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OceanWP Review 2023 – Pros and Cons with theme configuration

OceanWP is a highly responsive and modern WordPress theme. This WordPress theme is trusted by many top marketers around the World. Here is a complete OceanWP review with Pros and cons.

OceanWP is a more popular and highly rated theme in WordPress. It is better suitable for everyone, who wants to design a beautiful WordPress website without coding. 

OceanWP comes up with many ultimate features and extended functionalities that are not seen in many other premium WordPress themes.

OceanWP theme

OceanWP offers both free and premium versions. Its free version is also filled up with many great features. But whenever it comes to free vs Premium WordPress themes, the latter has better advantages.

OceanWP theme offers a lot of functionalities to create a beautiful WordPress website. Its combination of free and premium WordPress plugins gives more features to the website.

OceanWP Theme review – Fast responsive WordPress theme

Easy to Use WordPress theme

OceanWP is a highly customizable WordPress theme that is highly suitable for beginners. The OceanWP theme offers a lot of customization to the users. 

OceanWP theme WordPress Customizer settings

Everyone can easily edit and design your pages without coding and technical knowledge.

Theme Demo templates

OceanWP theme comes up with a large collection of demo templates. With this demo template, you can easily import and create your websites faster.

OceanWP theme demo templates

It allows everyone to design their beautiful websites, with just a click. With its ultimate collection of demos, you will get templates for every type of website.

Some OceanWP demos include beauty, blogs, business, fashion, health, lifestyle, photography, portfolio, and many more.

Based on your need for a website, you can choose the design and customize it.

OceanWP Plugins and extensions

OceanWP theme comes with a large collection of extensions to improve the WordPress theme functionalities. You can choose the extensions and install them easily.

It comes with 7 free extensions and 12 premium extensions. You can easily install the plugin and increase your theme functionalities.

Free extensions

  1. Stick anything – With this plugin, you can stick any elements on your websites, You can stick multiple elements.
  2. Modal Window – Create a Modal popup by inserting your content. Design responsive modals with your, styling options.
  3. Posts slider – Display your new posts with a beautiful slider. Select number of posts, categories, images, spaces, and transition speeds to show the slider
  4. Custom SideBar – Creating an unlimited number of custom sidebars. Have more optimized sidebars for each landing page.
  5. Product sharing – Add social sharing buttons to the individual products. It is better for online stores.
  6. Social Sharing – Add social sharing buttons to your posts. Customize social buttons, networks, and styles.
  7. Ocean extra – With Ocean Extra, you can customize individual pages, Add meta tags, install demo templates, change layouts, sidebar, title style, and formatting.

Premium Extensions

  1. Full Screen – It allows you to create a full-screen scrolling website. Easily edit the navigation and scrolling effect.
  2. Cookie Notice – Show GDPR complaint cookie notice to your visitors. Add your content and text buttons.
  3. Popup login – Create a popup login for your customers and register for new users. Easily design the form with title, description, and images.
  4. White label – With this OceanWP plugin you can change the OceanWP name with your brand name. It gives its branding to visitors and clients.
  5. Portfolio – display your portfolio wherever you want on pages. Easily control the styling, positioning, and typography.
  6. Sticky footer – Add the customized menu, text, and color to your footer.
  7. Woo Popup – A Woocommerce extension displays a popup when a new product is added to the cart. Customize your Popup for a better Woocommerce store.
  8. Ocean Hooks – Add your custom content to the website with shortcodes and PHP code.
  9. Elementor Widgets – Get a large collection of OceanWP Elementor widgets to beautifully design your website.
  10. Side Panel – Design your side Panel with custom widgets and design for your needs.
  11. Sticky Header – OceanWP sticky header allows you to display a responsive and attractive header to your website. Select sticky header styles, effects, background, and color. Stick manually for custom design. This OceanWP sticky header also provides an attractive sticky mobile.
  12. Footer callout – Add some important information to your footer. Hide and display callout on any pages and design it padding and color.

This is the list of OceanWP core extensions. All theme extensions will come in a single pack with your theme.

It highly enhances your theme functionality and designs professional WordPress websites with simple steps.

OceanWP Woocommerce Integration

OceanWP theme provides seamless integration with Woocommerce. So you can easily build your online store.

OceanWP Woocommerce integration

Choose from multiple styling options, to design your product and shop pages. With its options, easily enable and disable the elements and also change the order of appearance.

Choose between regular and multistep checkout. Increase Your online store conversions with distraction-free or multi-step checkout.

Increase your user experience with filter options. It has 6 adjustable elements to use. The product element includes title, rating, pricing, excerpt, quantity, and metadata.

Multiple styles for shop and product categories. Choose from hover, image swap, featured image, and gallery slider.

Its e-commerce toolbar allows visitors to show with grid or list view, sorting, filter, and product view counting.

Build online store with OceanWP theme

Product quick view features. Hide the price with add to cart for not registered users. It increases the user signup rates. Adjustable product and column number.

OceanWP theme has distraction-free checkout, that helps your customers to focus on shopping. 

OceanWP Theme – Setup and configuration of the website

The OceanWP theme is very much easy to install and get started with your website.

How to install OceanWP theme

Just click this link, it will take you to the OceanWP theme home page. Then click the download button.

Once you have downloaded the theme, then you have to upload it to WordPress. After uploading the OceanWP theme, then activate it.

If you don’t know how to upload and activate your theme on WordPress. Then just follow these simple steps to install a theme.

How to import demo sites on OceanWP theme

OceanWP theme comes with a large collection of demo templates to use on the site. Follow the below steps to import the OceanWP demo sites to your website. 

After activating your OceanWP theme, install the Ocean extra plugin.

Install Ocean Extra Plugin extension

Once you installed the ocean extra plugin, then you will see a Theme Panel option in the WordPress dashboard.

Install demo templates from WordPress dashboard

On the theme panel option, click the install demos option. Then you will have all the demo templates.

Choose the OceanWP demo templates

Search for the demos and get yours. Select and import the needed plugin and demo. It takes you to step by step and asks permission for installing the plugin.

Import the demo templates to build your site

Then you can click the install this demo option. Once it is imported, then it shows the green tick symbol.

OceanWP theme template imported

Now your website is successfully installed and it is ready to use. You can easily customize your website with a WordPress customizer.

How to use OceanWP theme

The OceanWP theme is now ready to use. After installing your website, select the customize option in the appearance on the WordPress dashboard.

Customize your WordPress website

After clicking the customize option, it will take you to the WordPress customizer. 

Customize OceanWP theme

OceanWP theme is filled with many options on the WordPress customizer. 

OceanWP customizing options in theme

You can customize every part of your website with this customizer. So it is fully customizable.

You don’t need to know any coding skills to design your website. Choose your favorite colors, global fonts, and typography. With its multiple layouts, you can design your unique blog posts and pages. 

Content setting to design blog pages

OceanWP header options

OceanWP theme gives 7 different header options to choose from for your website. It also has a transparent header. You can design your custom header for different pages.

Select different website logos for different screens. At the top bar of the header, you can add social networks and other menus.

Blog post and Page theme styling options

Enable or disable the title on your pages. It has 4 different page title styling options.

Design post on WordPress customizer and settings

Better color and typography settings with adjustable heading tags and breadcrumbs.

OceanWP theme also provides large options for showing the perfect and attractive content. It also has all the necessary content options like displaying authors, categories, comments, dates, and reading times.

OceanWP theme blog layouts and meta elements

Unique page layouts, entries, and blog structure to showcase your blog posts.

Customize your OceanWP theme footer

Design your custom footer with multiple layout options. Easily remove the copyright information and place your own information on the Footer. 

You can enable or disable the footer bottom.

OceanWP Elementor Integration

OceanWP theme Works fine with all the popular page builder plugins. Likewise, the Elementor page builder is also highly responsive on the OceanWP. 

support and documentation

OceanWP provides decent support to its users through a ticketing system. They provide both priority support and basic support.

OceanWP documentation is also good to answer most of your queries. It has a large collection of support articles and FAQ, that helps to design a proper website.

OceanWP Alternatives

OceanWP is one of the highly-rated themes in WordPress. But if you need some other theme, then check OceanWP alternatives.

OceanWP Pricing

OceanWP theme offers both annual and lifetime plans. Both come with 3 types of Pricing.

PricingAnnual Plans ($)Lifetime Plans ($)
Personal $39$159
  • Personal Plan allows you to host 1 website. It comes with 7 free extensions, 12 premium extensions, 15 free demos, 109 pro demos.
  • Business plan allows you to host 3 websites. It has all extensions and demos.
  • Agency Plan allows you to host 25 websites. Comes with all demos and extensions.

Every plan comes with the same amount of features. Only the number of websites is changed on every plan.

OceanWP Pros and Cons


  1. OceanWP theme is highly customizable
  2. Large collection of demo templates
  3. Woocommerce compatible and design your online store
  4. Fully customizable and Page builder compatible
  5. Fast Loading theme and responsible.
  6. Low pricing when compared to other premium themes


  1. Installing many extensions will slow down your website.
  2. Some demo sites and styling look outdated.

Final Verdict of OceanWP theme Review

OceanWP is a power-packed free theme for WordPress. It is equipped with a lot of functionalities to create your beautiful websites.

With its low pricing, you are getting a large collection of demos and core extensions. OceanWP is best for everyone who needs to design their website without coding. 

OceanWP demo templates will help you to import the templates for your occasions and design them quickly. This theme also supports all the Page builders to design the websites.

OceanWP theme also has extensive features for creating e-commerce websites. Its extra elements, extensions, and Woocommerce integration will help you to create high conversion online stores.

FAQ on OceanWP theme

Is the OceanWP theme free?

OceanWP is a freemium theme, it has a forever free plan with a limited number of extensions and demo templates to design your website. To get all their demo templates, extensions, and ultimate customization OceanWP premium can be a better choice.

Is OceanWP theme responsive?

OceanWP is a highly responsive theme and one of the highly-rated themes by WordPress users. So, it is best for creating many beautiful and responsive websites that are optimized for different screens.

Does OceanWP work with Elementor?

The OceanWP theme seamlessly works fine with the Elementor page builder. It also has a large collection of Elementor widgets from its core extension. So designing your wordpress website with Elementor can be easy and quick. More than elementor, it also works fine with every other page builder plugins.

How to Import OceanWP Demo templates?

To import your Demo templates, install the Ocean extra plugin from WordPress. After installing the plugin, you will see a Theme Panel option in the WordPress dashboard. On the Theme Panel, navigate to demos and you will find all the demos. You can select the demo template you need and import it easily.

Does OceanWP support RTL?

OceanWP theme supports RTL languages and it can be translated into your languages. So, it is easy to translate languages and provide optimized user experience.

OceanWP Review Wrap Up

OceanWP is a highly recommended theme and suitable for creating every type of website. If you are confused about choosing the best WordPress theme for your website, it may be the perfect pair for you.

I hope this OceanWP review helps you to know about this theme. If you find it useful, kindly share it. If you have suggestions and queries, just comment below.

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