public keyword research

In a quick time, it comes up with 330 search results for the keyword I have entered. This categorized the keyword search results under multiple topic categories.

Answer The Public keyword search results

These categories include questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical and related. A total of 330 searches is split into these 5 categories.

The total topics in each category for my search results are,

  1. Questions – 39
  2. Preposition – 45
  3. Comparisons – 32
  4. Alphabeticals – 206
  5. Related – 8

You view every category in both visualization and data mode.

Both things also help you to get the topic and analyze the search intent of your audience and customers.

Visualization View:

Answer The Public keyword search results

Data View:

Answer The Public compare data

On data view, it shows a clear understanding of the public search intent to pick the best topic ideas. Like this, you will find all the topics under different categories.

Every time you don’t need all the topics, it’s because Answer The Public shows you a large collection of topics.

So pick the topics and create content. It also shows you many commercial keywords. The commercial keywords are the money-making keywords. So choose the keywords carefully and create content around it.

Benefits of using Answer The Public

1. Find Long Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are one of the best ways to rank your blogs faster on search engines. Keywords that are longer than 4 words are called long-tail keywords.

These types of keywords work great for both new websites and well-established websites. Generally, long-tail keywords will have a low search volume.

The keywords with low search volume are not targeted by many bloggers, it will have low competition. So Answer The Public helps to discover many new untapped keywords.

Even Though long-tail keywords will have low search volume, they will have better conversion rates. The more optimized keyword gives better conversions. It’s because people are looking for some particular solution.

2. More SEO traffic

If you are in a more competitive niche, then Answer The Public helps you to drive more organic traffic to your website.

It gives many different and related keywords you can focus on to rank your keywords. With good research on Answer The Public, you can find many transactional keywords with low competition.

Finding the long tail keywords with amazing topics to create content is better. Answer The Public is not a standalone SEO tool. 

So you need the help of other keyword research tools to find its difficulty level and search volumes.

Use SEO tools like Semrush or Ahrefs to find the search volume and keyword difficulty.

For example – I have chosen the keyword “weight loss diet” to search on Answer The Public. It is one of the more competitive keywords for SEO.

I have picked one long-tail keyword from a search on Answer The Public and used Semrush to do keyword research for that keyword.

low competitive keywords

Semrush showed the keyword difficulty of that keyword as 47%, which is possible to rank. It has a 90 global volume.

Semrush also shows you the keywords related to that target with search volume and keyword difficulty to rank on search engines.

I have also picked another keyword from Answer The Public, to use on the Semrush.

long tail keyword search volume

This only has a global search volume of 10 and shows that keyword difficulty is not available. If you are creating quality content with better answers, then these types of long-tail keywords are good. Then there is a chance for you to rank in this higher competitive niche.

This is the way you tap low competitive keywords. If you are relatively a new blog in the competitive niche, then creating content around long-tail keywords will improve your rankings and authority.

There is a higher chance that you have seen Google featured snippets in many occasions on SERP.

If you are not previously familiar with the featured snippets, then let me explain in a bit here.

Featured snippets are answer boxes that Google displays on search engines from pulling the data from content. It is shown above the first result. It is also said to be the zero position.

Here is an example of the featured snippets.

Featured snippets on SERP

I have searched for a query and Google showed the data as a featured snippet. For a more detailed answer, you need to click through that page.

Hubspot says their click-through rate (CTR) is higher when compared to other top-ranking search results. With more search volume, featured snippets will have better CTR.

Featured snippets CTR on SERP

There are many different types of featured snippets that have been used by Google. That includes a list, paragraph, video, table, and accordion.

So optimizing the data for featured snippets is also important. Question-based queries will get the maximum chance of featured snippets.

Answer The Public will give many question-based queries to create content. So targeting those keywords will help you to easily get featured snippets.

Your website doesn’t need to rank top to get featured snippets. If Google thinks that it is proper data, then you will be featured on SERP and drive more organic traffic to your pages.

  1. Use Answer The Public to find more question-based queries for your keywords. It shows you more relevant questions for your keywords.
  2. Provide the solutions with step-by-step answers to get the list-type features snippets. Have more than 8 list points
  3. Provide answers in a snippet-friendly format. Have the questions on the headings (h2, h3, h4) and answers in paragraph format.
  4. For nonquestion types, write proper answer format paragraphs to get on featured snippets. Write professional and logical answers and don’t include your views.
  5. The answer paragraph with around 50 words tends to perform better.

So with Answer The Public keyword research tools, you can find more question format topics and get them on top of search engines.

4. Easier to rank on voice searches

Voice searches are usually longer than the normal keywords. So with the Answer The Public tool, you will get more long-tail keywords.

Data shows, 40% of the internet users in the US use voice searches. It accounts for over 120 million voice search users. This shows the popularity of voice searches over the years.

51% of online shoppers in the US use voice assistants to find better products. 

With this huge popularity of Voice searches, targeting long-tail keywords is important to rank. Write in a more conversational tone to appear on these types of results.

5. Sync with audience intent

What type of content and solution your audience is looking for is more important. With Answer The Public topic tool, finding that can be easy.

Craft your content based on what type of solution you are providing. If you are selling a product or service. Finding the audience’s intent is important.

Sometimes for creating lengthy guides and pillar content, the Answer The Public tool will be highly useful. You can incorporate many related keywords in that article to rank a single article for many low competitive keywords.

This helps you to provide more value to your audience.

Answer The Public Pro Features

With Answer The Public Pro you will get unlimited access to the tool. Answer The Public tool has both free and premium plans. Look at the best features of Answer The Public Pro.

  1. You can do unlimited daily searches with this tool
  2. Get alerted to new suggestions
  3. Compare your previous data over time. It helps to find new keywords that have evolved.
  4. Export your results in CSV format 
  5. You can also export it as a high-resolution image for better insights.
  6. Add unlimited team members and invite your colleagues to work with the projects
  7. Get priority customer support. Get great help from the team to solve your issues.
  8. Easily create folders and organize the research. Present your projects neatly to your clients. Add keywords whenever wanted.
  9. Hide the unwanted and irrelevant suggestions to your keywords.
  10. It automatically saves your reports. 
  11. You can get language and location-based results

Answer The Public is a powerful keyword research tool that explores some different aspects of normal keyword research.

It is a great tool for finding customers, content marketing, SEO, and paid ads.

Answer The Public Pricing

It is a freemium tool that is packed with a lot of features. AnswerThePublic free version comes with very few features and is also limited. But the pro gives you much greater unlimited features.

Free Version

The free version will give you only limited daily searches. It is helpful for beginners to try out the working method of the AnswerThePubic Keyword research tool.

Pro Version

Answer The Public Pro version will give you unlimited daily searches, unlimited users, compare data, CSV exports, and priority customer support.

It comes with 3 different types of premium plans.

Monthly – Monthly plan costs $99/month. It gives unlimited searches per day. 4 search listening alerts and priority customer support.

Annual – This plan costs $948 for one year. With this, you can save 20% when compared to monthly plans. It also gives you unlimited daily searches and priority customer support.

Enterprise – This Enterprise plan is for agencies. It costs $399 per month. It also gives you unlimited daily searches and 50 search listening alerts. Get an education package worth $447.

Answer The Public Pros and Cons

Here I have hand-picked some of the advantages and disadvantages of using the Answer The Public tool. Every tool has more pros and a few cons.


  1. This tool is great for finding the topic ideas
  2. Get more relevant content ideas and find long-tail keywords
  3. You can easily compare your data over time and find new keywords to target.
  4. Export your answers in CSV and high-resolution image formats
  5. You don’t need to sign up or attach credit cards to use the free version.


  1. It is not a stand-alone keyword research tool. You need to use any other keyword research tools like Semrush to find search volume and competitivenes.
  2. It provides only limited searches on the free version. Premium version costs high when compared to other tools.

Answer The Public Alternatives

Here I have picked some great Answer The Public alternatives to go with. Answer The Public tool lacks many important features that most SEO tools need.

So, if you are looking for some Answer The Public alternatives, then these are things to go with. 


Semrush is one of the all-in-one SEO and keyword research tools to do all your SEO strategies. It is bagged up with many great features that help you to rank higher.

It is the top tool, I suggest for every marketer. Here are some of the features of this tool.

  1. Keyword research
  2. Competitive analysis
  3. Backlink analysis
  4. Domain overview
  5. Backlink analysis
  6. Position tracking
  7. Complete site audit
  8. Traffic analysis

KW finder

KW finder is a keyword research tool from Mangools. Mangools are packed with 5 individual SEO tools for better ranking. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Answer The Public, then this can be a great choice.

  1. Find better keywords
  2. Find competitor keywords
  3. Track your keywords daily
  4. Find your backlinks
  5. Analyze the URLs

Organize your keywords and also find long-tail keywords. It has a SERP analysis.


Ubersuggest is also a freemium tool to find keywords and topic ideas. This tool is an Answer The Public alternative. Ubersuggest also has a chrome extension, which helps to analyze the search results directly on the SERP page.

  1. Keyword research
  2. Competitive analysis
  3. Site audit and SEO analyzer
  4. Rank Tracking
  5. Keyword Overview and content ideas

It is one of the highly useful tools for beginners.

FAQ on Answer The Public

Is Answer The Public Free?

Answer The Public is a freemium tool. It has both free and pro versions. On the free version, you only get very few search limits daily. But their premium versions come up with unlimited daily searches.

Is Answer The Public Worth it?

Answer The Public is a worthy tool for serious marketers. If you are in a competitive niche, then you will get a lot of low-difficulty and hidden keyword ideas. This tool also shows you more long-tail keyword ideas that are easier to rank.

Disadvantages of using Answer The Public?

Answer The Public lacks many features that better SEO tools will have. It doesn’t show you the search volume and keyword difficulty of a keyword. For search volume, you need to use another keyword research tool. The pricing of the tool looks costlier for beginners.

How many free searches are available on Answer The Public?

Answer The Public gives you 3 free searches every day. Beginners can make use of these limited daily free searches to find more topics and better data. If you want more search, then upgrading to the premium version is better.

Can I export data from Answer The Public?

You can easily export the keyword research data from Answer The Public through CSV format. Download high-resolution images of the data. You can also organize your keywords and compare them.

Answer The Public review Wrap up

Answer The Public is a simple to use the tool. This tool helps to find many hidden topics and keywords in every topic. With this, you can rank on featured snippets and voice searches.

I hope this Answer The Public review will give a better understanding of the tool.

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