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7 Best Free Backlink checker tool for quick backlink audit 2023

Premium Backlinks checker tool will cost high. If you are a beginner, then use these free backlink checker tools to do a better competitive backlink analysis of your website and competitor’s website.

The backlink checker tool helps you to find the number of backlinks coming to a particular domain. You can also use these free backlink checker tools to find and build better backlinks for better SEO rankings for your website.

Best free backlink checker tools

If you are creating any micro-niche blog sites, then doing competitor backlinks will be highly useful.

If you feel that checking backlinks for a website is very difficult, you are wrong because many tools can help you check the backlinks for your website and competitor. 

List of easy-to-use free backlinks checker tools. Most of the listed tools are freemium, which has a free version with limited features. But it is effective for Backlink audits and competitive analyses.

Ahref is one of the well-known SEO tools among bloggers and digital marketers. It provides you with a free backlink checker tool. You don’t need to sign up for using Ahrefs free backlink checker.

Ahrefs free Backlink checker tool

This free backlink checker tool shows you the total number of backlinks and referring domains and also a percentage of dofollow backlinks and dofollow referring domains. 

Ahref says that it is the second most powerful active crawler after Google. They crawl over 6 billion pages every day. It has one of the largest backlink databases, which makes it great.

Their free backlink checker comes with limited features, but it is highly helpful. On the free version, it shows the top 100 backlinks pointing to your domain. 

You can check backlinks for an unlimited number of domains every day, which makes it better. It shows you the dofollow/nofollow links with text or image links. 

It also shows the comment links UGC tag.

You must require a premium account to track all the performance like keywords ranking, new keywords, and rank tracker.

Ahrefs is a powerful tool that indexes the backlinks much faster.

2. Majestic SEO tool

Majestic free backlink checker and analysis tool

The significant advantage of using Majestic SEO is that it does not use any third-party tool to track the backlinks for a website. 

You can quickly check for the backlinks of your website while adding your website domain URL. Whether you want to analyze your website backlinks or competitor backlinks, it can be the best tool for you.

Without the signup, you can easily do the backlink analysis. With its easy interface, it clearly shows the number of external backlinks, referring domains, and IPs.

It also shows the incoming link languages. It gives one of the better backlink audits and analyses. Majestic analyzes many different factors on backlinks when compared to other free backlink checking tools.

Majestic backlinks audit and analysis free

With its backlink breakdown, you can find the linking structure with follow/nofollow, text links, images, redirects, HTTP/HTTPS, and frames.

It shows a high level of backlinks analytics but doesn’t have a list of backlinks.

While you are choosing Semrush to track backlinks for your website.

Semrush backlink analytics tool

Semrush gives a high level of metrics related to the backlinks of a domain. It shows the growth of backlinks over a while.

You will get the number of referring domains, backlinks, categories of referring domains, referring domain authority score, and many more.

It gives you, very deep level of backlink analysis and reports. Semrush backlink analytics also shows you the links from different TLDs and by countries.

It only shows very limited liking domains.

You can get unlimited reports on free Semrush analysis, but it is limited to a list of backlinks.

In Semrush, you have to sign up to use a free account. 

SEMrush also gives a 14-day free trial to access their complete features.

It is one of the best free SEO tools available online. Small SEO tools are packed with enormous features to take your SEO to the next level.

Small SEO - free Backlink checking tool

Some of their popular tools are SEO checker, plagiarism checker, grammar checker, domain authority checker, and backlink checker.

A small SEO backlink checker is integrated with the Semrush engine to get their data to provide backlink checking results.

It gives you the complete summary of domain rating, backlinks, referring URLs, referring domains, and IPs.

As its name suggests, that backlink watch is specially designed to check the backlinks.

Free backlink finding tool for websites - Backlink watch

From the backlink watch, you can get the anchor text, linked pages, and a total number of external links.

It is one of the free backlink checkers that gives you more focused results.

6. Google Search Console

It is the best, easy, and free tool to track the backlinks for a website offered by Google. To use Google Search Console, you must have a verified Google webmaster account. 

Google search console to find backlinks

In your Google webmaster account, you will find an option for the Links to Your Site. It is the option to find out backlinks for your website, including the anchor tags used. 

If you are already using the Google search console, navigate to the links section at the right side of your search console dashboard. It shows you the backlinks from other sites.

With the Google search console, you can only explore your website’s backlinks. It is not for competitor backlink analysis.

7. Seobility

A better backlink checker tool to easily view the backlinks of your competitors. Seobility is normally a complete all-in-one SEO tool. 

Seobility allows three backlink checks free every day. So you can check the backlinks profiles of three domains every day. 

Free backlink competitive analysis checker tool - Seobility

It comes with a neat interface that shows the backlinks of a domain clearly. On the free version, you can only see a few hundred backlinks on each domain. But compared to other backlink checkers, it shows more.

It indicates the dofollow and nofollow links, with text links or image links. At the top, it shows the backlink profile overview. It gives you a complete summary of the backlinks, which includes total backlinks, referring domains, domain rating, and follow/no-follow.

It is one of the best free backlink checker tools everyone can use to analyze backlink profiles. 

  • While you are building backlinks, you must check the spam score of the website.
  • Always work on a high-quality website. To check the site’s quality, you should check the website’s PA, DA, and page rank.
  • Make sure that you should use the right anchor tag before building your backlink.

Backlink checker tools like Ahrefs help you to check your backlink for free. Ahref is a premium SEO tool used by many top marketers around World.

It has a free backlink checker tool that shows your top 100 backlinks for free. You have to get a premium version to use it completely.

You can also use other backlink checker tools like Seobility, to check your domain backlinks. 

Getting quality links is tougher. You need to produce high-quality content. If your content is worthy, people will link to you. You can reach out to fellow bloggers in your field for guest blogging.

For getting backlinks for a new website, do article submission and profile creation. It doesn’t highly improve your ranking but helps to index your website faster.

Backlinks are one of the important aspects of SEO.

The backlink is considered as an authority of your website in the eyes of search engines. More quality backlinks from the trusted website will improve your authority in your field.

So building up quality backlinks is important.

Use the above given free backlink checker tools to find the backlinks of your and competitor domains.

If you have not started building backlinks for your website yet, you can quickly begin doing it.

I hope this article helps you. If you find it useful, kindly share it with others. Do you know any other better free backlink checkers tool, then comment below.

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