110+ Micro Niche Blog Ideas – Profitable Money Making Site Topics

We have packed a huge list of profitable micro niche blog ideas to start profitable and money-making blogging sites.

Many of us have more interested to start a profitable blog but don’t know what niche to select for blogging. Choosing the perfect blog niche is very important and also a critical process for starting a successful blog.

Picking the perfect micro niche blog ideas helps make more money and succeed in the online world. Here is how to build a micro niche blog website.

Micro Niche blog ideas for niche sites

When it comes to choosing the blogging niche ideas, selecting the micro blog niche ideas is important. They give much exposure, better reach, and are more authoritative.

Usually, the Micro niche idea has low competition, long-tail keywords, and easier to rank on search engines.

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You have many questions like,

  • What is Micro niche blogging?
  • Why is micro niche blogging important?
  • How to pick the perfect micro niche blog ideas?
  • List of profitable micro niche blog ideas?

If you are questioning this yourself, then you are right here. Let’s start with, what is micro niche blogging and how it differs from normal blog niches and also focusing on SEO is also important for better ranking.

What is Micro niche blogging?

Micro Niche blogging is choosing the niche with a more specific area. Normally every person chooses any particular niche to start their blogging.

The normal blogging niche is broader and it has a lot of areas to cover and has higher competition. 

But the micro niche blog only focuses on very specific topics from the niche. Picking up the right micro niche blogging is very important. 

For example Food blogging is a broad niche idea. Choosing only Vegan food is the micro niche blog idea. So like this, going with better-focused topics can be better.

Why is Micro niche blogging important?

Micro Niche Blogging is focused on writing many blogs around small topics. It helps search engines like Google to know your field of expertise.

If you commonly write about many different types of articles from various niches or very broad niches, you can’t create trust quickly on search engines.

So it is better to stick with the micro niche site ideas. Another major reason is that these micro niche keywords will have lower competition when compared to broad niche topics.

To get better reach, trust, and authority the Micro Niche blogging ideas are the best.

You can also monetize it with various methods like Adsense, affiliate marketing, ebooks, courses, and sponsored posts.

Profitable Micro Niche Blog Ideas

We have categorized the micro niche blog ideas under many broad niche ideas. So you can pick based on your interest and choice.

Technology micro niche blog ideas

Technology is one of the large niches to blog. You can create various micro-niche blogs from this broad niche. You can easily monetize the micro niche blog ideas with both Adsense and affiliate marketing as monetization methods.

Best Budget smartphones

Write about the budget smartphones to buy for beginners and easy to use. 

Smartphone specs and features review

Review the smartphones with specs and special features. Comparing different smartphones is also a great option.

Smart tech gadgets

Write about new tech gadgets. You can find many small tech gadgets on Amazon. Write about it and its function and special features.

Best Camera Phones

Smartphones with great cameras for taking the best photos and videos.

Processor and RAM

Write about two different mobile processors and RAM. Do the processor benchmarking and compare it.

Phone covers

The best back case for different phones. Choose from a variety of back cases on Amazon and place them.

  • 10 best back case for iPhone 11
  • 10 Best phone back case of girls

Travel Micro Niche Blog ideas

Travel is one of the really broad blogging niches. You can find a lot of travel micro niche blogging ideas from it. Here is a travel blog posts ideas.

Beach guides

This only covers the best beaches, packing for beaches, best beach games, and many others. This will be a guide for beach travelers.

  • 5 Best Beaches in North America
  • Best white sand beaches
  • Best beach countries in the World
  • Packing tips for beaches

Healthy travel

How to be more healthy while traveling. Many people are doing full-time travel. So how can they keep themselves healthy on traveling?

City Guides

This works great. Everyone wants to explore new cities. As for solo travelers, they need a proper plan to cover important areas of the city. So it works.

Traveling tips

Share some best traveling tips for beginner travelers. And also how they can utilize the holiday more efficiently. 

  • The efficient travel packing ideas
  • Must have a checklist for travelers

Budget traveling

This has plans for low-budget traveling. It contains, how to save money on traveling, budget hotels, budget cities, affordable countries travel.

  • 5 budget hotels in Newyork
  • 7 Budget Airbnb in Sandiego
  • Budget places to spend a vacation

Local travel tips in a country

This helps to visit countries like a local and experience it. This has local foods, dressing styles, hangout areas, languages, cultural monuments, and beliefs.

This works as a local guide and helps you to easily navigate around the country like locals.

Travel Gadgets

Write about different travel gadgets. Review the different travel backpacks, trekking bags, camps, travel shoes, passport holders, and many others.

Entertainment micro niche ideas

Everyone likes entertainment and also it is one of the best niche site ideas to focus on. It has many niche blogging ideas that are great to start.

Comedy Shows

Review about the best comedy shows and show timing.

Movies and review

Share the list of movies in different categories like fiction, action, romantic, fantasy, horror, and many others. Write a new movie review and give some ratings.

  • 5 best horror movies in 2021
  • 7 best tech movies in 2021

Gaming tutorial

Blog about the gaming tutorials and review them. Give some important shortcuts for a game to win it. Share the gaming strategies.

Web series and TV Shows

Cover the famous web series. Review the newly released web series on Amazon and NetFlix. Blog about upcoming web series. Review the new TV shows.

Gaming and entertainment gadgets

It is one of the profitable amazon affiliate micro niche blog ideas. You can write about gaming equipment and gadgets from Amazon.

  • Best gaming earphones
  • Best Gaming chairs
  • Gaming Keyboard and mouses
  • Gaming CDs


Blog about music like music technology, best music equipment, and instruments. How to learn music, music recording technology, and many others.


Blog about the celebrity’s bio, images, lifestyles, interesting facts, and many others.

Social Media micro niche blog ideas

With a lot of users coming into social media, it is a highly booming industry. There are nearly 4 billion users on social media. So social media is a perfect micro niche blog idea to choose from.

Social media best practices

Some of the best practices that help to improve your social profile engagement and reach

  • Get more followers of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
  • Best practices of Instagram
  • How to get the first 1000 followers in 30 days.

Instagram Influencers

Blog about how to become an Instagram influencer. Share the list of influencers in different industries. Famous Social media celebrities.

Guide to social media

Blog about a complete social media guide to beginners. It shows how to start getting more famous on social media. Many new people are coming into different social networks.

So take any particular social media and write a complete guide.

Social Network content creation

How to create highly engaging content for social networks. What type of content works best on that particular social network.

Social media management

Managing multiple social media is time taking task for small individual businesses. Share how to effectively manage social media. Best social management apps. How to hire social media managers and freelancers to manage business social accounts.

Social Media Advertising & marketing

Share the best methods to market a business and products on social networks. The better guide to social network advertising. Every month millions of dollars are spent on social media advertising by companies.

Blog about how to attract your customers and clients through the social network. 

Social minimalism

Help your readers on how to minimize your social networks usage and spend less time on it.


Popular and trending hashtags for different types of posts and fields.

Start a business on Social Media

There are many businesses, which are using social media as their primary methods of getting clients. Blog on how to start a business on social networks and make money.

Finance Micro niche blog ideas

The finance niche is one of the powerful and competitive niches. It also has a high CPC on bidding and AdSense. But if you target any low-competition micro niche blog site on finance, it will be great to get a more loyal audience. If you already have experience in financial management, then it is great to start.


When it comes to financing, Insurance is one of the important things and also it is a high CPC niche to focus on. Create a micro niche that only targets a particular type of insurance and focus more articles on it.


An efficient way of saving money. Even Though you have a few dollars or thousands of dollars, Efficient saving methods are important.

Write about different saving methods and saving schemes. 

Budgeting the Income

How efficiently everyone can budget their income. Some better plans to budget the expenses and an efficient way of tracking them.

Splitting your expenses on different needs and living comfortably with the budget.

Personal finance

Personal finance is one of the must learn fields by every individual. Everyone needs at least basic knowledge in finance management.

Having better knowledge will give them more financial independence in their later stages. Living simply is now preferred by many people. So the personal finance niche will also be great.

Credit cards

Credit is one of the highly monetizable and competitive niches. You can Target the micro niche blog ideas in the credit segment.

For example micro niches like Travel credit cards, Student credit cards, credit cards for beginners.

You can also blog how to use the credit card more effectively and get maximum discounts.

Retirements plans

In recent times, many people are starting to think about their retirement savings and plans. Everyone needs security after retirement. Some people want to retire early at the age of 45 or 50. You can also write about different methods and plans on how they can save their money for a better retirement.

If you start saving earlier, then you can have a comfortable retirement. Also include better pension saving plans.

Travel Finance

This is for regular travelers. How they can save more on flights and hotel bookings. How to get better discounts on flights and hotels. 

Many apps give you special discounts with some credit cards. So you can completely blog about how one can efficiently travel by minimizing the spending costs.

Home decoration Micro niche ideas

Home decoration is also one of the best niche blog ideas if you are more interested in making home a better place. It has many micro niche blog ideas, to start your website.

Wall Decoration

Giving up the best wall decoration tips and ideas. This micro niche blog idea will completely focus on wall decors ideas, gadgets, painting designs, and different wall designs for various occasions.

Home DIY

DIY is always a better thing to do. If you have better creativity in making new things with simple products, then it can be great. 

Different attractive products with waste material from home. You can easily decorate your rooms with the products you already have.

Home Organizing

Organizing your home for better looking and keeping it simple and clean. Efficient home organizing ideas and better productivity hack.

Home Gardening

Perfect home gardening setup and growing your plants in the backyard. Maintaining plants, selecting seeds, and watering techniques.

The gadgets used in the gardens. Best herbs, vegetables o grow, and many others.

Interior design

Blog about best interior designing ideas. Interiors designing ideas for bedroom, living room, kitchen, kids room. Best painting ideas, classic kitchen ideas, and other things related to designing every individual part of the house.

Home improvement gadgets and equipment

It is highly better for creating an Amazon blog micro niche ideas. Focus on home improvement gadgets and trending home gadgets. With any particular type of product review for this micro niche blog idea.

Home automation

Here it comes with using smart devices in the home. Smart devices give you better flexibility to the living.

Health Micro Niche Blog ideas

Health-related micro niche blog ideas. This is one of the highly trending and evergreen topics in the World. So focusing on the micro niche blog ideas on Health has more things to cover. 

Traditional medicines

Write about the traditional medicines and food habits that keep us healthy. Write about chemical-free medicines to cure health problems and maintain good health.

For example – How to cure skin irritation with natural oils.


Skincare is a better blogging niche and blogging is the thing to have healthy skin. The things like maintaining oilskins, dry skins, acne, anti-aging, and others.

Healthy diets

Maintaining a healthy diet is an important and more profitable micro niche to focus on. You can also focus on any particular type of diet.

Focus on different types of diets for the different age groups of people. You can cover many types of diets on this micro niche blog idea. That includes vegan diet, weight loss diet, ketogenic diet, weight watchers diet, super carb diet, and raw food diet.

You can write about a large list of diets.

Healthy teeth

Focus on maintaining healthy teeth. How to take care of teeth. Different teeth problems and solutions. It is a highly focused tooth niche. This micro niche covers blogs completely related to teeth.

Healthy supplements

The different types of supplements help in improving the nutrients and proteins.

Healthy mindset

How to have a healthy mindset in every situation and train your mind for aggressive positivity. This micro niche blog focuses on being mentally more strong. 

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation help you to keep your mind much better. Write about your experience and some meditation techniques you will follow.

Write a complete yoga guide, best yoga mats, and stuff related to it.

Food Micro niche blog ideas

Food is another big blog niche idea to write. But you can target more food-related micro niche blog ideas from it. If you are already having food blogs also, you can focus on these micro niche ideas. It is one of the evergreen micro niche blog ideas.

Nutritional foods

Blog about healthy foods that are enriched with more nutrition. Maintaining a proper healthy cycle. The food with more nutrition and focusing on high proteins.

The must-have food with nutritional features for a better health


Baking is also a popular niche where you can focus on cooking. If you are good at baking, then this one is the handcrafted choice for you. Blog about different types of cakes, cupcakes, muffins, Icing techniques, and flavors.

Write a complete baking guide for beginners in cooking.

Kitchen Appliances

Blog about kitchen appliances. This niche topic helps to create Amazon affiliate micro niche sites. You can do a product review and recommend it to the readers.

Reviewing the great kitchen equipment, vegetable choppers, cooking essentials, induction cooktops, and many more. 

Vegan Foods

This only focuses on vegetarian foods for vegans. Create more different vegan foods that are highly popular. Also, focus on some other country’s vegetarian recipes.

Non-vegan foods

This includes foods that are nonvegetarian. You can write more different chicken and other meat recipes. On this also you can focus any particular animal meat recipes as a micro niche blog idea.


Coffee is one of the must-have drinks that is loved by many people. You can also write about tea. There are several different types of coffee and it makes the process available. You can blog about it.


Under the beverage niche, all the juices and milkshakes, soft drinks. Blog about how to make these different beverages in your home. You can cover plenty of blog topics under this. 

You can also choose any specific thing like only fresh juices or milkshakes as your micro niche blog ideas.

Breakfast recipes

Usually, the breakfast recipes are quickly made food. It’s because most of the time we are in a hurry to go to work. So blog about a large collection of breakfast recipes that are quickly made.

In the same way, quickly made recipes should have health benefits. Like this, you can also focus on seafood recipes, dinner recipes, bread recipes, and others.

Guide to cooking

Start a cooking blog, that helps beginners from starting to mastering the cooking in a limited time. You can also focus on only limited-type recipes. 

With this, you can also create a cooking community.

Fitness Micro Niche Blog ideas

Fitness is one of the highly competitive blogging niches. Focusing on the micro niche for blogging is important.

Weight loss

When it comes to fitness, weight is one of the important topics to focus on. Blog about various methods of reducing weight.

Fitness training

Blog about exercising tips, meal plans, diets, and fitness methods. It helps to keep everyone fit, with effective methods.

Fitness equipment

Review the best fitness equipment. It is one of the best amazon affiliate micro niche blog ideas, but it is competitive. Best any micro niche blog on this. For example, choose any particular fitness equipment and write a blog.


The different types of workout of different age people. Workouts with equipment, cardio workouts, beginner workout, and others.

Fitness diets

The best meal and diet plans for fitness and the different supplement levels. Pre and post-workout supplements. Protein and vitamin diets.

Exercising clothes

Comfortable clothing styles for exercising. Sportswear, gym shoes, and gym bags.

Profitable micro niche blogging ideas

Here we have listed some random micro niche blogging ideas to start a blog. These are some of the less competitive keywords and with these micro niche blog ideas, you can reach better.

How to Become a Freelancer

Step by step to become a freelancer and how to get clients for the business.

DSLR camera and Lens

Review about new DSLR camera and lens. Share knowledge about using Lens. lens cleaning methods and safety gears.

How to become a photographer

The tutorial of becoming a better photographer and technical terms in photography.

Different festivals around World

Write about the festivals that take place in various countries.

Mobile case online

Write reviews about different phone cases for mobiles. Custom case making and designing.

Smartphone photography

Best photography and videography tutorials with smartphones. It is highly useful for posting on Instagram.

Best baby care products

Write about famous baby care products. Baby caring tips for parents.

Online courses

Blog about how to create an online course. Where to host your online courses. How every beginner can launch their first online courses.


Write quotes on different fields. Collect the best quotes from famous persons. This is one of the low competition ideas to tap.

Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing kits, training, gadgets, backpacks. How to become better at mountain climbing.

Coupon websites

Create coupon websites. It gives special coupon discounts for different eCommerce websites. You can get coupons for individual products. 

Cinema and Celeb news

Create a news website that covers the topics related to cinema and gossip around it. 

Trending topics

Here you can write about all the trending topics. It covers everything from currently trending. Without SEO you can rank easily on trending topics.

Biography bio niche

Create a Biography micro niche blog that has famous people, YouTubers, and celebrity bio. Write about many upcoming heroes, so you can rank easily. 

Political news

If you have an interest in politics, then this can be better. Write the trending political news in a short format. Just get the information from news channels and newspapers and write about it.

Gift Ideas

Some best gift ideas. We always search for the best gift ideas for different occasions. So, list the different gifts and products and review them. Just link the products with your amazon affiliate links.

Job websites

Create a job vacancy website. It also has how to train yourself for interviews and job availability.

Fish maintenance

This consists of how to grow a fish in your home and efficient maintaining methods. Choosing the best fish, fish foods, tanks, and other equipment.

Memes and Gifs

Create funny memes and gifs that are suitable for different occasions and various fields. Many people regularly search for memes based on their situation.


On this micro niche blog topic, cover the upcoming events and post-event summaries. 

Games micro niche

It has both online games and offline games. The different types of games and their playing rules.

Cruise trips

Best cruise trips around the world. The cost of cruise ships, covering countries, planning, and others. This is exclusively for cruise lovers.


One of the highly booming industries. Many beginners are coming into the crypto world. So write a better guide for beginners. Choose any one crypto coin and write complete guides around it.

Business ideas

Write about different business ideas. How everyone can start a business. Work from home jobs, part-time jobs, and money-making ways.


Software micro niche blog ideas are great to go. You can write about software, apps, and reviews.

Amazon Affiliate Micro niche blog ideas

  1. Fishing rods, nets, and equipment
  2. Pets foods Niche
  3. Drone tutorials and buying guide
  4. Sports equipment review and comparison
  5. Home security
  6. Air and Water purifiers
  7. Book reviews and recommendation
  8. Yoga Mats and fitness equipment
  9. Home automation 
  10. Wall decoration gadgets
  11. Dressing styles and fashion
  12. Tech gadget (Headphones, mouse, keyboard)
  13. Best sports wears
  14. Makeup and beauty products
  15. Gym supplements and protein powders
  16. Golf niche
  17. Photography equipment
  18. Skincare products
  19. Solar products

Affiliate Marketing Micro niche ideas for blogging

  1. Airlines and hotel booking
  2. Organic products
  3. VPN
  4. Finance and insurance
  5. Selling others online course

Start a micro niche blog

Select a much-focused micro niche to start blogging. Later also you can broaden your niche. But having a micro niche blogging will highly improve your trust and authority on search engines.

Read – Best Keyword research tools

So select the micro niche you want to start blogging. Then buy a domain and hosting to start a blog.

Here is a detailed guide to starting a profitable blog with easy steps.

Choose a Bluehost hosting for your websites. Bluehost is a WordPress recommended hosting provider and trusted by 2 million websites.

You can get the Bluehost hosting with a 65% discount and free domain and SSL.

Choose the monetization methods on how you are going to monetize your micro niche. Adsense and Affiliate marketing are the two best ways to monetize a micro niche blog.

Use email marketing services like Convertkit to send perfect emails and get more conversions.

FAQ on Micro Niche Blogging Ideas

What Is affiliate Niche blogging?

Affiliate niche blogging is the method of earning money through affiliate marketing. So for this, we have to choose more profitable affiliate keywords and create a blog around them.

Normally the affiliate niche blogging will be competitive. But when you do proper research and pick the right micro niche blog ideas, you can choose the better keywords.

How to create a micro niche blog?

A micro niche blog is just like a normal blog. But here we are only focusing on very narrowed and focused topics and niches. Usually, the niches are broad. So we are picking a very small and low competitive niche to start blogging. Very narrowed and precise niches are the micro niche. Follow these steps to start a profitable blog and monetize it.

How to make money from a Micro niche blog?

Monetizing micro niche blogs has two major methods. One is Adsense and the other is Affiliate marketing. You can choose the monetization methods, based on the type of keywords you are targeting.
Once your site grows and drives consistent traffic then you can also go with other monetization methods like ebooks and online courses. For the new micro niche blogs, AdSense and Affiliate marketing are the better ideas.

Micro niche blogging ideas – Wrap Up

This huge list of profitable micro niche blog ideas will help you to start blogging. Do the best keyword research to find the high CPC and low competitive keywords.

Picking the low competition, medium level of searches, and long-tail keywords is an effective micro-niche blog keyword strategy.

I hope this list helps you to find many Adsense and affiliate micro niche blog ideas to start blogging. If you find it useful, kindly share it.

If you want to share anything related to this list of micro niche blog ideas, then comment below.

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