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Best WordPress Popup Plugin & Optin Form Builders 2023 (More Leads)

Every business needs leads and customers right. Then choosing the best popup WordPress plugin helps you to collect more leads.

I have grouped and listed the best popup WordPress plugins to create high-converting Optin forms, which get more leads and grow your email subscribers.

Best WordPress popup plugins

Choosing the well-developed WordPress popup plugin is important. Selecting the badly coded popup WordPress plugin will affect your page loading speed and reduce user experience.

Bad user experience will increase your website’s bounce rates.

Only the best Optin form plugins will give you the proper statistics, better conversions, and saves your time.

Setting up your Optin form with the popup WordPress plugin is much easier and quicker. You don’t need any technical skills to place your popup for lead generation.

So here, I have handpicked some of the best popup plugins for WordPress to create high-converting Optin forms with much-focused targeting options.

Best WordPress Popup plugin and Optin form builders for wordPress

1. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads -WordPress popup plugin

Thrive is one of the few companies that create conversion optimization products for WordPress. Likewise, ThriveLeads is also one of their best conversion-focused tools to collect more leads for the business.

Thrive Leads is a powerful WordPress popup plugin that is highly loaded with different types of Optin forms. With Thrive Lead, creating every type of Optin form is easy and quick.

You can create every type of Optin form from this WordPress popup plugin.

Types of Optin forms from Thrive leads

  1. Popup lightbox
  2. Sticky Ribbon
  3. In-Line forms
  4. 2 step Optin forms
  5. Slide-in
  6. Optin widget
  7. Yes/No multiple-choice forms
  8. Scroll matt
  9. Content lock
  10. Screen filler overlay

These are the type of Optin forms you can create from Thrive Leads. It highly helps you to grow your email list faster. It is one of the best WordPress tools to be on your lead generation plugins.

With its simple drag and drop builder, you can easily design your popup forms with this plugin. 

Some plugins come only with selected types of Optin forms, but this Thrive Leads is loaded with every type of Optin form for maximum efficiency.

With its advanced targeting options, you can highly focus your visitors to show the popup forms. With better page-level targeting, categories, tags you can show more relevant popup forms for every visitor.

This WordPress popup plugin comes with an A/B testing engine. It allows you to test your different types of popups to find which gives higher conversion rates.

Every marketer needs actionable data and powerful resorts, right. This WordPress popup plugin gives a clear view of your Optin form statistics and visitor’s conversion with traffic sources and much more.

Thrive leads features

  • Comes with predesigned templates to choose and design faster
  • Simple interface with easy to use drag and drop builder
  • More advanced visitors targeting
  • Focused triggering and conversion boost with smart links
  • Comes with A/B testing technology
  • Detailed reports with actionable insights
  • Design mobile-specific Optin forms

With this WordPress Optin form building plugin, you can design more responsive popup forms. You design separately for both mobile and desktop visitors.

It can be easily integrated with most of the famous email marketing services like ConvertKit and Getresponse.

On Thrive, you will get all their tools under one Thrive suite subscription. If you need a pack of conversion optimization tools, then it is the best choice. Thrive is much optimized for WordPress and also value for money.


Thrive suite costs $19/month with their complete set of Thrive tools.

2. Bloom Email Optin plugin

Bloom email Optin plugin

Bloom is a popular WordPress popup plugin that is developed by Elegant themes. Elegant themes are the developer of the famous Divi WordPress theme.

If you are already using it, then you can use the Bloom Optin plugin too. It’s because all their products come under a single subscription. So with one payment, you will get access to all their products.

This Bloom email Optin plugin, helps you easily grow your email list faster. With this Optin plugin, you can show highly targeted forms for visitors for more relevance and higher conversion.

This standalone WordPress popup plugin comes with over 100+ pre-made templates. So you can choose the Optin form and use it for lead generation.

It also allows you to create different types of popups like content locking, widget Optin forms, inline Optin, and many more. It doesn’t have exit intent technology.

Advanced popup triggering based on the user actions. 

Bloom Email Optin Plugin for WordPress features

  • A neat WordPress dashboard with detailed statistics for better understanding and track performance.
  • It also comes with an inbuilt A/B testing tool to find the best-performing popups.
  • Comes with a large collection of over 100+ pre-designed templates. 
  • You can easily customize text, images, colors, form details, animation, and many others on your pre-made templates.
  • Much cost-effective and comes with a theme and other plugins

You will also get better documentation and video to get started seamlessly. It also provides standard support. This WordPress popup tool is easy to use.

It provides you email integration with over 17+ famous email marketing tools. Some of the popular email marketing tools include Aweber and Convertkit.

Bloom Pricing

You will get the bloom with an Elegant theme subscription. It costs $89 for a yearly plan and $249 for a Lifetime plan.

3. ConvertPro

ConvertPro - Lead Genration Popup plugin for WordPress

ConvertPro is a well-developed WordPress popup plugin to collect more leads and emails. It is developed by Brainstormforce company, which developed the famous Astra Theme.

It comes with an easy drag and drops editor to quickly design your high-converting Optin forms.

The Optin forms created from the ConvertPro plugin are fast loading and highly responsible for mobile visitors also. It comes with a behavioral trigger for perfect popups for every visitor.

The different popup includes on-click popups, multi-step popups, and exit-intent popups. With its inbuilt A/B testing technology, you can find the performing popups.

Convert Pro email Optin features

  • Exit-intent technology
  • Mobile responsive designs
  • A/B testing
  • Easy drag and drop designer
  • Get access to a large collection of templates
  • Better focused triggering with user activity and timing
  • More focused and personalized targeting options
  • Get Google analytics integration

ConvertPro WordPress popup plugin gives integration with popular email services like Moosend, Active Campaign, and many others.


Their annual plan costs $79 for a year. You can also buy their complete growth bundle package, then it is $249 per year. This growth bundle comes with an Astra theme, starter templates, and all their products in a single pack.

4. Icegram

Icegram - Popup plugin for WordPress

Icegram is one of the more trusted Optin forms plugins to collect more leads with different types of popups. Create a powerful call-to-action button to convert your visitors into customers.

This WordPress popup plugin has both free and paid versions. You can create unlimited popups with no traffic limit and easily customize popups from the themes library. 

It provides different types of Optin forms like Lightbox popup, Header and footer action bars, slide-in, toast notifications, and many others.

Create better time-targeted popups for maximum lead conversions. You will get multiple display positions and focused display targeting options.

Icegram Optin Forms features 

  • A/B split testing on Optin Forms
  • Exit intent targeting
  • Advanced targeting and behavioral triggers
  • Better Call to Actions
  • A large set of high converting themes
  • Detailed analytics and reporting

You can easily create more responsive popups with this plugin. More focused page level, time, and user-based targeting with performance reports.


Icegram WordPress popup plugin has both free and premium. The premium comes with 2 plans. One is $97/year and the other is $147/year.

5. Elementor Popup builder

Elementor popups - WordPress popup plugin

Elementor is the top WordPress drag and drop page builder plugin. It has an inbuilt popup builder, to create every type of popup for your websites. 

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You can create every type of popup from classic to advanced ones. If you are already using the Elementor page builder for your website, then you don’t need an extra plugin.

You can design popups with simple drag and drop options. This WordPress popup plugin is more valuable for money. You can use it for both lead generation and design your powerful landing pages.

Comes with a completely responsive design and 100+ elementor widgets with smooth animations.

Elementor Popup builder Features

  • Unlimited popups and unlimited pageviews
  • Over 100+ pre-designed popup templates
  • Advanced targeting with conditioned triggering
  • Advanced rules to show popups
  • Easily integrate with marketing tools

You will have complete control over your popups. Filled up with focused targeting tools.


Elementor Pro costs $49/year for one website. For multiple website options, $99/year for 3 websites and $199/year for 25 websites. It also has agency plans for more website usage.

It is a highly value-for-money WordPress popup plugin.

6. Poptin

Poptin - Popup WordPress plugin

Poptin is a feature-rich WordPress popups plugin that has everything to convert your visitors into customers.

With no coding skill, you can easily design your popups. It is not designed only for normal blogging websites, but also for online stores.

With better-focused offers, you can target your visitors to make more engagement with your brand. Use popups to show special offers on the cart, to reduce cart abandonment.

The other great feature this popup plugin offers is autoresponders. Once your visitors are converted to lead, send them a welcome or thank you email. Also, send automatic coupon codes and get detailed analytics of your emails.

It allows you to create a wide variety of popups. You can also create powerful popups and simple Optin forms with better CTA. It also has exit intent technology and better triggering.

Poptin Features

  • Easy drag and drop builder to create forms
  • Better triggering options
  • Inbuilt autoresponders
  • Reduce cart abandonment with focused popups.
  • Better display rules and A/B testing
  • Provides a large number of integrations
  • Large collection of templates
  • Detailed reports and stats

It provides better integration with many marketing tools. It also works on many other platforms like Instapages, SquareSpace, Shopify, and many others.


It is a freemium popup plugin for WordPress. It starts at $19/month.

7. Optingun

OptinGun - Popup WordPress plugin

Optingun is another powerful popup plugin for WordPress. Easily create better forms by rearranging the elements, just with a click.

Use different variations on forms to find which works better with A/B testing. It provides you 6 different types of forms for your lead generation.

Better form triggering options with users’ behaviors. It also has exit intent technology. It can be easily integrated with many marketing tools.

Automatically start downloading files, once they subscribe to the form. It also has some other cool features like social signups, URL data synchronization, and many others.


It is a freemium tool. Their premium plan starts at $9 per month.

8. Hello Bar

Hello Bar - Free exit intent popup plugin for WordPress

Hello Bar is a free and easy-to-use WordPress plugin to create Popups for visitor engagement.

With their simple premade designs and templates, you can easily customize your popups. With this tool, you can also show important notifications or direct them to particular pages.

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This WordPress plugin has exit-intent popups, which gives you better conversions. 

More advanced targeting features. You can precisely target location, device, visit, page, and many more. In a quick time, you can easily design your popups.

It has different types of popups like Modal, takeovers, sliders, alerts, and bars.

Hello Bar features

  • It is the free tool to get maximum visitor engagement
  • Choose from pre-designed templates
  • More advanced styling, animation, and customizations
  • It is also suitable for online stores.

It can also integrate with other platforms like Squarespace, Wix, blogger, Shopify. This popup plugin provides email integration with popular tools like Convertkit, Getresponse, and Mailchimp.


Hello Bar is a freemium tool. Their premium plan starts at $29/month.

9. Sumo

Sumo - free Popup plugin for WordPress

Sumo is a free tool for WordPress to collect more email subscribers. It allows you to grow your email list faster. 

By using Sumo, you can display different forms like slide-in, sidebar, popup, notification, and many others.

Sumo features

  • You can create multiple Optin forms for free
  • It has pre-built templates
  • It also has eCommerce features and suitable for online stores
  • Detailed analytics
  • Easily integrates with popular email marketing services
  • It has A/B testing and autoresponders.


It is a freemium tool. Their premium plan costs $49/month.

Which WordPress Popup plugin and Optin form builder is best

Thrive Leads and Bloom are the best WordPress popup plugins. Both are designed for high conversions and also provide advanced targeting options.

If you need a free WordPress popup plugin, then go with Poptin or Hello Bar.

If you need value for money, then choosing Elementor popup builder is the best choice. With simple pricing, you are getting the best page builder and popup plugin.


I hope this helps you to choose the best WordPress popup plugin and Optin form builder for your websites. If you find this useful, kindly share it with others.

If you have any doubt in choosing the best WordPress popup plugin, then comment below.

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