How to promote blog on Instagram – For better Reach

Instagram is one of the finest ways to promote your blog. Even though there are many social media available, how Instagram helps to promote your blogs on Instagram.

Promote blogs on Instagram - Simple Ideas

It’s not that much easy, we should work smart to get the attention of the audience. Instagram is one of the best platforms to promote your blog. 

One of the finest and the simple ways to promote your blogs on Instagram is to make a quick video explaining about our blog. To promote your blog through Instagram, you can do this by uploading live videos of your products and brands. 

You already know that many people make money from Instagram.

With this, most people will know more about your blogs and products. Many prefer email marketing for blogging sites, but social media also has its significance.

Business blogs are like marketing or the promotion of some brands or products. To get the attention of the people, content is one of the fundamental things besides that picturization is also a must and it should be unique.

Before creating a blog, we have to know our audience’s choices. Our content is short & sweet or a full passage, we must deliver exactly how it works.

The promotion blog is about brands and products. They will know how it works. If it is a travel blog, the picturization is more important for the content. Whenever it comes to successful blogging, social media promotion is also one of the major things to consider.

Quick and simple ways to promote your blog on Instagram

Blog Promotion on Instagram

Use the following ways to promote your blog on Instagram.

Start with Bio in Instagram

If we want to promote your blogs and products on Instagram, the link in the bio should be clear. 

It should represent the product or the brand clearly. This is the first thing that everyone is looking for. 

Not only just adding the link to the bio, but we will also need to add a call to action (CTA). This link helps to access our website and get more traffic to your blog.

Make sure that it should be a short and accurate bio, telling your users who you are, what you are passionate about, and what you do over on your blog. 

It is not an essay, it should be short and sweet. Also, make sure that you should add a nice link to your website. 

This is very important because you can’t add a clickable link anywhere else on your Instagram during publishing your blog posts.

Your post must create some curiosity among the users, it will take them to bio and allow you to click the link.

Instagram Stories

This is the major one, which helps you to reach the audience easily. This is one advantage to promote our blog easily. 

Stories should be a sneak peek of your site. Then add that to your bio. 

A huge feature for the business profile is the swipe up feature. Always use this swipe-up feature in your stories to get more attention.

Keep in mind that the stories left only for 24 hours. After that, they disappear. It’s great because you could share a completely fresh story.

Maintain the story timeline frequency, always there should be a story in your profile. It gives you some rich looks.

Instagram Posts

There are so many ways to promote our blogs on Instagram posts. Make sure that it should be accurate. 

Theme should be unique. Create posts either with our main title of the blog or the small bit of that post and redirect them to your site. 

You can use the images which describe the specific area of your blog and post it on your Instagram. This also helps to get more audience towards your blog.

You can make any facts from blog posts related to your products or blogs. Make sure you are posting high-quality images on Instagram.

Use Social media management tools like Social Pilot to manage your social accounts effectively.

The high-quality images show your brand’s quality, and also we usually attract more towards the quality images. Higher quality visuals get the audience’s attention more.

Instagram Ads               

Use Instagram followers to gain followers fast. Run ads on Instagram to get the attention of the audience and direct them towards your blog. 

The Ads just look like the normal posts on Instagram, but they are just identified by the SPONSORED label.  These happened by converting your profile into a professional account.

Using ads on Instagram to promote our content is not expensive at all. 

A great thing about using Instagram ads is that you can actually select more filters to target your particular potential audiences.

For example, You can fix the ads showing for the Geo-location you need to target. Where you want to show people about your post. This post may also link to your website.

Create IGTV Videos

This is the free feature to share Long-form videos. While other sources on Instagram have the specification time length of almost 60 seconds, but this one has a length of 1 hour. 

This will help to reach about brands and the products easily. 

Hashtags on Instagram

The hashtag is the most important one on Instagram and Facebook Because each hashtag has more value and it helps to reach ourselves to the next level. 

Initially, instead of creating its own hashtag go for the community hashtags that specifically denote the brands or products. 

Not only hashtags, tagging the name of the brands or products is also more valuable. 

Benefits of tagging the brands & products, we help to seek the attention of peoples. Because if anyone gets attention to that particular hashtags frequently or relevantly, it will be useful for us.

Respond to the customers who connect you with your hashtags. Always use relevant tags based on the content you are sharing and avoid using unrelated hashtags because it may irritate the audiences.

Cross Promotion

Cross-promotion is also another way of promoting our blogs on social media. Instagram is not enough to promote, we’ll cross-promote it, i.e. we’ll share the same things on other social media like Facebook, twitters, Pinterest, etc. 

For beginners, people with concentric content are more useful to reach our audience easily.

Cross-promotion is not that much easy. To make our cross-promotion effective, use different attractive captions and messages for each one to get attention. 

On Twitter, they restrict you to only 140 characters, so it must be short and simple. On Pinterest, image is the basic way to get attention.

Connect With Other Bloggers on Instagram To Extend Your Growth

If you are looking forward to promoting your blog, then connect with other bloggers relevant to your blogs. 

In reality, building a powerful community with others in your specific area can expose your content to new audiences. 

Interact with other bloggers and support accounts genuinely, with the same level of interaction you had hoped for commenting, liking, and even resharing them. 

Be patient, it took time to promote yourself around Instagram. We have to create excitement, Hype, and unique slang, and let the followers feel that something BIG is coming Like an amazing post or the blog is coming. 

Without having a unique style and theme, Surviving on this platform is too tough. 

If you look back at the most creative brands on Instagram, audiences love many of them because of their unique theme and style. 

Because of this uniqueness, they stand over everyone else.

One thing that everyone notices a lot of Instagram users do is kind of use Instagram to grow the community and then push them towards a membership content in their domain. 

It could conduct an online training program or an offline event- but the method is the same.

Finally, to promote our blog, seeking attention from the people is a must. Seeking can be obtained by giving clear content or the unique one, and tagging is also another way to get attention. 

To withstand in this domain, uniqueness is more important.

Final thoughts

Finally, With over 1 billion active users on Instagram, it is one of the powerful resources to outreach your brand. Whenever creating your blogging checklist, add your promotion strategies to it.

If you promote your blogs on Instagram in the above ways, you could create more leads, more conversions, and more audiences for your business.

Thank you for spending your valuable time. If you find this article useful, kindly share it with your friends.

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