Blogging Vs YouTube – Which Is Profitable For Beginners

Which is easy to start, blogging or YouTube?
Blogging vs Youtube which one suits you?
How to choose the best between Blog and YouTube?

These are certain questions that arise in many beginner’s minds when they are getting started online.

Blogging vs Youtube - Which is Best

Blogging vs YouTube – Explained

Blogging and YouTube both are good communication platforms. But picking the best between Blog and YouTube is important.

Both YouTube and Blogging have their advantages. With some criteria, you select the best between Youtube and Blogging that leads to success.

Firstly, think about which type of person you are? You are good at what?

Some will be good at creating content, in contrast, some may be good at doing videos. While some may be good at both.

The choosing of what suits you depending on your interest. Still, you did not get a clear-cut answer, read this article to get the solution. 

The blog and YouTube both are powerful sources. It works well as a communication platform for getting audience engagement.

Everything in the world has two faces both positive and negative impacts. Moreover, you need to attain your goal by eliminating negatives and getting success through positives.

This article will help you to choose the best way whether blogging or YouTube.

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Before choosing what is right we need to know about Blogging and YouTube.

What is Blogging?

A blog is a website where you write your experiences and share your experiences. The business blogs will have detailed instructions and features of their company products.

The writing of blogs on your website is called blogging.

For many hobby writers, blogging is more like a diary or a place to share their knowledge and experiences.

But from the last decade, blogging has highly evolved as a pure business.

Blogging Explained

In my opinion, blogging is the best platform for individuals and businesses to create a brand. Likewise, If you are ready to spend time writing to share their ideas, concepts, and passion with people in the form of their words.

Blogging is not just like writing, it is the place where people can get detailed information on their needs. Here are interesting blogging stats.

Blogging stats

Blogging is getting highly popular and daily thousands of new blogs are created. There are over 30+ million bloggers in the US alone. 

There are over 500 million blogs available. Additionally, over 400 million people read 20 billion pages each month.

Blogging Content Statistics

The maximum credits go to Google, which is the top and most popular search engine in the World. Over 80K searches are done every second on Google.

These stats show the influence of blogging. So blogging is a great way to communicate with people.

How to start a blog

You can easily start a blog by getting web hosting and easily create your website.

Here is a step-by-step method to start a blog. Sometimes, beginners will find it time taking to start a blog. But it is very easy and quick.

You don’t need any technical or coding knowledge to create a website. There are many free platforms and free web hosting providers also available to start blogging.

WordPress is a popular platform to start a website easily.

Cost of starting a blog

Probably you can start a blog with zero dollars. But if you’re creating a professional blog and making it a business, then doing some important investment is needed.

Here is the cost of creating a blog.

You can get powerful web hosting for less than $4 per month. Good web hosting is important for a website to be easily accessible to visitors every time.

Don’t go with a free hosting provider, which has a high amount of downtime and fewer server resources. Follow some criteria to choose web Hosting

If you are on a very low budget, then go with cheap web hosting providers for your blogging website.

Equipment needed to start blogging

You only need a laptop/PC with a network connection. Then, you don’t need any special equipment to start and run your blog.

Time is taken to start a blog

Starting a blog is much easier. You can quickly start your website in 30 minutes and take it live.

Monetizing the Blog

Monetizing your blog is important. It’s because you are investing your time and money in writing your blogs.

When it comes to monetizing your blogging site, AdSense and Affiliate marketing are the best ways.

Detailed beginners guide to affiliate marketing.

Once your blog website grows, you can explore other monetization options like launching your courses, ebooks, coaching, and many others.

Check the major source of income for bloggers.

What is Youtube?

Youtube logo

Youtube is a video platform, where you can share your videos. Here it is involved with video making and publishing it on Youtube. 

YouTube is owned by Google. Youtube was started in 2005, and since then it has grown massively.

The people who are publishing the videos on youtube are Youtubers. YouTube is not about publishing high-quality videos, you can also post your day-to-day activities.

YouTube is highly popular for individuals, who want to establish their talents in the World. It is a powerful media.

After knowing the power of Youtube, in recent times many bigger brands and companies are also coming into Youtube. It has large potential and the number of YouTube users are also highly increasing.

Here are some interesting YouTube Stats.

YouTube Statistics

YouTube has over 2 billion monthly users. Over 75% of the YouTube Watch time comes from mobile devices. 

YouTube Benefits and Popularity

74% of the adults in the US use YouTube. Over 95% of the OTT watchers are using YouTube. Mostly youtube covers every type of niche. People watched over 100 billion hours of gaming on YouTube in 2020 alone.

YouTube Usage Statistics

It shows the strong user base and high popularity of Youtube.

How to start a Youtube

Starting on YouTube is quick and simple. Just log in to Youtube and start a channel in less than a minute.

You can easily name your channel and place a picture for your channel. Then it’s time to publish the videos on youtube. 

Choosing your niche is important. It’s not easy to be successful on Youtube. like every other thing, it also takes time and needs high dedication to making videos.

Many people think that just starting a blog and publishing 5 videos will give 100k subscribers overnight. But completely that doesn’t happen if you are not a celebrity.

But once you stick with it, you will become highly popular, and creating your loyal audience is also easy. Like blogging, sticking to a particular niche is also important in YouTube.

Publishing random videos doesn’t give you much exposure and reach. So sticking to a particular niche and producing video is important.

Here is a Creating Youtube channel tutorial from Google. Creating a YouTube is much quicker and simpler.

Equipment needed to start Youtube

The basic thing for starting your Youtube channel is to have a Mobile phone or PC.

Then you need Good editing software to edit your filmed videos. Next, cameras and filming gadgets are important. Many beginners think that starting a YouTube channel needs a better high-quality (Costly) camera.

But that’s not important. The need for a camera is based on your niche and the type of video you are making.

If you are making any short movies or any series, then a high-quality camera is needed. If you are using it for basic needs like casual vlogging, then choosing is also better enough.

You can upgrade your Vlogging camera at a later stage also. Many people invest in getting expensive cameras, get costly editing software, and lose YouTube interest in a couple of months.

So don’t do that. Start with what you have and upgrade it, once your channel starts growing.

If you are creating any gaming channel or tutorial, then you probably don’t need any camera and editing software. You can easily just live stream your PC screen to Youtube.

Monetizing the Youtube

Youtube Ads are the general method for monetizing your YouTube channel and it is the best thing to do. 

Youtube has some eligibility criteria for YouTube channels to make the ads run on your videos.

Other than this, you can also do the paid promotions with the brands for extra income.

Blog Vs YouTube – The Detailed comparison

We have seen the important aspects of both blogging and YouTube individually. But to choose it best, we need a head-to-head comparison for blogging vs YouTube by analyzing it straight.

Initially ask yourself, can you sit for a while to spend on writing content.

If yes, then start writing the blog by starting a website.

But if you are good at making video content and talking about your ideas in front of a camera.

Then Start making your vlogs and upload them to YouTube.

Is this enough to decide which suits you whether blog or YouTube? 

Probably not, there are certain types of concepts you need to focus on more.

You may hear these terms sometimes like blogging is outdated (dead) on the other hand YouTube is not an easy platform to drive visitors quickly and some other kind of negative vibes we hear most of the time.

But that’s not true. As we have seen in the stats, both blogging and Youtube have been growing at high speed. So both YouTube and Blogging have a great future.

We cannot give a one-word like blogging is a better choice than YouTube or YouTube is a better choice than blogging.

Let’s start talking about the benefits of using the blog and YouTube. The choice of blog and YouTube depends on your skills and potential to get success in any of those fields.

Blog and Youtube Benefits

The Blog and YouTube are popular these days, there are so many top successful bloggers and as well Successful YouTubers are there.

The creation of blog sites and YouTube channels is simple nowadays. Working as a blogger or YouTuber is their choice and they have the right to choose their workplace. 

A blog site contains blogs that are represented in the medium of texts or Pictures. While YouTube contains the content in the video form.

The simple difference between the blog and Youtube is they both have the ideas of the content, while blogger represents in the form of powerful words.

Creating Content

Whatever the platform it was, “Content is the King”. Both platforms need better content to be more popular.

But when compared between Blogging vs Youtube, youtube is easier to create content. 

In many niches, Youtube is only just for entertainment purposes. But the blogging is purely for knowledge purposes.

Many people view Youtube videos for entertainment purposes. But the people search the blog mostly for knowledge purposes.

So, creating blogging content involves a lot of research and time. But on YouTube getting content is easy. On Youtube, editing a proper video takes more time for beginners.

Higher Ranking

Ranking your videos on Youtube is much easier when compared to Blogging. But initially, both blogging and Youtube have little time to earn the authority in your space to rank better.

But, Youtube is much faster. If once your video is liked by many people, then it will start recommending your videos to other peoples quickly.

On Youtube, there is a good chance of being popular in a short period. But that’s not the case in blogging. On blogging, you need to publish lots of high-quality content regularly to get into authority.

Search engine optimization

Only search engine optimized blogs rank higher in search engines. SEO on blogging takes more time and takes more time to learn the perfect tactics.

But on Youtube, there are not any intense SEO tactics. Just optimizing your Heading and description will be alone better enough.

In recent times only YouTubers are focusing on SEO. But once the people start following you on Youtube, then your videos will be automatically recommended to them.

But bloggers need to do a lot of SEO stuff to get into the rankings. And beating the high authority websites with new blogs is a very huge task.

Choosing the Niche

Picking up the niche is important for both the blog and Youtube. Some niches work best for Blogging and others for YouTube.

So choosing the niche is better. Picking a very narrow niche for blogging is important. For Youtube, you don’t need to have a more focused micro-niche.

Once you get popular on YouTube, you can create content on any niche and YouTube will recommend it to your subscribers and viewers. 

On blogging, you need to do a lot of research in selecting your niche to be more successful.

But on Youtube, you don’t need to do any keyword research and much focus. You can easily keep producing Videos in an interesting niche.

Time Taken For success

Both YouTube and Blogging are not a quick rich scheme. Both need a consistent effort of publishing regular content. You need to get authority in the eyes of search engines and among the people.

But when compared to blogging, YouTube is quite easy to get success. It’s because of the personal branding and less availability of videos in many niches.

on Youtube, you will show your face to the viewers, so it creates your credibility fast. So creating a loyal audience is easy.

If you are trying to create a personal brand, then YouTube is perfect when compared to Blogging.

It’s because, blogging they only read the reading, which gives less connectivity. Driving more traffic to your videos is also easy when compared to blogs.

Best for Monetizing

YouTube and Blogging have their monetizing methods, but Youtube is much easier and quicker.

With little time you can easily monetize your YouTube videos. Even Though YouTube has some eligibility benchmark to get approved for monetization, it is quickly achievable.

But You need to publish the content consistently on both platforms. Blogging gives you different methods of monetization options.

In your initial stages don’t focus on monetizing or making money. Focus only on creating better content, which improves your trust.

Flexibility Options

On YouTube, you can easily upload and delete your videos. But it is a platform, which is managed by Google. So it has complete rights to control your channel.

When compared to blogging, YouTube will have only limited control over your Videos on YouTube. YouTube has more rules and regulations for using its platform. 

Some controversial topics are banned on YouTube and your video also will be deleted.

If you don’t obey it, then you will be banned or restricted. It is not that much serious, but a thing to be considered.

On blogging, you will have complete control over your website. You can create your website with self-hosted WordPress hosting and maintain it. 

Maintaining cost

When it comes to expenses, it is based on your choices. For blogging, you can get pretty decent hosting for less than $60/year, with a free domain name. Then easily start your Website and run.

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On Youtube, Having a small budget camera or a good phone camera is also enough to get started. You can also buy a high professional camera and a better mic, based on your preferences. 

YouTube vs Blogging – Final Verdict

Both YouTube and Blogging have their advantages and they have grown as important platforms for communicating with your audience.

If you ask me, I would say for business, having both is important. If you want to create a personal brand, then YouTube is better and faster to reach.

Between Blog and YouTube, there is no clear winner. Both the formats are consumed by a large number of people. 

So choose the above criteria, which is best for starting. Once you start getting success in one field, then establish yourself in another platform too.

But don’t start with both Blogging and Youtube. Initially choose any one platform and establish in others also.

You can also easily convert your blog posts into videos and YouTube videos to Blog posts. So, it helps to repurpose your content.

FAQ on Blogging vs YouTube

Is Blogging Dead?

Blogging is not dead. The number of bloggers is increasing tremendously every year. Blogging is highly evolving and a change of strategies is needed to survive in modern-day blogging.

Over billions of keywords are searched every day on Search engines. And it is consistently improving. As long as the searches are present in search engines, the blogging is not dead.

Is YouTube better than Blogging?

Both YouTube and Blogging have their advantages. More number of new bloggers and Youtubers are coming into the field. So both have a greater future. 

So choosing the platform based on your niche and your interest is important. If you are more comfortable in front of a camera, then pick YouTube. If you are good at writing, then go with Blogging.

But YouTube has a better quick reach when compared to Blogging.


I hope this helps you to choose between blogging and YouTube. If you find this useful, kindly share it with others.

Are you still confused in choosing between YouTube and Blogging? Then Comment below.

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