3 Free Writing Tools Every Blogger Should Use

Looking for free writing tools to craft perfect content.

Writing as a profession is not a difficult job but when a blogger has to make the content optimized, it can be a little tricky.

Free Writing Tools for bloggers

A person doesn’t have an idea that what mistakes he is making along the lines. To come over such issues, he has to proofread the content.

But the question, is there any surety that all the mistakes could be removed by proofreading? No way! Still, there are pretty chances that some mistakes will remain in the content which will reduce the readability of the content.

So, what is the solution for it? How can we catch such small mistakes that are to be removed to increase the fluency of the text?

Online writing tool? Yes, for sure! This is the best solution that you can adopt to make the content free of errors and increase the engagement of the audience.

What are writing tools?

These are online AI-based tools that read the content thoroughly and highlight the lines that need improvement.

Before publishing the content on the search engine, a blogger always read it 2-3 times to take out the faults that can lead to distracting the reader.

Such lines are removed from the content to make it easy to read and understand. Also, it is the best practice to make the content fully optimized.

But after doing this manually, there is no surety that all the mistakes are removed from the content and it is unique for the readers.

To guarantee it and make the content fully optimized, it is necessary to get help from online writing tools.

Top writing tools

Let’s talk about the best online writing tools that can help in making the content unique and free of issues.

These tools will detect every single line that contains copied text or have grammatical issues.

1. Grammar checker

Search engine prefers content that is free of grammatical issues; explained more shortly and simply.

Grammarly writing tool

To increase the fluency of the text and make it easy to read, you must remove all the grammatical mistakes from the content.

Let’s say you are reading an article that is full of spelling and grammar mistakes. Would you like to read it thoroughly?

Absolutely not! You will leave it soon because you will not struggle to understand every line that could be explained more simply.

The same is the case with your audience. They always expect that they will get something unique to read that will be easy to learn for them. So, make the text fluent and free of grammar issues for them.

But still, if you are missing some mistakes in the content, then online grammar checkers are there.

Grammarly is a great tool to find grammar errors and one of the best tools we are regularly using it.

When a user uploads the file in a grammar checker, it reads the content deeply and checks for the issues that are reducing the fluency of the text.

The lines that need improvement get highlighted by these online tools. So, users can later check them and make the text grammatically perfect.

2. Plagiarism checker

Bloggers must remove plagiarism from the content in order to make it SEO-friendly.

Plagiarism checker free writing tool

To generate optimized content, it is important to make it unique and different from the others. Try to provide something new to the readers that can be informative for them.

Before publishing the content always check for plagiarism in it. Plagiarism is the factor that can destroy the reputation of a site and reduce the worth of a page instantly.

For a human, it can be very difficult to detect the lines that are plagiarized and taken from other sources.

So, you all need to get help from an online plagiarism checker that can take out every single copied line from the content.

When a user uploads the article in the copyright checker, it matches every line of the content with thousands of relevant databases on the search engine.

The lines that are matching with other sources get highlighted. So, users can replace them with alternative ideas and make the text unique for the audience.

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3.           Text summarizer

To get the central idea from content quickly, the online summary generator can be a handy option.

Text summarizer - free writing tool

While reading lengthy content, everyone would try skimming and directly get to the main point. Rarely, a reader will read the content thoroughly.

Therefore, you have to get the summary of the content so the readers who are looking for the central point get their answer in the summary.

But the question is, can you rely on manual summarization? Firstly, you have to read the content thoroughly twice or maybe thrice to get the main headings.

After that writing them again could be a little difficult. Also, there are chances that the author misses some important lines that are to be mentioned in the summary.

To make it easy and get to the central points without losing the important lines, bloggers can use the text summarizer. When they upload the content to these online AI-based tools and click on the summarize button, these tools read the text deeply.

After that, they take out the most important lines from the article. This leads to generating a more precise summary in less time.

So, it is the best recommendation for bloggers they use an online text summarizer to generate the summary of content in a better way.

Bottom lines

If the content is the king, then consistency is the queen. To make the text SEO-friendly and keep the audience engaged, it is essential to provide them with an informative text.

The flow of the article should be in the way that the previous line could support the upcoming line. So, bloggers have to focus on this aspect and make their content fluent and easy to read.

You can also repurpose your blog posts in multiple ways.

If you are new to the blogging field, then online writing tools can be a handy option for you to generate optimized content.

The tools we discussed in this article can be quite valuable for the writers to make the content engaging and easy to understand.

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