Best Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic For Making More Sales

Now, everybody wants to boost traffic to their website. An increase in traffic means that more visitors are viewing your website and this could translate into sales if ever you are offering products or services on your site.

Ways to improve your website traffic

Today, there are already a lot of different methods employed by many bloggers that promise an increase in traffic. However, not all of these are standing up to that promise. 

Traffic makes or breaks a website; thus, it is not very surprising why all site owners are always looking for ways to get more traffic. Sad to say, without this, you are not in business.

So, how could you boost website traffic then?

Despite the number of methods that proved to be nothing but a mere jumble of words, some time-tested methods work.

Although these methods may be considered ‘old school’, these have been proven and tested over time. Thus, if you want to get some traffic, you should try these tips and increase your sales.

Ways to increase website traffic to improve conversions

Article Marketing

One of the most popular traffic building methods is article writing. With this option, you write articles related to your niche and submit them to article directories.

These article directories usually allow you to have a signature that includes your website address. 

If your article interests readers, they may click on your website link in your signature to see what else you have to offer.

I will tell you one article will not bring in a ton of traffic, but it could bring in five to ten visitors a day. 

Now if you write ten articles, that could be fifty to one hundred visitors a day. The more articles you write the more potential traffic you can gain.

Contributing to groups and forums

Online groups and forums are other great options for getting free web traffic. In your favorite search engine, search for forums and groups related to your niche. 

Join them and become an active contributor, provide useful posts so you will become a respected member of the forum or group. 

Once you have established yourself people will start clicking your website link in your signature to see what more they can learn from you. The more active you are the more traffic you can get.

Creating Quality Content

Writing great content is another way of boosting traffic. It is not enough to be just an author, but you need to regularly add high-quality content to your website.

The content should be structured in such a way that it can be conveniently found by visitors and search engines as well. 

You should think of ways to help your visitors by adding tips, advice, articles, and helpful information to your website.

By doing this, visitors will surely flock to your site without any doubt. After all, every visit will be an entirely new and exciting visit for them with the great updates that you provide them with.


Blogging if done correctly can help to generate free traffic to your site. It is a bit difficult to quantify the direct effects of blogging. A common practice to generate traffic with blogs is the blog and ping method.

Ping-o-Matic is a great site to assist with pinging your recent blogs. Your blog can be a great way to showcase your products or articles. You are also able to insert as many links to your sites or products as you wish.

You can use HostGator, Bluehost, or InterServer as your web hosting provider. These companies are reliable names in the industry and offer web hosting at an affordable price.

Search Engine Optimization and using Keywords

You must apply Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your site to get a good website ranking on search engines.

This allows more web visitors to find your site online and helps you to get ahead of the competition.

SEO is a skill that you can learn and by optimizing your website URL, title tags, and meta-tags you can be automatically found by the major search engines.

To get ranked with the search engines and get website visitors, you must use targeted keywords in your site.

This is a difficult time-consuming task but it can be made easy by using a keyword software tool that will find the keywords buyers are searching for in your niche.

Always do your keywords research before you build your websites otherwise you will be wasting your time, effort, and money? Finding the keyword or keyword phrase that buyers are searching for is the secret to your online success.

Using tools such as Semrush and Ahrefs can help you to grow your online efforts.

Check detailed comparison between Semrush vs Ahrefs and choose which one will be good for you.

Social bookmarking

Another method of increasing one’s website traffic is the method of Social Bookmarking.

A Social Bookmarking website is a website that hosts resources that will allow a user to post links linking to content that can be voted on, or commented on so that it gains popularity and ultimately visitors to that website or content. 

Social Bookmarking is a favorite among many web-builders.

Using Social Bookmarking websites can, in many cases, multiply website traffic; especially when each method and SEO category has been successfully applied.

The popularity of these sites is hard to ignore which is why many online marketers can be found soliciting business there.

The traffic found on social network sites is not generally targeted therefore some effort needs to be put into relationship building with other members first. 

By letting others know what it is you have to offer you can pre-qualified them before they decide to visit your site.

Go forward and out into your community and/or niche and visit sites similar to yours. See what they are doing and participate in any blogs where you can contribute. 

Much like you can do at forums, leave a ‘signature’ with a link back to your site with every comment you leave.

If your participation is found interesting or useful to others they now have the chance to follow you back to your place of business.

Viral marketing

Viral marketing techniques are not as immoral as the term might at first suggest, but they do provide a means of advertising your product or services with minimum expenditure. 

By attaching your link or your advertisement to something such as an amusing video, an engaging article or piece of gossip, or even a challenging puzzle or game, people will be drawn to your product.

This type of material is often passed along chains of contacts, each of whom will see your ad – generating more traffic.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is becoming one of the most powerful ways for growing online businesses, and it really must be part of your traffic and relationship-building plans if you are involved in internet marketing.

Most people are visual learners. Combine that with today’s technology that has made it easy for nearly anyone to make and post videos and you can quickly see how having a video component in your marketing campaigns is vital.

Why Even Bother With Video Marketing?

Video is a great way to let your customers get to know you. It is a great way to build relationships with your audience, rather than remaining an unknown entity behind a web page.

Many marketers find that they get the best feedback, interaction, and audience response when they use videos. 

Not only do you make a personal connection with your visitors, but the video also helps you build your brand.

The content, look, style, and reliability of your video content set the tone for you and the services or products you promote.

So if you want to explode your traffic and increase the number of searchers who find your offers, you have to integrate video into your marketing.

How to create a video that drives traffic?

Before creating your video, do a plan first. Your plan should include a script to follow and your product.  If you don’t have a product, prepare product images and result in images if you have, and create slides for your presentation.  

If you are doing a product demonstration, you can just record the way you use your product.   When everything is ready, you are good to go.

The best type of video that drives traffic is a problem-solving video. It can be advice on a problem or a how-to video on certain issues.  It works because it has some “give-away” things for people who watch it.

So using video to market your product or service is very effective because it can build trust and establish relationships with your customers.

You can try to do a product demonstration or problem-solving video to get started. But remember to do a plan first when creating a video.

Therefore next time when you start marketing your product, you know how to do video marketing.


Finally, providing your customers and potential clients with regular, well-produced newsletters, full of relevant and up-to-date material, will develop customer loyalty and trust.

You will demonstrate sustainability to your readers, which is more likely to attract new customers and also encourage people to pass on your material to others.

Content Distribution

Distributing content is a very effective way to get noticed on the internet. Whether you give away ‘viral’ ebooks or submit articles the assumption is that your content will be relevant to what you promote. 

People who find this information of interest can visit your site by clicking on any links you make available within the content.

Classified Ad Posting

Posting in classified ad sites is the easiest method in spreading your website link around to gain additional traffic. There are hundreds of classified ad sites and the idea is to make sure you have a few ads on each site. 

Even if the site seems inactive, the most important thing about classified ad posting is for your site to be indexed more often in Google and get more backlinks.

For your classified ad posts to last longer, make sure each of your headers is different from one another. Some sites allow you to put banner ads to make your site more attractive too.


Increasing the amount of targeted website traffic your business attracts is one of the most efficient things you can do when marketing on the internet.

If the effort is going to be invested in generating traffic it only makes sense to pre-qualify site visitors for an interest in what you have to offer. 

The ways we spoke of here today to locate and attract interested prospects are time-tested and proven. It is simply up to you to implement any or all of these techniques that best fit your current skill sets or budget.

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